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Jamie exclusive!

Once again, this blog is ready to take it to the Next Level.  For some reason it took all day for YouTube to upload and process this thing, but here it is: my first-ever exclusive interview with Jamie!

Over the past few years I’ve been trying to get him to narrate his experiences more readily and more fluently.  So a few weeks ago I had the Bright Idea® of hauling out ye videocam and asking him to talk about some of the many zoos and aquariums he has visited.  I thought that would warm him up, so to speak, and that he’d be more willing in future installments to talk about his new job, his LifeLink apartment, his experiences at school, his hopes and dreams, and so forth.  Eventually, I want him to be able to collaborate with me, in one way or another, in the project of writing a twenty-years-later followup to Life As We Know It.  He says he’s up for it, so I’m basically trying to lay the groundwork now—starting off with the easy stuff.

In playing back this snippet (while waiting 12 hours for YouTube to process it) I realized a couple of things.  One, I step on some of his remarks.  D’oh!  Gotta watch out for that next time.  Two, he hauls out a few memories I’d forgotten, even as he substitutes “Madison Square Garden zoo” for “Central Park zoo.” (That was odd—he’s never been to the Garden.) And three, he closes by suggesting that we send this clip to CBS, ABC News, and ... The Daily Show!  I totally missed that last bit the first time around.  Great idea, Jamie!

I taped this at his maternal grandmother’s retirement village last week, at some point during the torrential rains that made much of the Northeast feel like a ship in a stormy sea.  And then I (foolishly) took him to the Mystic Aquarium, thereby adding one more item to the long list of zoos and aquariums we have visited in horrific weather.  (That visit to the Omaha Zoo really was insane. 35 degrees, as I say in the clip, but something more like 20 with the wind chill.  Fortunately they had some truly wonderful indoor exhibits, including the desert landscape Jamie mentions.)

I’m still officially on hiatus, but until I’m fully rested and ready for big-time blogging again, heeeeere’s Jamie!

Just for the record, here are those “craziest and kookiest” baboons Jamie mentions at 4:15.  Waterloo, Ontario, mid-May 2005.  40 degrees outside.  Did I mention it was mid-May?

Posted by on 03/15 at 09:31 PM
  1. Michael, this is priceless.  What a treasury of wonder and experience you explore together.

    Posted by  on  03/16  at  12:07 AM
  2. Thanks, spyder—I’m hoping this is just the beginning.  And I love him telling me, “wait wait don’t go any further” at 2:45 so that he can correct me on just how high the dolphins jump in the Indianapolis dolphin tank.  He’s right, by the way—the red balloons that hang over the tank are closer to 25 feet high than to 30.

    Posted by Michael  on  03/16  at  10:11 AM
  3. Awesome stuff, reminds me of trekking to visit aquariums/zoos during the Fulbright year in Japan--fortunately, only had burning heat to deal with....  Wildlife Safari is where in Ontario, btw?  Sounds like an awesome place!

    Oh, and might I suggest that engaging Chris Newfield’s work in Unmaking the Public University (and his recent Profession article on budgeting) (and his group blog remaking the university) would be a good use of your bloggy time?  What are the prospects for public higher ed in PA?

    captcha:  power


    Posted by The Constructivist  on  03/16  at  11:10 AM
  4. Well that is just great, and as your literary agent I can say that having Jamie collaborate on the sequel will generate a lot of interest and advance a thesis of yours in a way that is more effective than description and argument. As always, I waive my fee for this kind of incisive insight.

    What do you mean Jamie has never been to the Garden, as in MSG? Jaysus, Mary, and Moloch! Granted, the Rangers are not worth the mountain of money it takes to see a game this year, but shouldn’t Jamie see the spot where his father shed tears in 1972? (And 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, especially 79, and through to 94?)

    Posted by  on  03/16  at  12:27 PM
  5. Michael:
    Thanks for sharing.  As always, the updates with Jamie make me happy, hopeful, and impressed.  Also impressive: Jack got to rap with Biz Marky at the Yo Gabba Gabba show Sunday in Milwaukee.  (Yo Gabba Gabba is all the rage for the under eight set if you haven’t heard.)
    Put me down for a copy of the new book--Life as We Know It helped me out--a lot.

    Posted by  on  03/16  at  12:49 PM
  6. nice touch with the baboons. I was worried you were talking about my kids until I clicked the link.

    Well done, Jamie!

