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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Uh, you remember that really big and exciting and explosive and strange and unprecedented and mysterious and wonderful and adjectival thing that’s supposed to be coming to this blog today?  Well, er, it’s coming tomorrow.  No, really it is.  And it’ll be big.  Did I say that part already?  I just can’t post its strange explosive unprecedented wonderfulness today because I’m completely wiped out from my whirlwind trip to NYC and I have to teach a class in a couple of hours and then get interviewed by Dennis Prager at 2 pm.  So instead, I’m going to ask a favor—aside from voting for me in the all-important “Best Educatical Blog” competition, I mean. 

I really don’t know what to do about this Dennis Prager interview.  I figure that the chances of his listeners tuning in to hear me and then deciding to buy my book are roughly zero point zero or lower, so should I have some fun with this?  Should I be a preternaturally patient, deliberative kind of “liberal” or should I scream that private property is theft and call for the dictatorship of the proletariat?  Should I try to recruit listeners to the We Are All Giant Nuclear Fireball Now Party?  (Now’s my chance, right?) Should I speak in tongues?  Or worse, should I speak in French?  The options before me are overwhelming.  I have no idea what to do.  And you are the only ones I can turn to for advice!  You are the only ones who can help!

Thank you, dear readers.  And stay tuned for tomorrow’s really exciting etc. announcement.  It’ll be way bigger than Arbitrary But Fun.

Update, 2:40 pm:  Well, talk about anticlimactic.  I debated the usual right-wing talking point about Larry Summers for a bit, then insisted that the nature v. nurture debate is alive and well in all corners of the campus, even (or especially) Women’s Studies, then dealt with a few random complaints about Latin American Studies here and pro-life opinions there, and then, twenty minutes in, my phone cut out.  Why?  Because I’m in the middle of a snowstorm and I have the worst phone service imaginable.  I tried to continue the interview via cell phone but could barely hear a thing, and they could barely hear me.  Anyway, Dennis Prager didn’t cut me off.  It’s just my luck, and just my life.  I hate the dang phone.

Oh, well.  At least there’s tomorrow’s event to look forward to.

Posted by Michael on 12/07 at 06:27 AM
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