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Pre-existing conditions

I cannot support any health care plan that would cover teabaggers.

Posted by on 09/10 at 09:09 AM
  1. I cannot support any health care plan that would cover Rep. Joe Wilson (SC).

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  10:12 AM
  2. But then what would all the out-of-work proctologists do?

    Posted by Gary Oxford  on  09/10  at  10:14 AM
  3. I’m pretty sure that under <a href=http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2008/10/03/parity_finalpassage>Wellstone-Domenici</a>, you can’t treat teabagging differently than any other pre-existing condition.

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  10:39 AM
  4. Elliot Tarabour, I’d support covering Mr. Wilson if we could guarantee that he’d never be uncovered… as I’m in a generous mood I’d even support a breathing hole.

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  10:52 AM
  5. My newsletter, let me show you it.*

    I propose that we create some profession, some institution in this country that could investigate and report on important topics of public interest. For instance, in trying to decide who was lying in the great Obama-Wilson debate last night, we are currently in a state of epistemic bankruptcy. We are at a heuristic dead end, with no text or reference we can consult. It might help if we had people who could, like, keep journals where they actually research facts and record events, and share the contents of their journals in correspondence<i> with some kind of centralized office that would <i>edit and collate these texts into informative pamphlets or websites of some kind.

    *Not actually me. Void where prohibited. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  11:00 AM
  6. The public option: don’t want it?  Don’t use it!  Choice, baby.

    Posted by bitchphd  on  09/10  at  11:14 AM
  7. Close i. Close i. Close i.

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  11:15 AM
  8. Joe Wilson, the new hero of the Interwebs, the only one with enough guts to call a spade a spade.

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/10  at  12:23 PM
  9. Hmm. Try this to get the search with quotes on “Joe Wilson” and “call a spade a spade.” Only 3,830 hits that way.

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/10  at  12:29 PM
  10. Man, do my Google skillz need work. Adding “Obama” to the search drops it to 900 hits. Apparently there was another “Joe Wilson” in the news a few years ago, involved with lies and spade-calling. What was *that* all about, anyway?

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/10  at  12:34 PM
  11. Can we ask overlord Chavez to rename the non-profit healthcare cooperatives as non-profit healthcare collectives, so we can make sure that we are all on the same page. This vague terminology is diluting the true vision.

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  01:57 PM
  12. Here’s a bit of gossip on the subject of preexisting conditions:

    While taking a break from my labors at the Folger, I went for a quick bite at a place here on Capitol Hill that is popular with Hill staffers and political strategists. At the table next to me, two of the latter aforementioned strategists confirmed that Joe Wilson has late stage Ballzheimers. Of course he’s enrolled in the high-quality Congressional health plan, but his Ballzheimers looks to be a preexisting condition and so there’s a question of whether it will be covered. True to his word, however, and heedless of his own interests, Wilson promises to block any health reform that would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage based on preexisting conditions because he thinks its a fundamental plank of the Republican party to want to stick it to brown people.

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  02:09 PM
  13. Apparently there was another “Joe Wilson” in the news a few years ago, involved with lies and spade-calling. What was *that* all about, anyway?

    I do not understand your question.  Please see rm at comment 5 for an explanation of why.

    Posted by Michael  on  09/10  at  03:39 PM
  14. I was confused about why the juvenile delinquents in the back of the room could simultaneously wave placards proclaiming “what bill” while also demanding that, as regards the death panels, that Obama “read the bill”.

    Can someone explain this to me?

    Posted by Bulworth  on  09/10  at  04:29 PM
  15. Does undiagnosed Tourettes count as a pre-existing condition?

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  08:36 PM
  16. Wading through the most recent outpouring of the insane, i would be remiss if i glossed over the “watermelon hypothesis” as used to describe (visually by Beck) Van Jones.  I can only assume that we should expect something about fried chicken soon in keeping with calling suits of cards.  Do we get the trifecta??

    Posted by  on  09/10  at  09:39 PM
  17. Hey, wait a second.  Didn’t South Carolina secede from the Union already?

    Posted by Michael  on  09/11  at  01:20 AM
  18. "I cannot support any health care plan that would cover teabaggers.”

    Neither can they.

    Posted by  on  09/11  at  01:46 AM
  19. What is your definition of a teabagger?

    Posted by Connecticut Bankruptcy Lawyers  on  12/09  at  09:09 AM
  20. Why would the NOT cover teabaggers? Lousy health care plan!

    Posted by Safety Training  on  12/29  at  02:01 PM





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