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Road trip!

Last night Jamie made his debut as the equipment manager for the State College High School varsity hockey team.

Jamie’s earnest and diligent equipment managing was doubtless a key factor in State College’s 9-0 win over Central Dauphin.  Above, he’s pictured with the teacher/coach who had the idea in the first place, Andy Wilson (a pretty fearsome player himself).

Jamie has been looking forward to this eagerly for weeks, thrilled to be given some responsibility for the hockey team.  I wonder whether the anticipation about this equipment-managing gig has sparked Jamie’s recent forays into Greater Independence, such as his proposal last night that he do his French homework “on my own” and his insistence last week that he clean up after dinner while Janet and I take Lucy the Dog for a walk. (We agreed, tentatively, not sure if he would clear the table and load the dishwasher properly, and we gave him a little help with handwashing the salad bowl.  And lo! when we came back after ten minutes, the kitchen was spotless.) But yesterday afternoon, as he was putting on his jersey and helmet for the game, he asked me, “hey Michael, what does the equipment manager do?” So I said, carry the water bottles and the extra sticks and whatever else the coaches ask you to do, basically.  And he was good with that.  If all goes well, he’ll serve as equipment manager for all State College home games.  Here’s to the new season!

Blogging around here will be light at best for the rest of the week, because Jamie and I are hitting the road.  It’s our Swingin’ Swing State Tour ‘08!  First we’re going to Colorado, to this place, where I’ll give a talk, and thence to New Mexico, to this place, where I’m responding to a panel full of talks.  As you longtime Jamie-watchers know, Jamie loves to travel, and he’s never been to either state; I’ve never been to New Mexico.  A few years ago, Jamie would have said, “Colorado and New Mexico—brand new states, never had before!” Now he says, “Colorado and New Mexico—we haven’t been there in a long time!” which is syntactically cleaner but semantically less accurate. Oh, well.

This means we’ll miss tomorrow night’s third and final presidential debate, which will be starting right about the time we touch down in Denver.  Don’t you envy us?  I envy us.  If any game-changers happen in a game-changing kind of way, please let us know in comments.

I do, however, have an advance copy of John McCain’s groundbreaking speech on the economy, scheduled for yesterday tomorrow never knows later today.  It’s probably a definite game-changer.  The plan for America’s recovery will announce six bold initiatives:

• direct U.S. Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral to infuse a lot of money into the economy;

• have a plan to create great new jobs;

• reach out across the aisle to create a bipartisan commission to study the benefits of taxing employer-provided health insurance;

• dinner specials at the Ponderosa Steakhouse: order any entree, get an entree of equal or lesser value free;

• Barack Hussein al-Obama is Bill Ayers’ BFF; and

• eliminate wasteful earmarks.

OK, we’re out.  Time to go and take a walk in the woods.

Posted by on 10/14 at 07:30 AM
  1. One of the reasons I’m glad you’re blogging again is the update on Jaime. Thanks so sharing your stories with him!

    Posted by Joanna  on  10/14  at  08:56 AM
  2. What? You’re pulling Jamie out of school for trips out west? You’d better make it edjumicational. I’d like Jamie to prepare brief reports on all the talks and panel sessions he attends. Maybe in French.

    Based on Jamie’s Ireland shirt, perhaps he’d like this catchy song about O’Bama’s Irishness.

    Michael, I think your list of six bold initiatives is a tad off-base. The one about earmarks should appear in the first three, and the word “maverick” appears nowhere in the list.

    Posted by Orange  on  10/14  at  09:29 AM
  3. Oops!  I just rechecked my notes, Orange, and item six is supposed to be ”form a team of mavericks to eliminate wasteful earmarks</i>.” Gosh darn it!  Also.

    And of course this is an edjumicational trip.  Jamie actually goes to some of these sessions, and he’s always up for a museum or two.  Besides, we tend to think that travel is itself edjumicatory, and it’s probably worth noting that Jamie has had a passport for eight years longer than . . . oh, never mind.

