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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Amazing Jamie milestone

So the no-longer-little ignatz, now 12 years old, gets it into his head that this year he will ride the motorized go-carts at Tussey Mountain Park all by himself.  This decision apparently follows months of playing the Cruisin’ USA and Cruisin’ World arcade games at the Y, on which Jamie has logged many minutes of driving on the roads, sidewalks, ditches etc. of Las Vegas, London, New York and sundry underwater fantasy locations (I believe this is an option in the “Cruisin’ Exotica” version).  I explained to him the difference between driving video-game cars and real go-carts with motors (and-- more importantly-- brakes), and he assured me he was ready to go.  I had my doubts.

So today Janet graded papers all day while I took Jamie.  And at his request, I took him to the go-carts, where, to my utter astonishment and heart-in-throat pride, he took a cart all by himself and promptly careened around the track, through the hairpin turns and everything, at maximum speed all the way.  He came in early, after three laps, and crashed somewhat gently into the parked carts, whereupon he got a pair of lectures (from the track guy and from me) about coming in slowly with his foot on the brake.  On his second trip he got it right.  Meanwhile, my cart-- the original idea was for me to escort him around the track, guiding him and shouting encouragement-- stalled twice, leaving Jamie to his own devices.  Which was probably all the better, in the end.

Jamie is a driver.  Un-effing-real.

Well, he had his WWF phase four or five years ago.  Is this the beginning of his CART phase?  Bring it on.

Posted by Michael on 04/24 at 12:20 PM
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