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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoy the rest of your life … cereal!

Janet and I were having a nice anniversary evening doing Old Couple things like watching The Book of Eli when it became clear that Jamie was sick.  He didn’t sleep well, nor did we, and things occasionally got messy.  He’s home with us now, and we’re sitting around watching Animal Planet.  Right now it’s a series of abandoned and/or abused pets.

Sick kids—it’s just like old times!  We feel like young marrieds again.

Actually, Jamie hardly ever gets sick.  Send him good wishes, and let’s hope he keeps down that ginger ale!

So, no post-anniversary blogging.  I just want to say two brief followup things about Mad Men and Martin Peretz.  One, I bought Life cereal for the first time last week.  It really is very tasty!  I plan to eat it by the bowlful.  Two, you’ve probably seen this one already, but I have to say that Ta-Nehisi Coates is quite right to point out that Andrew Sullivan’s “Marty Peretz was a great boss who totally let me use The New Republic to promote the idea that black people are inferior” is not really a ringing endorsement of Peretz’s intellectual courage.  Defending Peretz from charges of bigotry:  ur doin it wrong.  But you do have to admire Andy’s timing.

And happy birthday to me mum, who turns 75 today.  Very busy month, September.

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