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All Eyez On Me

Now Brenda’s belly is gettin bigger
But no one seems to notice any change in her figure
She’s twelve years old and she’s having a baby
And the C Street crew and I are totally OK with that
Because this “Brenda” person isn’t anybody we know personally

Posted by on 11/11 at 06:55 AM
  1. If Brenda weren’t so non-U, S2upak and the C crew might care a bit more.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  08:18 AM
  2. Yeah, that bit in the video where Brenda goes to Bryn Mawr is totally unrealistic.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  08:21 AM
  3. Wow I’m really confused. Brenda looks like a white guy wearing a tie. Because he/she isn’t anybody I know personally.

    captcha “old” and yes by the way it IS my birthday today.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  10:40 AM
  4. Ew! Those squinty eyes follow me around the room!

    More disturbingly, so does that haircut.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  12:30 PM
  5. Indeed, Sven, those eyes can follow you even into your private health insurance plan.

    Posted by Michael  on  11/11  at  12:50 PM
  6. Fungible eyes!

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  01:09 PM
  7. Now I hear that the Tupac Amendment may have gotten all of all of ten votes for Democrats.  Or maybe fewer!

    Can’t anybody here play this game?

    Posted by Michael  on  11/11  at  02:02 PM
  8. May I humbly suggest that Obama get whatever “strings attached” health care bill passed and then go the “executive order” (so effectively used by his predecessor) route and simply declare all the nonsense null and void by imperial decree.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  02:26 PM
  9. But remember, every vote is sacred, Michael.

    Just ask Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence who has been publicly sparring with Representative Patrick Kennedy over his vote.

    It’s not too late for you to repair your relationship with the Church, redeem your public image, and emerge as an authentic “profile in courage,” especially by defending the sanctity of human life for all people, including unborn children. And if I can ever be of assistance as you travel the road of faith, I would be honored and happy to do so.

    But I have to say -10 points for the “profile in courage” dig, Bish. Lame.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  02:28 PM
  10. Yeah, it takes real courage to legislate on the basis of an Iron-/Bronze-Age myth as interpreted by old, white men donning dresses and ridiculous hats.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  03:22 PM
  11. thought balloon over Bart’s head:

    “not now gerbil. not now. they’re taking my picture”

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  03:28 PM
  12. Ah, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin!  I believe he’s third from the left in this clip at 4:40.

    Posted by Michael  on  11/11  at  04:17 PM
  13. A handy YouTube linking trick is to append “#t="minutes"m"seconds"s" to specify a specific place to start in a video (for instance #t=4m40s in this case). But of course this has been available for a long time--but of course not as long as Bryn Mawr has not had sororities which is forever--but of course still a long time measured in Internet time.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  07:01 PM
  14. I wouldn’t necessarily ponder over squinty-eyed (fungible-eyed) Brenda, except that i read something about Kordeza.  Given the compare and contrast feature available from rightwing media (see the latest lawsuit from former Fox executive producer?), i can easily see how all this now relates.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  07:59 PM
  15. Hey, could somebody with mad photoshop skillz please put this guy’s hair on Putin’s pate? Thanks in advance.

    Posted by  on  11/11  at  11:42 PM
  16. Because I am a liberal hater with nothing in my soul but mockery, envy, and a gritty residue, I come back quite late to get the following bit of snark out of my system:

    I was going to point out that it was perhaps not really in the spirit of Christian honesty that the “Catholic Online” website, http://www.catholic.org which is currently the first google return for “catholic” and has as it’s top sidebar items:
    does not make clear that it is not in any way officially sanctioned by nor affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church not even in the obscure “About Us” link that no one ever clicks. But then I remembered that their target audience has been immersed since an early age in a system which encourages skepticism and a deep questioning of authority. In that context, it really does come off as a clever little in-joke. Well-played, catholic.org, you had me going for a bit.

    Posted by  on  11/12  at  11:53 PM
  17. please put this guy’s hair on Putin’s pate?

    Photoshop work by my daughter:


    Posted by  on  11/13  at  01:31 AM
  18. Now that is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

    Posted by Michael  on  11/13  at  09:18 AM
  19. Now can we replace the Earth with a pregnant woman’s belly?  Or the space fetus from 2001?  Nah, too gauche.

    Posted by  on  11/13  at  09:41 AM
  20. It’s fungible hair.

    Posted by  on  11/13  at  10:15 AM
  21. Or the space fetus from 2001?  Nah, too gauche.

    I dunno—seems about droit to me.

    Posted by Michael  on  11/13  at  10:28 AM
  22. Muchos laffs! Thanks to la fille de Corbeau-tempête (and Google/translate)!

    Posted by  on  11/13  at  03:58 PM
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  24. Brenda is creepy!

    Posted by civil rights lawyer  on  01/04  at  03:09 PM





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