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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Even worse than you thought

The Islamification Mosque and Ground Zero Terrorist Recruitment Center will not only bring sharia law to the financial district of Manhattan.  It will also bring ... terrorist environmentalism

An Ecofascist Crescent Moon Near Ground Zero

By Mark Musser | September 15, 2010

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, a U.S. environmental policy consultant and one of Feisal Abdul Rauf’s spokesmen for the new mosque being contemplated near Ground Zero, surprisingly announced in August that it will be the first “green mosque” in the United States. Not only will this structure comply with very strict LEED green standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), but it will also become an interfaith cultural center that will emphasize “the intricate relationships between Islamic teachings and environmentalism.” As such, this new mosque will not only be built green, but it will also become an environmental Islamic community center.  In fact, the project has been renamed “Park 51” to reflect this green emphasis.

In The Daily Beast, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin went on to say that “Islam calls upon people to be stewards of the earth and to treat all things in nature as sacred. The new name…invokes images of trees, creeks, and children playing. Parks are for the public.  Parks are fun. Parks are green. And parks are not controversial.”

Contrary to such an innocuous suggestion is that injecting environmentalism into Islam is hardly uncontroversial. In reality, it only multiplies the dangers by stuffing more flammable material into a rich concoction of explosive anti-western civilization sentiments, all in the name of green moderation. Both Islam and environmentalism loathe western financial institutions, all of which was best represented by the Twin Towers—the bastion of international free trade—before they came crashing down in flames on 9/11.  Thus to suggest that a green mosque is uncontroversial is naïve at best, and in reality, completely disingenuous. New York’s Ground Zero area might be better served by a typical mosque with plenty of prayer rugs on hand for its worshipers. That environmental regulations have already played a large role in stalling the rebuilding of Ground Zero is not something that should go unnoticed, especially now with a green mosque going up nearby.

Blending environmentalism with Islam can only serve to strengthen the totalitarian ideals of the green movement.

Cool!  It’ll be like a one-stop Islamofascist Ecofascist Liberalfascist Convention Center.  I’m liking this thing more and more.

Posted by Michael on 09/15 at 12:12 PM
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