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MJ and JM

Well, I told you blogging would be light this week. 

Anyway, many thanks to Senator McCain for an awesome guest post yesterday—and for responding to readers in comments, too!  I’m going to see if I can get Joe the Totally Uncommitted Voter to sub for me tomorrow.

Posted by on 10/16 at 04:43 PM
  1. What are you implying (or “strongly inferring” in No Quarter-speak) here? Obama is the black candidate. Get it right! Or do we have to “repudiate"* this blog.

    *Truly one of the most f’ed up moments in an f’ed up evening. “But again, I did not hear a repudiation of Congressman...” What a miserable, arrogant ass!

    Posted by  on  10/16  at  06:50 PM
  2. Ah yes, Joe. Whose actual name is Sam, and who is a Republican, and may be a relative of Charles Keating, and who isn’t really a plumber. Heh. Wingnuts. The gift that keeps on giving.

    Posted by Badtux  on  10/16  at  07:06 PM
  3. I know some people claim that all black people look alike, but that crude photoshop on the left looks nothing like Barack Obama.  So much for your attempts at moral, or at least anatomical, equivalence.

    Posted by corndog  on  10/16  at  07:12 PM
  4. The only equivalence I had in mind was this:  both guys tend to flash the tongue when they do that “cross-over” thing.  And Badtux, quibble all you like about the “facts,” but McCain totally nailed down the plumbers-making-$250K-and-up demographic last night.  A game-changer if I ever saw one.

    Posted by Michael  on  10/16  at  07:43 PM
  5. Ooooo! MJ takin’ J Mac to da hole! Gotdamnit, boy, I told you, you got to bend those knees to play defense!

    (Uh-oh. This is supposed to be a hockey blog, in’it?)

    captcha: lay. Just lay down, J Mac. Your erectile thumb dysfunction will go away. Eventually.

    Posted by  on  10/16  at  08:39 PM
  6. I suppose it would be racist and/or disrespectful to several generations of Servers, Heroes and POWs to speculate that McCain can’t jump?

    Hey, Joe--where you goin’ with that monkey wrench sixpack in your hand?

    Posted by  on  10/16  at  08:54 PM
  7. Don’t know about the guy on the left but the one on the right is a performance artist demonstrating the PoMo Twist.

    Well, gonna do a dance and it goes like this
    The name of the dance is the peppermint twist
    In a night like this - a peppermint twist

    Round and round, up and down
    Round and round, up and down
    Around and around, and a up and down and a
    One, two, three kick, one, two, three go

    The trick is to transfer all lower body dance energy to the tongue, a challenge for which certain political types are uniquely suited. It’s a real tongue twister. Hahahahahahaha.

    Creepy is the new edgy.

    Posted by black dog barking  on  10/16  at  09:23 PM
  8. Obviously Joe The Plumber won’t be able to do it until next Wednesday at the earliest.

    Posted by s'dog  on  10/16  at  09:51 PM
  9. Chris Clarke wins.

    Posted by peter ramus  on  10/16  at  10:31 PM
  10. I eagerly await a guest post from Giblets or the Medium Lobster.

    Posted by Hattie  on  10/16  at  11:53 PM
  11. “I’m going to see if I can get Joe the Totally Uncommitted Voter to sub for me tomorrow. ”

    Too late. He’s now been committed, following his announcement
    to the press that he believes himself to be Britney Spears and Mr. Obama to be Sammy Davis, Jr.

    Posted by  on  10/17  at  12:49 AM
  12. I just glanced at the photo and didn’t bother reading the text since Michael’s Modern Lingual Association postings are always over my head anyways, like.

    Posted by  on  10/17  at  12:55 AM
  13. Chris Clarke would have won except for his post’s implicit mockery of homo habilis.  Chris Clarke (if that is his real name) needs to theorize his invisible and unacknowledged and also imperceptible privilege!  Or I will never read his blog again!!

    Posted by Michael  on  10/17  at  01:12 AM
  14. Habilis?  Isn’t that H. suberectus?

    Posted by  on  10/17  at  01:35 AM
  15. John McCain is NOT representing Homo habilis in my graphic, Michael. despite the ageist jokes so prevalent on the intertubes. He is in no way old enough to be equated with Homo habilis.

    The taxon you’re looking for is Homo neanderthalensis.

    Captcha: “writing,” as in “the development of which paved the way for mathematics and thus the first tax cuts.”

    Posted by Chris Clarke  on  10/17  at  02:18 AM
  16. The MJ/JM parallels, like the Lincoln/Kennedy parallels, are spooky…

    MJ came from NC, where he won a surprising championship his freshman year, and went to Chicago, where he eventually led his team to a long series of titles.

    JM has gone to NC, whose electoral votes he might surprisingly lose, en route to losing the presidency to a man from Chicago.

    MJ wore BLUE in NC.

    JM may manage to turn NC BLUE on election night.

    MJ ended his career in DC, though he failed to lift his team out of the doldrums and into contention.

    JM will also end his career in DC, similarly failing to lift his party out of the doldrums and back into contention.

    Posted by  on  10/17  at  03:57 AM
  17. Ya know, your title would a been a...one a them thingamabobs that read the same way both ways...if you had replaced “and” with “+” or “‘n’”. 

    Joe the Plumber

    captcha: “him” (old Powerpuff Girls nemesis shapeshifting into J the P, apparently)

    Posted by The Constructivist  on  10/17  at  05:33 AM
  18. Perhaps McCain is the misanthropic Homo notatalleverthis?  The protruding tongue represents the mysogynist tendencies of that misandric species.  Since the captcha is “fact” it must be so.

    Posted by  on  10/17  at  06:45 AM
  19. The moment the car stopped at McCain’s hotel in downtown New Orleans, he set out at his usual fast clip for Harrah’s, across the street. McCain is an avid gambler. Wes Gullett, a close friend who worked for McCain for years, told me that they used to play craps in Las Vegas in fourteen-hour stints, standing at the tables from 10 A.M. to midnight. “Craps is addictive,” McCain remarked, and he headed for the fifteen-dollar-minimum-bet tables. At the most obvious level, the game is incredibly simple—players rotate turns throwing the dice, and you either win or lose depending on what number comes up. But McCain’s betting formula makes it much more complicated. “Uh-oh!” he cried, as a player accidentally threw the dice off the table. “This is a very, very superstitious game,” he said. When his turn came to throw the dice, he picked them up and blew on them first. He had placed chips on the number 5, so (envisioning a combination of 2 and 3) he called, “Michael Jordan! Michael Jordan!”

    From Connie Bruck’s New Yorker profile (5/30/05).

    Second image from debate.  Different context, so first no fluke.

    Posted by  on  10/17  at  06:45 AM
  20. I’ve seen this McCain photo all over the Interwebs and it cries out for incisive and clever commentary, I realize. But all I can think is that Gene Simmons must be feeling really left out and forgotten right now.

    Posted by  on  10/17  at  08:04 AM
  21. Ah, Blog-lite.  Tastes great, less filling.

    Posted by  on  10/17  at  12:07 PM





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