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Monday, September 27, 2010

Counting down

Hmmmm, ye olde hit counter on the right sidebar tells me we need only 60,000 more visits to reach ten million, at which point Sam Elliott will appear, just as he did in Up in the Air.  And since we did the whole GNF asploding thing last time we shut down this humble blog, I’m thinking that we’ll have to try something else this time.  I know!  I’ll post all my program notes for Bad Futures.  Then I’ll pack up the old place, turn off the lights, and take my act over to Crooked Timber, where I’ll post this or that whenever I have a free moment.

But before that happens, we should take care of some business around here.  It’s been a long month.  Jamie’s all better and back in school, but he did miss three days last week, during which he ate no solid food.  Two weeks ago, 14-year-old Lucy the Dog, whose appearances on this blog are even rarer than Janet’s, lay shuddering in pain on the floor of the kitchen.  We took her to the vet ER and learned that she had mast cell tumors; we then took her to her regular vet, who did the necessary surgery; and she is now scampering about the house with a lampshade on her head, because (a) she still thinks she is a puppy, hence the scampering, and (b) she spent some time this past Saturday night chewing her dressing off and then licking out her stitches, hence the lampshade.

First item of business:  enumerating Stuff I Hate To Run Out Of.  Besides time and money, of course.  And faith and hope and charity and patience and reasons to be cheerful.  Little things the absence of which means that I have not been spending my time wisely or paying attention to things I need to pay attention to.  Paper products (paper towels, napkins, tp, Kleenex, coffee filters, lined pads for Jamie, printer paper for us), obviously.  Toner, because I haven’t been able to print stuff at home for a couple of weeks, and that’s totally half-assed.  Half and half, because it goes in the morning coffee every single morning, and should simply be available with the turn of a spigot, like tap water.  Asthma meds, because forgetting to refill your asthma meds is just teh l4m3.  Fresca and seltzer, because Fresca and seltzer in a 50-50 mix is far and away the most refreshing drink known to humankind.  I hope they keep making Fresca, because I fear that I am one of only eight people in North America who buys it.

And you?

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