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Friday, December 08, 2006

Cage Match!!!

Finally!  It’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for!!!


The Religious Right’s evangelical “kingmaker,” the Reverend James Dobson, reluctant to undertake a lengthy four or five year recovery project to save Ted Haggard’s soul from teh gay, has proposed instead a revolutionary new “shock and awe” rehabilitation technique to save Ted’s life once and for all:

A manly, virile, über-heterosexual Steel Cage Match against a certain feral, spectral, and extremely dangeral Liberal Professor!

And so . . .

The battle unfolds as you, the cadres and fellow travelers of the We Are All Nuclear Fireball Now Party, chronicle it!  This means that all of you get to call the action, play-by-play style, in this very comment section!!!  With exclamation points aplenty!!!!!

In the spirit of this group event in which we are always already splitting and always already fused (Communislamofeminiliberamexicadisabilitifascistically speaking), please allow others to respond creatively to the beautiful set-ups you give them. You may of course post a response to one of your own action-packed posts (because your idea is so brilliant and no one else has thought of it yet), but you might give others a chance to respond first.

There will inevitably be multiple story lines happening as people post and respond to posts in a myriad of ways. Embrace the chaos and go with the flow.

You are not allowed to declare either of the participants to be “dead” or no longer able to continue in the match.  And when one combatant compares another to Hitler . . . the thread is not over!!!!

If you would like to post graphics, please link to images that are hosted off-site.  Because these giant nuclear illustrations and norquist particle accelerators don’t come cheap!

And have fun!

Oaktown Girl
Minister of Justice


Cage matchup by Oaktown Girl

Cage match poster written by Oaktown Girl, artistically executed by peter ramus
Technical consultant: Bill Benzon
Ongoing thanks to: Michael Bérubé

Posted by Michael on 12/08 at 11:00 AM
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