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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arbitrary, because Wednesday

Sorry for the very light blogging lately ... no, wait, scratch that, I’m not sorry at all.  Not at all!  I’m proud, proud of the very light blogging lately.  It has been some of the finest very light blogging this blog has ever seen, even if I do say so myself.

And it’s about to get even lighter (proudly, I say!) because I’m skipping out.  Leaving town.  Hitting the road.  Going on vacation.  Yes, even though I become the new Director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at Penn State at midnight tonight (the midnight change of command ceremony is an awesome, beautiful thing), I am beginning my new job by taking a vacation.  It’s the only way to set the right tone, I believe.

The truth, of course, is that I’ve been working on next year’s programming for the past few months, and working pretty feverishly on the transition for the past few weeks.  And most of all, watching one dystopian movie after another for my film festival, “Bad Futures” (name coined by the elusive Janet Lyon), which will take place at the State Theatre on October 15-17.  Thanks to Nick for suggesting Akira and thanks to Chloe Silverman for introducing me to Code 46!  I just ordered the soundtrack, because you know I love that spacy ambient dreamy stuff.

Oh, and it’s about the time of year that I remind everyone that I also love this:

Jamie does too, except that he thinks the lyrics are “hey, Jamie, it’s the Fourth of July.” “It’s about me,” he chirped from the back seat of the car last week.  And who am I to contradict him?

Besides, there are more important things to argue about.  Like, for instance, this travesty, this insult to all that is right and good, a ranking of the “100 best punk bands” in which X is consigned to the 51st spot.  WTF?  I’m sorry, but don’t These Kids Today listen to real music anymore?  Hard to argue with four of the first five, I’ll admit that (Bad Religion, meh), but the next five should obviously be X, Hüsker Dü (40th? are you people out of your minds?), Sex Pistols, then maybe Black Flag and Minor Threat.  And while it’s nice to see some love for Sham 69, the Minutemen, and the Dead Milkmen, there’s a lot of chaff in that top 50 ... and no Dead Boys? no Fear? no X-Ray Spex? no Flipper???  Doesn’t anyone listen to the classics anymore?  Sonic Youth, OK, but no Pixies?  Also notable for their absence: Nirvana.  I haven’t been so depressed by a discussion of music since someone responded to this epic thread by complaining that I’d overlooked Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  Which reminds me: no Johnny Thunder and the Heartbreakers?  Really?  Really?

I’ll be back in mid-July.  In the meantime, feel free to suggest more revisions to this sorry list.

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