    Posted by Michael  on  10/14  at  09:44 AM
  4. Hey, “bon voyage” is French, so the trip is educational already!

    Great picture. Both of them really, but the woods in Central PA: that’s some pretty good living, if you can avoid the deer hunters!

    Posted by John "Hussein" Protevi  on  10/14  at  09:57 AM
  5. State College’s 9-0 win over Central Dauphin

    Dauphin? Centre? DuBois? Bellefonte? I’m surprised there are enough red-blooded mavericky American boys available in central Pennsylvania to even have hockey teams. Tragic.

    Have fun on your pilgrimage to Apocalypse Central (aka northern New Mexico what with the nukularity, vulcanism-shaped landscape and Ancient Pueblan ruins—some great sidetrips available if you’ve got a little bit of extra time).

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  10:37 AM
  6. dinner specials at the Ponderosa Steakhouse: order any entree, get an entree of equal or lesser value free

    This is the boldest and most exciting mavericky policy initiative I have heard about in some time, and should certainly Change the Game.
    Question: is this plan compatible with the extant Early Bird Special?

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  10:57 AM
  7. "And of course this is an edjumicational trip.  Jamie actually goes to some of these sessions”

    I’ve been to plenty of conferences, and these two sentences do not compute. Also, I think you meant “Central Dolphin.” Right?

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  11:01 AM
  8. Congratulations to Jamie!

    Posted by Sajia Kabir  on  10/14  at  11:27 AM
  9. Take Jamie to Beujo’s Pizza in Boulder for an authentic “Colorado Pizza” experience.  The name is kinda Frenchiness so it must also be educational.

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  12:07 PM
  10. JP Stormcrow doesn’t know that DuBois is pronounced “due-boys” in Pennsylvanian--it was a pre-Freedom Fried kind of town. After all, this is the state that thinks the banks of the mighty Susquehanna are the Jersey Shore, as if the Jersey Shore wants to be the Jersey Shore.

    Have a great trip!

    Posted by George  on  10/14  at  12:40 PM
  11. But yesterday afternoon, as he was putting on his jersey and helmet for the game, he asked me, “hey Michael, what does the equipment manager do?”

    Hey, at least he had the forethought to ask.  Do you know how many equipment managers working for professional sports teams don’t know what their job is and refuse to let on they don’t know?  One time, the guy working for the Chicago Cubs gave Sammy Sosa a bat with cork inside.  Can you believe that?  Cork!  What was he thinking?

    Seriously though, congratulations to Jamie and the [what’s the mascot?] of State College High School and have a good trip.

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  12:48 PM
  12. Why a shirt from Ireland?
    I thought you guys are French?

    Posted by wolfgang  on  10/14  at  02:05 PM
  13. I thought you guys are French Free? (That’s why They hate you, you know.)

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  02:11 PM
  14. Actually, Crazy Little Thing, conferences devoted to subjects like cognitive disability tend to be pretty cool things at which I usually learn something.  The Stony Brook thing last month was terrific, for example, and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society conference to which Jamie and I went in 2005 was pretty terrific too.

    As for the short, wolfgang, my father is French-Canadian, my mother is Irish, and my wife teaches in Ireland every two or three summers or so.  (She bought the shirt for Jamie this summer.) Also, I was born in Hawaii, Upper Manchuria, and the Lower East Side of Manhattanistan.

    Sven @ 6:  mmmmmmm, the Early Bird Special.  Some good eatin’!

    Posted by Michael  on  10/14  at  02:24 PM
  15. A good equipment manager gets an assist on every goal. Congratulations to Jamie on his 9 point game!

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  02:33 PM
  16. Ha. I knew we had something in common. One of my grandmothers was French Canadian and one of my grandfathers was Irish.
    So I’m French but even more Irish than Barack Obama!
    But more American than anything.
    Jamie is wonderful. You are lucky.
    Captcha: class. Hmm. Something much on my mind of late.
    I’m so glad you’re back.

