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Friday, September 11, 2009

ABF Friday:  Now with extra arbitrariness!

I’m in West Lafayette, Indiana today.  Just sightseeing, you know.  And I brought my very own (actually borrowed from P/T, for now) molded pillow on which to rest my weary neck.  Also from P/T: the surprising and welcome news that I can get my very own CD of my MRI!  Though I suppose I still need a real professional doctor person to look at it, too.

Today I have two Arbitrary observations.  Number one: every so often, it occurs to me that when I was young I used to watch some really crappy animation with some really kickin’ theme songs.

Recognize the tune?  Why, it’s Charles Mingus’ “Boogie Stop Shuffle.”

No, that’s not true. This is “Boogie Stop Shuffle.”

What’s your favorite really crappy animation with some really kickin’ theme song?  I have to admit the band is pretty tight on this old chestnut, but the tune is nowhere near the coolitude of “CC/MM.” Cf. this.  And no fair going here or here, because now we’re well into the realm of camp.  Indeed, “Underdog” appears the very same year as Sontag’s “Notes on Camp.” Coincidence?  Or influence?

Number two: this stands up pretty amazingly well as a cover of this.  One is compelled to admire young Mr. Lennon’s cojones in singing those William Robinson, Arthur Alexander, and Isleys tunes—and acquitting himself admirably.  But this overproduced mess is an epic ex-Beatle fail as a cover of this minimalist gem.  Even Lennon’s splat-on-the-bar phrasing on the chorus is Teh Suck.  I blame Phil Spector.  And booze.

Actually “Twist and Shout” was co-written by Bertrand Russell.  Little-known almost-true fact!

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