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Friday, December 22, 2006

ABF Friday:  Special End-of-Year Edition!

In my last few plane trips, despite what I thought were decent and sincere efforts to comply with the new regulations barring dangeral liquids on board the aircraft, I have managed to pack toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving cream, aftershave, and shampoo.  All of these things are now in the possession of the Transportation Security Agency.  I have also had one of my bags combed through because it contained a dread asthma inhaler.  I have therefore come to the conclusion that the “liquids” ban was implemented not in response to a possible terrorist threat but in response to pressure from the powerful personal hygiene industry.

And I’m sorry I can’t manage a proper year-end sendoff this year.  If you want to read one of those things, just read last year’s or the exuberant end-of-December post from this blog’s first year.  Once again, I wish you all a most Merry Molochmas and very pagan New Year, or whatever it is you all celebrate these days; I thank you for reading this humble and tired blog; and I invite you to contribute some end-of-year cheer to one of Left Blogistan’s very finest, the inimitable and resolutely genderless Digby

Almost forgot!  My Michael Medved Show appearance with Elizabeth Kantor is now available here.  Many (unironic) thanks to Ms. Kantor for reading my book and criticizing it repeatedly on a show that was arranged primarily to promote her book!  And you know, speaking of books, Rhetorical Occasions really does make a fine stocking-stuffer.  Just imagine the terrified looks on your loved ones’ faces as they tear off the wrapping and find themselves face to face with an enormous ghostly floating head!

Today’s ABF exercise is pedestrian but (thankfully) brief.  What was the best thing about 2006?  What was the worst?  Extra special bonus points to people who can name something that was simultaneously the best and worst thing about 2006.  And I’ll see you all in 2007. . . .

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