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Friday, October 09, 2009

ABF Friday: WTF edition!

But first, cake!

Two graduate students brought me a cake—and I eated it!  Nom nom nom, etc.

So.  In honor of that scrumtrulescent Arbitrary But Fun cake (thanks, Sarah and Dan!), today American Airspace offers you all a special treat:  it’s time for

Weekend Wingnut Mix-and-Match!

Here’s how to play.  Combine any two (or more! it’s Arbitrary!) Outrageous Obama Outrages and see if you qualify for the Washington Post’s “America’s Next Great Wingnut” contest!

First, choose from column A:

(1) Barack Hussein al-Obama was personally rebuked by the International Olympics Committee because of

(2) Barack Hussein al-Obama was personally knighted and apotheosized and then canonized by the Nobel Committee because of

and then choose from column B:

(1) his liberal-elitist taste in mustard
(2) his wanton and profligate trip to New York with Michelle for a night on the town
(3) his willingness to appease terrorists by saying “salaam alaikum” in Cairo
(4) his repeated Queen-touching, DVD-giving affronts to the United Kingdom
(5) his racist attack on one of Cambridge’s Finest and his subsequent refusal to help Henry Louis Gates, Jr. down the stairs at the White House
(6) his inability to speak extemporaneously
(7) his promise to kill the world’s grandmothers with his bare hands
(8) his wanton and profligate trip to Chicago with Michelle for their wedding anniversary
(9) his Katrina-like bungling of the fatally flawed “cash for clunkers” program
(10) his willingness to leave America open to a Soviet invasion by scrapping the Eastern European missile defense system
(11) his abominable bowling score
(12) his arrogant draining of a three-pointer on a basketball court in Iraq
(13) his repeated use of the word “I”
(14) his close personal friendships with Moammar Qaddafi and Hugo Chávez
(15) oh please, it’s only because he’s black

or make up your own!

Oh, and before I forget: in other news, the Nobel Committee announced that Herta Müller is not in fact the winner of the 2009 prize in literature.  Apparently the initial announcement was the result of a kerning error, and the recipient is instead William Ayers, for Dreams from My Father.

Posted by Michael on 10/09 at 11:03 AM
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