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1993 forever

Shorter Abigail Thernstrom:  Dang, I remember when Clint Bolick and I tag-teamed Lani Guinier.  Good times!

Oh, and here’s a real gem from Adam Shatz’s profile of the Thernstroms in the American Prospect:

In the 1960s, Stephan and Abigail were left-liberals who identified passionately with the civil rights movement. Today, they’re soldiers in the political and judicial assault on civil rights policies designed to redress the effects of past discrimination. The Thernstroms insist, however, that they have remained true to their ideals as “colorblind” integrationists. “We haven’t changed,” Stephan told a reporter for The Washington Post. “It is liberalism that has evolved.” His wife, who often describes herself as “an old bleeding heart,” told the same reporter, “I feel sad that the classic civil rights struggle is now called conservatism.”

I, too, used to be a liberal.  But thanks to Lani Guinier Sonia Sotomayor uppity women of color in general, I’m outraged that colored kids are being bused to my swimming pool / Ivy League university / federal judiciary.

Posted by on 07/14 at 10:48 AM
  1. I’ve never imagined my heart to be bleeding and I’ve felt sad for years that wanton ideological pillaging of all of nature’s bounty is now called conservatism. Consumptavism, maybe.

    Posted by  on  07/14  at  12:26 PM
  2. I remember that episode of South Park—wait, why are they recycling lame again exactly?

    Posted by SEK  on  07/14  at  01:26 PM
  3. See, here’s the thing. This is a meritocracy, and that is why old white guys run everything; they’re just better than everyone else. If we start allowing women and people with dark skin pigmentation or, god forbid, women with dark skin pigmentation, run things, then white guys might not run everything anymore. This proves that women and people with dark skin pigmentation are the real racists, because white males should always run things, being better than everyone else. Ipso facto, the only time race should ever be an issue in this country is if white males are no longer running everything, because such a state would conclusively prove that discrimination exists.

    Posted by  on  07/14  at  01:42 PM
  4. I was going to write something coherent on this, but reading this write up from FAIR on the media bullshit (and Clinton bullshit) that went down about Guinier caused all that bile to rise up again and choke me. Black, female and for proportional representation? Misrepresent and burn the radical witch!

    Posted by  on  07/14  at  01:53 PM
  5. Today’s hearings and the whole attempted circus leading up to it (and the history described in this post) are actually really depressing me right now. Here we are 16 years after his pompous lies and mistruths about Guinier, and an intellectually dishonest hack like George Will is still an influential “pundit"* . For several minor reasons I am not really wild about Sotomayor as a pick (certainly support her and understand why Obama nominated her) but they are so far removed from even being part of the mainstream discourse that it isn’t even funny. (I think she is not creatively “empathetic” enough, I would like to see some legal education other than Yale/Harvard represented, and I would like to break the string of Federal Judges.) Can concerns like those even get a hearing? How about an actual national discussion of something like “proportional representation”? which I suspect a lot of Americans would actually support if it got a fair hearing that was not tinged with racist mistruths. The discourse be berry, berry bad to us. (Although I may be overreacting a bit given her almost certain confirmation. But how would Guinier fare today?)

    *George Will and Cokie Roberts this past Sunday shattering the irony barrier while discussing possible investigations of CIA lies.

    WILL: beyond that, is this going to be independent counsel? Because independent counsels have to be independent. Look at the example of Ken Starr. Ken Starr did not want to go all the places he went, but he was drawn by the logic of his unfolding investigation. And if they think they can control the parameters of this, they are very much mistaken.


    ROBERTS: I must say, I have very mixed minds about this. Because on the one hand, the whole idea of a prosecution gets Washington into that kind of horrible slog where everybody hates each other and the poison just gets very thick.

    Posted by  on  07/14  at  06:48 PM
  6. Shorter Steph and Abby:
    Oh but I’ve grown older and wiser
    And that’s why I’m turning you in
    (Love me, love me, love me, I was a liberal)

    Posted by  on  07/15  at  01:05 AM
  7. I live in Cambridge and Nolan Bowie, Lani Guinier’s husband, is a friend of mine.  Poor Ms Guinier was only talking about proportional representation, an elective scheme that exists only in Berkeley CA and Cambridge MA in these United States, I do believe.  Of course, it has little effect in Cambridge as the city has a weak mayor/city council system and the city manager has been effectively running the city for about thirty years.  I think the Thernstroms live in Lexington and thus don’t understand Cambridge politics but then they are creatures of Harvard and Cambridge politics are irrelevant to that institution.

    There’s a question I want to Alex Jones of the Shorenstein Center about his recent book on the state of journalism.  I’ve heard him say that only newspapers will cover school committee meetings and want to ask him if he knows who covers school committee meetings in Cambridge.  Turns out that the go to guy is the blogger Robert Winters.  He’s been blogging school committee and city council meetings for over a decade.  The Cambridge Chronicle and Cambridge TAB used to send their newby reporters to him to get a handle on the situation.  Now they don’t even bother with that.

    Posted by gmoke  on  07/15  at  06:43 PM
  8. You’re a cheap race hustler. Why don’t you step down from your academic position and insist that you be replaced by a non-white female? Of course, you won’t do that; your largess should never cost you a thing. Just keep going on vacation and posting pictures to your cutesy little blog. Asshole!

    Posted by  on  07/23  at  12:53 PM
  9. You raise a good point, Mr. Smith.  I will keep going on vacation and posting pictures to my blog.  It’s all part of the race hustle, you understand.

    Posted by Michael  on  07/23  at  07:24 PM
  10. But that was a serious question, which, of course, is why you didn’t answer it. Your self regard is nauseating.

    Posted by  on  07/24  at  02:07 AM
  11. So.  In order to support Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, I should step down from my job and insist that I be replaced by a woman of color.  Because that’s how these affirmative action hustlers get their jobs, right?

    I’m sorry I didn’t answer your question the first time, Mr. Smith—if that is your real name.  I just didn’t think that anyone could be so stupid and so ignorant as to intend it seriously.  My bad!

    Posted by Michael  on  07/24  at  09:24 AM
  12. Mr. Smith does not appear to understand how “jobs” work—if I step down from my position, I can insist that the university hire (a) my seven year-old son, (b) an extremely qualified colleague, or (c) my pet rock. In all three cases, the university will ignore me and run a job search. Why does Mr. Smith feel that in academia we get to pick our own replacements?

    Also, he does not appear to understand the meaning of the word “largess.” Michael, have you been dilating on your largess again?

    Posted by  on  08/08  at  11:27 AM
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