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Embrace your inner liberal! Ann Althouse, middle-aged conservative law prof by day, teenaged rock and roller by night, blogging in between to try to reconcile those two sides of herself, and somehow always managing to discover that to be a conservative is to be a teenaged rock and roller, says that all great artists, from… Lance Mannion 05/31/06 34 06/03/06
Local authors [Holiday weekends are tricky for blogging at my place.  Things get busy around the homestead and it’s hard to carve out time to post, which doesn’t bother my readers much since traffic tends to fall way off anyway as they find better things to do with their holiday.  I’m guessing it’s… Lance Mannion 05/29/06 23 02/22/10
Sharing a beer and a burger with the next President of the United States Margaret Carlson, giving Al Gore his due at last, and doing it the only way a paid-up member of the Media Elite can give a Democrat his due, with a backhanded compliment, observes that possibly, just possibly, likeability isn’t the only qualification for a President of the United States. Sure, she… Lance Mannion 05/25/06 14 05/30/06
Their strength is as the strength of ten Spenser, as any reader of Robert B. Parker’s most popular detective series can tell you, has no flaws, no vices, no weaknesses. Spenser himself likes to say, as if he’s joking, that his strength is as the strength of ten because his heart is pure. Spenser’s no Galahad, but he is… Lance Mannion 05/23/06 23 05/25/06
What do you call a Right Wing Christian, ear-lie in the morning? According to Peggy Noonan, there’s a large market for books aimed at Christians who want to have their faith debased and destroyed. Noonan, you may have heard, is in a fluster---well, ok, she’s always in a fluster.  This time she’s flustering over The Da Vinci code. She’s aghast that that nice… Lance Mannion 05/19/06 26 01/14/11
St George and the Dragon, a fable by Richard Cheney What a shower, [the Grand Master] told himself.  A bunch of incomptents no other secret society would touch with a ten-foot Sceptre of Authority.  The sort to dislocate their fingers with even the simplest secret handshake. But incompetents with possibilities, nevertheless.  Let the other societies take the skilled, the hopefuls, the… Lance Mannion 05/17/06 16 05/24/06
A passel of swoopers In Timequake, the book by Kurt Vonnegut I’m just finishing up reading, Vonnegut says there are two kinds of writers. Swoopers and bashers. He’s a basher, he says. "Swoopers write a story quickly," Vonnegut says, "higgledy-piggledy, crinkum-crankum, any which way.  Then they go over it painstakingly, fixing everything that is just… Lance Mannion 05/15/06 21 12/13/12