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Thursday, December 11, 2008

All My Internet Friends

It’s 6:30 am as I’m sitting down to type this, and I’m awake only because I went to bed nice and early after last night’s Tang Soo Do class with Jamie.  And guess what?  The phone rings! It’s the State College Area School District, letting me know that there will be no school today.  Presumably because the roads are sheathed in ice or something.  Apparently some people have a problem with that.

So winter has officially begun in remote central Pennsylvania, and Jamie will be home all day.  Only four more months of this before the thaw!

And that means it’s a good time to hear some Music By My Friends.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for untold years upon years will surely remember the name of Amanda French, one of the wittiest commenters in what has been, since 1985, a most entertaining comment section.  Yes, well, you knew she was smart and quick with a villanelle just when a hundred-comment-thread needs one most.  But you didn’t know she could write songs and sing ‘em, now, did you? 

The song is called “All My Internet Friends,” which is one of the reasons this post is titled “All My Internet Friends.” You can even click on “lyrics” on the “All My Internet Friends” web page and find out what all the lyrics are.  My, this Inter-net is an amazing thing.  And I would be lying—badly, sure, but what did you expect?—if I said that I don’t know exactly what structure of feeling Amanda’s singing about here.  Which is to say, a little less convolutedly, that I am often very grateful for my Internet friends.

So if you have Internet friends and you like them and they’re kind to you in an Internetty kind of way, why don’t you send this song to them?  That way it can go all around the length and breadth of the Internets and Amanda can become deservedly famous as the person who summed up in four minutes and a sinuous, inventive melody just why it is that we treasure our Internet friends.  And don’t worry about Amanda’s royalties!  Like the song says, “all my internet friends give things away/ They just really like to make stuff even when it doesn’t pay.”

And lest we forget our pre-Internet friends on an icy wintry day:  I know I’ve plugged this guy and his music before, but my old friend Larry Gallagher’s “Disappointment Slough” is a lovely little Nick Drake-y tune that sums up in four minutes and a sinuous, inventive melody all of life and longing.  With nice harmonies.  Though if you prefer Teh Funny, there’s always Larry’s magnum (two-minute) opus, “Ode to the Nokia Ringtone,” now available on a YouTube near you.

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