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Thursday, April 08, 2010

It appears, once again, that I am not sarcastic enough

Last week, I heard that the Catholic Church’s child-abuse-and-coverup scandals must be blamed in part on the liberal culture of sexual permissiveness.  I also heard that the Holy Father himself was suffering some of the same unjust accusations once faced by Jesus (you remember, surely, the time He was accused of assigning Matthew, Andrew, Simon, Bartholomew and Thomas to new dioceses despite the fact that they had been molesting children for decades).  Then I heard that criticism of the scandal was a bit like anti-Semitism.  At that point, I turned to Janet and said, “I wonder how long it will be before some bishop or cardinal somewhere insists that the little scamps were just asking for it.”

And today, reading through the comments following Henry’s brilliant shaming of Douthat’s vile essay, I learned that I need wait no longer.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Late adopter updates

Janet and I finished the third season of Battlestar Galactica this weekend, and I thought of Ashley’s comment (number 19 in this BSG thread from two months ago):

the line “all this has happened before and all this will happen again” gets repeated so many times you may eventually want to smash your TV, but it’s the concept that allegedly explains all the continuities between BSG and the present (i.e. humanity keeps inventing the same crap and playing out similar histories over and over again).  If it bothers you, prepare to be upset with the Season 3 finale.

So I did prepare!  And holy Moloch, who knew that Bob Dylan was a Cylon?  I sure didn’t see that coming.  Hendrix, sure.  But Dylan?

And Saul Tigh?  Excuse me, but didn’t the Cylons evolve into Cylons 2.0: Really Hot Humanoids over the course of the forty-year period during which they didn’t call and didn’t write?  How does Saul’s Cylonese heritage make any sense, time-line-wise?

Please don’t answer that question—we’re still planning to watch season four.  So far we give the series a B, with a special gold star for the episodes set on New Caprica, which reminded us that occupied territories such as, say, the Occupied Territories can be represented on US television only by way of science fiction.

In other late-adopter news, Cynthia and Janet have held a Lyon Sisters Summit and decided that they are in favor of Lady Gaga.  “The performer Madonna always wanted to be but wasn’t,” declared Cynthia, adding that Lady Gaga can actually sing.  I acknowledged the can-actually-sing part but pointed out, in partial defense of Madonna, that if Madonna had not happened a generation ago, American popular culture as we now know would not exist, and people would still be sitting around trying to burn their toast in such a way as to reveal the faces of Leif Garrett and Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

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Friday, April 02, 2010

Counter culture

Five years ago, this humble blog received its one millionth visitor.  That was a big thing at the time, apparently, because I devoted a whole blog post to it and even gave away a book.  Well, last night the magic visitor-counter hit nine million, and I got nothing.  Celebrating hit-counter milestones is so aught-five.  And remember aught-four?  Back then, the blog looked like this.  It was a different time, I tell you.  Look at that blogroll!  “Chun the Unavoidable”—whatever happened to that guy, I wonder?

Well, I suppose this means I should stick around long enough to see whether another giant nuclear fireball will consume this blog when the hit counter rolls over at 9999999. I see that ye ancient “one million visitors” post mentions the four technical disasters that befell this blog in its first fifteen months, and I reflect happily on the fact that we haven’t had a single meltdown since, not even after the first GNF hit in January 2007.  Yay Expression Engine!  And you know what else?  This blog is, and always has been, 100 percent JS-Kit free.  Yay functioning comments section!

Hey, I know: I’ll leave you all with a song for the weekend.  We could make it Arbitrary But Fun:  best one-note solo in a pop song, ever.  Janet and Jamie and I are heading to the state this obscure but fetching band came from (indeed, I would never have heard of this song but for the Lyon clan), and while we’re gone, this might be a good time for some of you lurkers to de-lurk and say hello.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

A question of responsibility

The liberal culture of sexual permissiveness has a great deal to answer for—and yet, characteristically, liberals refuse to accept responsibility for the damage their beliefs have done to our society.  What are right-thinking people to do?

Expose and shame the liberals!  Call them to account!  Make sure they take their share of the blame for:

-- the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse of children, including the decades of abuse that preceded but were nevertheless caused by the rise of liberal permissive culture;

-- the Republican National Committee’s $1946.25 tab at Voyeur West Hollywood, a club that owes its very existence to the liberal Hollywood values that are destroying America;

-- the downfall of every man of God from Jimmy Swaggert to Ted Haggard;

-- Three’s Company and the subsequent career of Suzanne Somers;

-- the financial meltdown of 2008;

-- oil spills;

-- the Oklahoma City bombing;

-- rock and roll and race mixing, which led inevitably to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney singing “The Girl is Mine”;

-- the rise of radical Islam and the events of 9/11; and, relatedly,

-- the atrocities of Abu Ghraib.

Ross Douthat has bravely addressed the first of these, and Dinesh D’Souza has covered the last two (“Abu Ghraib did not reflect the shared values of America, it reflected the sexual immodesty of liberal America.... At some level, the cultural left recognized this, which is why most of its comments about Abu Ghraib assiduously avoided the issue of sexual deviancy”).  But liberals, being liberals, are still dodging and denying pretty much everything else.  Right-minded pundits and bloggers, it’s time to speak out against the liberal culture of sexual permissiveness, and reaffirm the conservative culture of personal responsibility.  Only you can save us from liberals’ pernicious influence on you!

Posted by Michael on 04/01 at 08:54 AM
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