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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1993 forever

Shorter Abigail Thernstrom:  Dang, I remember when Clint Bolick and I tag-teamed Lani Guinier.  Good times!

Oh, and here’s a real gem from Adam Shatz’s profile of the Thernstroms in the American Prospect:

In the 1960s, Stephan and Abigail were left-liberals who identified passionately with the civil rights movement. Today, they’re soldiers in the political and judicial assault on civil rights policies designed to redress the effects of past discrimination. The Thernstroms insist, however, that they have remained true to their ideals as “colorblind” integrationists. “We haven’t changed,” Stephan told a reporter for The Washington Post. “It is liberalism that has evolved.” His wife, who often describes herself as “an old bleeding heart,” told the same reporter, “I feel sad that the classic civil rights struggle is now called conservatism.”

I, too, used to be a liberal.  But thanks to Lani Guinier Sonia Sotomayor uppity women of color in general, I’m outraged that colored kids are being bused to my swimming pool / Ivy League university / federal judiciary.

Posted by Michael on 07/14 at 10:48 AM
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