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Monday, March 29, 2010

Around the tubes

Before Don’t Think, Smile!, before No More Nice Girls, before Beginning to See the Light, before Dissent, The Nation, the Village Voice, even before the New Yorker, there was ...

College Bowl 1959!*

Check out the contestant at 2:11, who identifies herself as being from “Bayside, New York,” just east of my old stomping grounds in Flushing:

Yes, it’s her, all right.  I’d know those arched eyebrows anywhere.  And in her spirit, here’s my very first contribution to Dissent’s new blog, “Arguing the World.” (That’s a catchy title!  Perhaps someday it could be a major motion picture or something.) “Arguing the World” doesn’t have comments (yet!), so if you want to argue the world with me, you can do so right here on this humble blog.

Oh, and in other news, last week my friend and former Penn State colleague Amitava Kumar won the 2010 Strange Quark from 3QD for his short story, “Postmortem”.  Congratulations, Amitava!  The story is terrific, and I think Amitava should have won some kind of ancillary award for his reply to this comment.


*H/t to Steve Rubio, who sent me the clip this morning.  I asked him, in reply, whether he had found this gem lying somewhere under Tony Peluso’s sheet music for “Goodbye to Love”....

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