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Finally, a Senate candidate worthy of Moloch’s endorsement

Some of the YouTube comments are pretty good, too.  “Build a bridge out of her” ... yes, a bridge ... to nowhere! Bwah hah hah, etc.

Posted by on 10/06 at 10:33 AM
  1. Halloween creepy, by any sense of the construct.  I am he and you are me, and we are not we at all, Miss O’Donnell!

    Posted by  on  10/06  at  02:34 PM
  2. Christ, that would have been creepy without the remix. I mean, as I age I don’t like what I’m seeing in the mirror. But to have that visage (even without the very cool flames) saying “I’m you?” Well, I need something very strong to calm my nerves.

    Posted by  on  10/06  at  02:40 PM
  3. I totally just ripped you off and wrote up a brief piece for PopMatters on this.  Should they run it, I’ll repost the link to it.  Here’s the gist, though:

    The Blair Witch Project was just upgraded to Blu-Ray.  It’s uncanny how closely the above clip resembles this one.

    Posted by J. Fisher  on  10/06  at  03:08 PM
  4. It’s becoming a genre.

    Posted by  on  10/06  at  08:41 PM
  5. The link.

    I’d send over my roylaties, Michael, but I don’t really have any to send.  I only dabble in royalties.

    Posted by J. Fisher  on  10/07  at  11:49 AM
  6. "Elvira without the cleavage.” Enough said i believe. 

    Before Elvira, LA had Larry Vincent (stage name Seymour after the character in the Little Shop of Horrors) to bring out the really creepy for middle of the night/morning television watching (he was the original heckling host during the screening).  He would have really like the complete lack of self-awareness in the video.

    Posted by  on  10/07  at  03:46 PM
  7. We don’t do Moloch, right?
    We still be down with Cthulu?
    Just czeching.


    Posted by poicephalus  on  10/09  at  10:28 PM
  8. Video tells everything

    Posted by webmaster  on  02/05  at  04:15 AM
  9. I’m hopeful that Michele Bachmann will be the Christine O’Donnell of 2012.

    Posted by John  on  07/03  at  01:57 PM
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  12. Here’s what I see ? I see the best candidates of my generation destroyed by other people’s madness; people who are well fed and well-dressed, driving through the paved exurbs and hillsides looking for an angry fix; ditto-headed Choristers burning for the ancient heavenly connection to explain the random crap in their lives and, in the process, getting manipulated by the political machinery of the Right.

    Posted by Nancy Malhotra  on  10/23  at  02:39 AM
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