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Friday, May 22, 2009

ABF Friday:  Music and Detention edition!

All right, time for yet another blog experiment.

I’m curious as to how identifiable this song is by the drum part alone.  I deliberately chose (what I think of as) an easy one, but I stayed away from the Very Famous Drum Openings genre, like “This Year’s Model” or “New Lace Sleeves” from the Declan McManus songbook.  Instead, I chose a drum part that has, in places, its own kind of melody—which is why I think it’s pretty easily identifiable.

And yes, I’m a bit rusty.  What do you want?  The last time I played in public was quite some time ago, and even then I wasn’t playing on my own kit.  Speaking of which: the thin crash on my right, your left, is about to fall apart.  And I really don’t like the way this ride cymbal sounds here—way too bright and tinny and overtoney.  I’m thinking of replacing it with the glorious old 22-inch thing I bought used from a midtown NYC studio for all of $18 in 1981.  Eighteen dollars!  Of course, back then we had to say “dickety” because the Kaiser stole our word “eighteen.”

So, here’s Song in 100 Seconds (apologies to Josh Marshall):

And also apologies to Jim Gordon.

Oh yes, about that Obama fellow.  You know, I’d almost forgotten all about him!  Yes, that was a pretty good speech he gave yesterday.  He seems to be quite talented at that sort of thing.  I don’t have anything to add that Greenwald and Digby haven’t said already (apologies to Greenwald and Digby!  Also, read Greenwald’s Fifth Update to today’s post).  Am I disappointed in the guy generally?  Well, yes and no.  No, because I expected to be disappointed, which kind of throws the whole category of “disappointment” into epistemological crisis.  Yes, because “preventative detention” goes way beyond anything I’d expected to be disappointed by, and I think he’s already (and quite needlessly) blown a couple of much easier opportunities to restore the principles to which he’s appealing, like lifting the Bush-Cheney ban on Very Dangerous Furren Scholars like Scary Tariq Ramadan.  (Yes, I know the professional bedwetters at Fox would scream bloody murder at the idea that Scary Tariq Ramadan might come to a college in your neighborhood.  But that’s nothing compared to the bloody murder they’re screaming at Obama’s seekrit Muslim plan to give everyone in Gitmo a weekend furlough to your house.  The political fallout for reversing the Dangerous Furren Scholars ban would last maybe twenty seconds.) Anyway, probably the best that can be said for yesterday’s speech is that its best passages set a standard by which Obama’s actual policies can be weighed in the scales and found wanting, beginning with the “preventative detention” outrage.  But after hearing that other fellow’s speech yesterday, do I have any regrets about supporting B. Hussein?  Nope, not a one.

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