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Friday, April 17, 2009

Arbitrary Friday—with reservations!

Thanks to fardels bear (and uncle rameau and spokane moderate) for the Arthur Bryant’s tip in the comment thread in Wednesday’s post!  Cary Nelson and I went over around 8 last night and had ourselves a meat tray that was . . . well, a tray of very tasty meat.  Along with a frosty pitcher of Boulevard.  Here’s the funny part: because I are an complete ignoramus, I called ahead, just like Principal Skinner does in “Much Apu About Nothing.” Yes, that’s right, I had no idea you all were talking about a BBQ shack with fluorescent lights and formica tabletops where you fish your own beer pitcher out of the cooler.  I clicked on the link fardels bear provided, but I didn’t look at the interior shot of the restaurant, and I didn’t even realize there was a movie involved.  So I called for reservations.  What a maroon.  To translate this into New Yorkese, this is a little like calling Katz’s deli and asking to speak to the sommelier.

So to say thanks to people who know from Kansas City, here’s a YouTube of some obscure “jazz” musicians:

And to say thanks to everybody else, here’s a YouTube of Narciso Yepes. Why Narciso Yepes?  Because it’s Friday, and Fridays are arbitrary!

Seriously, I was just wandering around the YouTubes yesterday and wondered if they had any Narciso Yepes videos in them.  Why, yes they do!  In 1981 or 1982, a friend grabbed me by the arm and dragooned me to Carnegie Hall to see Narciso Yepes, and that’s a great thing for a friend to do.  And our tickets were five dollars.  Each!  No, we didn’t wear onions in our belts.  This was 1981 or 1982, and that wasn’t the style at the time.  But back then, you could sit way upstairs in Carnegie Hall for $5.  And the acoustics in that place are, you know, pretty good.  And as he was wont to do, Yepes included this song in the program, which is one of the greatest 11th-century hits ever:

Have a fine weekend, everyone.  And may Lundqvist continue to turn away Ovechkin’s shots, all 800 of them.

Posted by Michael on 04/17 at 11:30 AM
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