    Posted by Clare  on  03/16  at  02:32 PM
  7. That is very impressive. I wish I had half the recall that both of you have.

    Posted by  on  03/16  at  09:13 PM
  8. 40 degrees outside.  Did I mention it was mid-May?

    Yeah, but, you know ... Ontario.  So it was metric degrees, or “hectares.”

    Kudos to Jamie, as usual.


    Posted by  on  03/16  at  10:38 PM
  9. The commenters, united, will never be defeated.

    Posted by Michael  on  03/16  at  11:03 PM
  10. I can only hope you take blogging breaks from your extended hiatus as the new season of Breaking Bad opens in two weeks. 

    The thought of a Jamie and the Professor digital document complete with text, soundtracks, videos, etc., sparks the imagination.  Now i can’t wait.

    Posted by  on  03/17  at  05:43 PM
  11. Did Tiger really think that these woman were not going to talk to their families about their affair, I just can’t believe that he was not caught a long time ago. He had 14 + affairs and not 1 family member came forward sooner; that is so shocking

    Posted by Cek Kanunu  on  03/19  at  10:53 AM
  12. And now a comment about brackets, because this is the season of brackets; albeit Spring is still two hours away.  The imposter pseudo-socialist neo-fascist stalinist currently occupying the office of the highest level of the executive branch correctly predicted a stunning number of the first 32 games, missing only seven i believe.  Is there anyone who has done better? other than Colbert who fills out his brackets after each round.  Interestingly the four west coast teams are 4-0 while the Big East went 4-4. 

    We resume your programming with a nod to TC who quoted Berube at length in his blog.  No, not the LPGA one, the other one, or one of the other ones.

    Posted by  on  03/20  at  10:53 AM
  13. Because I am even more socialist, neo-fascist, and stalinist than the current occupant of the White House, I picked 26 of 32 in the first round.  I had ODU over Notre Dame, St. Mary’s over Richmond, Washington over Marquette, and Missouri over Clemson.  If Wofford had only hung on against Wisconsin ... and I did pick Cornell over Temple, I did, I did—and then changed my mind.  D’oh.

    Posted by Michael  on  03/20  at  12:15 PM
  14. Thank you so much for this, both you and Jamie, to look at “the animals” in a new way, e.g., through the “honk,” the sounds, the nasal: with the ears and the mouths making sense.  “Sorting” seems different--and obviously engaging, and valuable.

    Posted by  on  03/21  at  12:42 PM
  15. I picked 26 of 32 in the first round.

    How ‘bout dem Jayhawks? (OK, I had them too (and only 21 in the 1st round), as did 32 of 48 folks in my pool.

    And nice use of media with Jamie--totally validates a comment I thought about but never made on some earlier post I’ve forgotten. Something about how as nice as it is for people to succeed all on their lonesome*, how much better it is doing it in conjunction with others.

    *Something our culture overvalues in my opinion. For instance predominant narratives about the progress of arts and sciences.

    Posted by  on  03/21  at  02:48 PM
  16. Well the two games here in Spokane today went down to the very end.  Nice to see great college basketball played at that high a level over the whole game.  As i understand it, there are only a very small handful of brackets now that have a chance of winning with Kansas, and others out.  Certainly one way to change the dynamic.  Kentucky’s trio of outstanding freshmen look great, and though the pressure is tremendous they have the easiest path to the Final Four (and the overall win).  Duke is solid, but they did get beat up this year as did the other modest three favorites: Syracuse, West Virginia, and Ohio State--and those three have a tough road.

    Posted by  on  03/21  at  10:43 PM
  17. When Jamie referred to the baboons running down the bus’s aisles because “they look like bananas,” did he mean because the buses were yellow? That was how I took it. Very enjoyable video.

    Posted by  on  03/27  at  12:50 AM
  18. Aargh, I meant the roof of the bus, not the aisles. Might be a little too interactive otherwise.

    Posted by  on  03/27  at  12:52 AM
  19. Actually, the buses were gray, not schoolbus yellow.  Jamie was being interestingly fanciful, I think.  We had been warned beforehand by people at the Canadian Down Syndrome Society conference, who told us that if we were going to the wildlife safari in a rental car, best to park the car and take the safari bus.  When the baboons struck, we understood that this was very good advice....

    Posted by Michael  on  03/28  at  03:07 PM
  20. That happened to us at a Six Flags “safari” when I was a kid.

    Posted by  on  03/29  at  04:40 PM
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