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Happy T-day

Last year at this time, you may recall, I offered these holiday wishes:

We have so much to be thankful for this year!  First there were the indictments of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney this past summer.  Then the Democrats’ massive victories in the House.  And now, of course, Speaker Pelosi’s “Clean Government Initiative,” with its three special House investigations—the Waxman Committee, reviewing the Bush Administration’s manipulation of prewar intelligence; the Evans Committee, conducting hearings on Jack Abramoff and his many friends in the GOP; and the Murtha Committee, looking into Halliburton’s overbilling and fraud in Iraq and the Gulf Coast.  And that’s just for starters!  I’m telling you, it was so smart for the DNC to take my advice on the “Clean Government” thing—it really resonated with voters, especially in the Southwest and California, where we picked up sixteen . . . uh . . . say what?

Oh, right, my mistake.  This is next year’s Thanksgiving post.  Sorry about jumping the gun, everyone.  Never mind!  Have a happy turkey day anyway.

OK, so I didn’t hit it exactly in the sweet spot, but you know what?  I’m better at this kind of thing than I am at prognosticatin’ foot-ball games.  The phrase “Democrats’ massive victories in the House” and that “Speaker Pelosi” bit really jump out at you, don’t they?  So.  What would you like me to be proleptically thankful for this year?  Think about 2007, and then think about 2008 while you’re at it!

And happy Thanksgiving to all, except those of you in other countries where they don’t have a word for “thanksgiving.”

Posted by on 11/23 at 11:09 AM
  1. How about being thankful for Congress defunding the Iraq War and bringing our nation’s servicepeople home in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever else they choose to celebrate in December?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Michael!

    Posted by  on  11/23  at  12:55 PM
  2. In the spirit of this post:  let’s be thankful that Congress figures out some other way to help young people finance a college education besides allowing htem to “volunteer” for open-ended terms of military service.

    And a happy Thanksgiving from Zenith too, Professor B.

    Dr. Radical

    Posted by tenured radical  on  11/23  at  01:02 PM
  3. Oh, there’s an idea—redeploying the troops for the War on Christmas!  Damn.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  Happy holiday, Ben!

    Posted by  on  11/23  at  01:02 PM
  4. How about Speaker Pelosi actually delivering on that clean govt. initiative? That would be something to celebrate.

    Posted by Joseph Duemer  on  11/23  at  01:07 PM
  5. You know, “they” hate us for our thanksgivings. Hope you have a lovely day with J,N, and J. I count you all among what I need to give thanks for.

    Posted by  on  11/23  at  01:22 PM
  6. "proleptically?” You just can’t stop edumacating, can you, Michael? Even on a holiday!  This dedication will undoubtedly be rewarded (perhaps with a drumstick to the side of the head?).

    Posted by Linkmeister  on  11/23  at  02:04 PM
  7. The rasp of static backfilling the last strains of the Star-Spangled Banner following the final broadcast anywhere of a right-wing talk radio show. …and the home of the brave…

    Play ball.

    Posted by black dog barking  on  11/23  at  02:57 PM
  8. What would you like me to be proleptically thankful for this year?
    Well, i would very much like to see the Amazing one, reveal how the US stopped eating turkey as this holiday’s chosen entreé, replaced by pork.  Then we can all say: Happy Pig Day rather than that banal Happy Turkey Day; certainly a much more honest appraisal of the celebration of the sin of gluttony.  I realize of course that the GNF party choice was between steak and halibut, and that happy salmon day sounds way too cool, though smoking hot on that plank of cedar.  But just saying.

    Posted by  on  11/23  at  03:04 PM
  9. How about Speaker Pelosi actually delivering on that clean govt. initiative? That would be something to celebrate.

    Complain, complain, complain.  Oh, all right, I’ll have my people get in touch with her people.

    Posted by Michael  on  11/23  at  04:12 PM
  10. Myself, I would be real proleptically thankful if I fell into a million bucks at some point in the next year. While you’re at it. If it’s not too much trouble.

    Posted by Kip Manley  on  11/23  at  04:43 PM
  11. Heh, 11/23 is a national Labor “Thanksgiving” Day here in Japan.  I like the idea more than celebrating a 19th C invention aiming to head off civil war by uniting the country in Puritan-worship.  On the other hand, w/o Thanksgiving, they’ve started the Christmas music a heck of a lot earlier here.  Somehow it’s more fun in a non-Christian country.  Anyway, happy, happy!

    Kip, re: the Dems’ Clean Government thing, if it doesn’t work out so well, try running for Congress in ‘08 on the Malkin-Instapundit-Pajamas Media line.  By then, their last loyal readers should be so desperate to finance anyone who comes close to it that you’ll be inundated with campaign contributions.  Just don’t eat the Cheetos!

    Posted by The Constructivist  on  11/23  at  05:37 PM
  12. How about being thankful for Congress defunding the Iraq War and bringing our nation’s servicepeople home in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever else they choose to celebrate in December?

    On that note, I’m grateful that we live in a free country that doesn’t require peoples’ religion to be State Approved before it can be recognized. Oh wait. I guess maybe that’s next year’s Thanksgiving gratitude because here we are as of now:

    MADISON, Wisconsin (AP)—The Star of David is OK, as are more than a dozen variations of the Christian cross. Even the atomic whirl used by atheists gets the thumbs-up from the federal government.
    But a Wiccan symbol representing earth, air, fire, water and spirit isn’t recognized by the federal government for veterans’ grave markers.