    Posted by Hattie  on  10/14  at  03:32 PM
  17. Jamie for President!

    Michael for veep!

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  03:50 PM
  18. Merci Michael for the Jamie post and updates.  Have a wonderful, beautifully-colored trip, knowing that it is now moving towards the deeper Fall.  Supposed to be very nice, my Boulder friends say, and even nicer in NM.

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  05:05 PM
  19. Hooray Jamie!  Glad to hear he’s involved with the hockey team.

    On a related note, as I am getting tired of hearing the term “Hockey Mom”: Does anyone know if any of Sarah Palin’s daughters play hockey?  If she’s going to make such a point of calling herself that, and only her son plays, then she’s officially the Shittiest Hockey Mom Ever.  And that’s saying something.

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  05:15 PM
  20. I clicked the link and I swear to God, I thought it said “the Coleman Center for Cognitive Dissonance.” A Center for Cognitive Dissonance - how great is that? And who better than a professor of dangeral studies to give a talk there?

    If you have some free time and a car in Albuquerque, Jamie would probably like Petroglyph National Monument.

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  05:39 PM
  21. Tell him that some people he hasn’t met yet are quite proud of him.

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  06:31 PM
  22. congratulations to jamie on his new job!  he is going to do great. 

    it’s not just the athletes who make up a TEAM.  [jamie is an athlete, so he knows that—but it bears repeating.] jamie is going to be able to encourage all the players, and the rest of the team.  that is fabulous!

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  06:49 PM
  23. Yeah, Jamie!

    Posted by Bulworth  on  10/14  at  09:48 PM
  24. Great to get caught up on Jamie after all this time.  Very impressed with his new accomplishments.  Here’s to a great year!

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  10:08 PM
  25. Good for Jamie and for Coach Andy! I’ll bet it will be a good experience for the players as well.

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  10:14 PM
  26. Hey, I once attended a Center for Cognitive Dissonance. They let me go when it was determined that I had been rehabilitated, but that’s another story.

    Michael, we will be happy to have you and Jaime in beautiful Albuquerque during our perfect post-Balloon-Fiesta weather. I may crash the ASA, now that I know you’re coming.

    Shoot me an email if you want some Official New Meskin (tm) Hosting Activities, such as sending the visiting honorees to breakfast at a place where the huevos rancheros will strip lacquer, inviting Jaime to ride a horse up a mountain, etc.

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  11:19 PM
  27. Sure is nice to have my favorite blogsurfing equipment-management crew back in action.  Have a great trip, guys!

    Posted by  on  10/14  at  11:59 PM
  28. Whoops, sorry. Thinking of English conferences. Cognitive disability conferences sound like they’d be much more interesting. The moral, as usual: I am an idiot.

    (It’s because I’ve been reading The Corner just to see how often they’ve mentioned Troopergate. Number: 0.)

    Posted by  on  10/15  at  07:49 AM
  29. Thanks for the Jamie updates. Have a great trip!

    Posted by  on  10/15  at  08:28 AM
  30. Congratulations to Jamie on his new position!

    Posted by  on  10/15  at  02:25 PM
  31. Oh, one more thing.  If you get a chance to talk to CU President Benson, be sure to ask him about his time with ACTA and how it influences his leadership at CU.  Then tell us all about it because lotsa folks here would like to know.

    Posted by  on  10/15  at  05:06 PM
  32. Good traveling to you both!

    Posted by  on  10/16  at  01:35 AM
  33. Have a great trip, and if you have the time and can spare a day, rent a car and drive 2 and a half hours southeast of Albuquerque to White Sands (near Las Cruzes).  It’s absolutely beautiful, easy walking/driving, and there’s nothing like it in the world.  And the trip is strange and beautiful, too.

    Posted by Colin  on  10/16  at  05:43 PM





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