    But some better news on the state level just as of last Monday:

    History is Made—Sgt. Stewart’s Plaque with Pentacle is up!
    Sgt. Stewart’s plaque with Pentacle is up at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley, Nevada!
    This is the first time in history that the Pentacle has appeared on a government-issued memorial plaque for a deceased Wiccan veteran at an American government-run veterans cemetery.

    Information here on the Pagan Veterans’ Headstone Campaignon including a petition and other ways to help.

    Posted by Oaktown Girl  on  11/24  at  12:44 PM
  13. "Campaignon”?

    Stupid broken preview window. Clearly, the French are behind it!

    Posted by Oaktown Girl  on  11/24  at  02:09 PM
  14. Well, it seems there is at least a french word for it, courtesy of Art Buchwald and his TD-column, published again and again by the IHT on Turkey Day: Le Jour de Merci Donnant.
    I even fell for it for perhaps 30 s reading it for the first time.
    Go to

    Posted by  on  11/24  at  03:55 PM
  15. I remember reading somewhere that Wicca is the fastest growing religion in North America - but size isn’t really the issue is it? Aside from my general distain for religion, and my specific criticisms of Wicca (it focuses on gender as a prime universal duality, which I find exaggeratedly anthropomorphic and ultimately sexist), they’re very low on my list of pernicious religions - but my personal feelings about the religion aren’t really the issue either.

    Certainly, there’s something of a tradition of honoring a person’s dying wishes. The symbol one wishes placed on one’s grave isn’t remotely in the realm of an unreasonable request. It’s a real eye-roller that stuff like this is even controversial.

    What I’d like to be thankful for:

    - The war in Iraq has been ended thanks to the U.S. pledge to withdraw from the country as a condition of a Sunni/Shia peace agreement brokered by the U.S.

    - Janists protest the giant ball of fire that engulfed the world in flame.

    Posted by Central Content Publisher  on  11/24  at  04:02 PM
  16. It’s a real eye-roller that stuff like this is even controversial.

    Yep, which is why I was pissed to find out about this. I’m so tired of this bullshit about some U.S. veterans’ service and sacrifices counting more than others. Straight better than gay, U.S.citizens better than non- U.S. citizens, combat-avoiding Republican candidates better than combat-veteran Democratic ones, and any religion better than Pagan/Wicca. That’s why I put the link to the petition up there. I’m so sick of this sh*t.

    Posted by Oaktown Girl  on  11/24  at  04:47 PM
  17. My request is not only selfish but also less zany than spyder’s and pettier than Kip Manley’s: a nice tenure-track job for yours truly, maybe with a light teaching load, maybe even sorta kinda close to a city and/or a coast?

    Posted by e. fiction  on  11/24  at  10:22 PM
  18. How about the Final Fall of the House of Usher/Bush? With brilliant prescient details? That’s what I’m dreaming about for next Thanksgiving’s predestination.

    Posted by  on  11/25  at  01:36 AM
  19. Sometimes it takes a bit of time and perspective to know what to be truly thankful for - in that spirit, here is the entry on The Second Enlightenment in the Trans-Dimensional Omnipedia - last updated on November 24th, 2057.

    Most experts date the start of the Second Enlightenment to the watershed US election of 2006 and the spontaneous popular groundswell for a progressive agenda which developed during the ensuing year. Fifty years ago today, the true magnitude of the shift would not have been obvious to most observers, as a state of denial prevailed among the nattering nabobs of narcissism in the corporate/political press, who had only just begun their descent into the dustbin of universal disdain to which history has consigned them. (The depths of which are evidenced by the recent uproar which ensued after an obscure cyber-academician dismissively referred to the 3,000 vr-loggers who lost their accounts in a malware attack as “little Broders of the YouVWorldarati.")

    As we now .....what the?...feed my head?? ....oh my Dawkins!! The light!! The heat!!!! The humanity!!!!! The terrible animation! Who could have imagi

    Posted by  on  11/25  at  03:04 AM
  20. I’m thankful that President Clinton established sweeping environmental reforms causing huge entrepreneurial opportunities and thus gains for the renewable energy and sustainable agriculture sectors, and that she changed the way election campaigns are funded creating corruption-free elections.  But I am greedy!

    Posted by  on  11/25  at  02:08 PM
  21. Well, Happy Thanksgiving, you all.

    Though I didn’t want to crow about it (because it felt so sudden and surreal), I am really relieved that Americans voted the evil bastard party out of office.

    As a Canadian who has long suspected that your voting process was f**cked, this recent election gave me new hope not only at the level of the actual ballot, but also in the long term.

    Hope you all had lots to eat and plenty of rest. Back to the grindstone: we still have a trial to stage and another month before the regime change takes full effect. I suspect this may coincide with the coming of the GNF.

    Posted by  on  11/26  at  02:55 PM
  22. Me, I’d be content to see George W. Bush and Dick Cheney mysteriously transported to some place in Baghdad, outside of the Green Zone, and without Secret Service (or other) escort. If Tom Friedman happened to make, I’d be even more thrilled.

    Somehow, I think giving these folks a first-hand look at their own handiwork would be highly instructional… I’m more than certain the insurgents could work out any logistical details.

    Posted by  on  11/26  at  04:03 PM
  23. Of course you’ll be expressing gratitude for your Grammy awards, won’t you, Michael?

    Posted by Orange  on  11/27  at  12:21 AM
  24. Slightly OT:

    Congratulations on the nice profile in Sunday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Dr Berube: Professor the right loves to hate”

    Posted by  on  11/27  at  11:41 AM
  25. Thanks, F&B Dave!  And Orange, my forthcoming spoken-word CD duet with Cornel West was supposed to be a surprise.  Jeez, can’t you keep a secret?

    Posted by Michael  on  11/27  at  12:03 PM





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