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This is not a real post to the blog

It’s just a notice that new family pix and hockey pix are up on this site’s other pages.

If it were a real post to the blog, it would say, for instance, that I’m still working out what the hell to make of Kerry’s latest remarks on the decision to go to war in Iraq.  My initial impression is that they’re bad on the merits (I’m with the anonymous source who told the Times, “I wish he had simply said no president in his right mind would ask the Senate to go to war against a country that didn’t have weapons that pose an imminent threat,"), that they’re politically foolish because they’re fodder for Bush (who not only gets to play Kerry as a flip-flopper but gets to make fun of nuance in general, as a bonus), and yet that I don’t think of them as some kind of dealbreaking disappointment, because I never considered Kerry an anti-war candidate in the first place and (unlike some of my friends on the left) don’t even consider the farcical Senate war vote to be the single (or the only) important thing about a candidate’s record.  I don’t favor an immediate pullout of US forces from Iraq, either, because I trust Juan Cole completely on these matters, and if he says things like this and this, I believe him.

Also, if I had time to write a real post to the blog today, I’d mention the fact that Richard Yeselson of Washington, D.C. has recently referred me to this hard-hitting piece of advice from Kenneth Baer to the Kerry campaign, which, even though it contains no references to ice hockey, nevertheless manages to be an insightful piece of political criticism.  For instance:

if Bush should lose this November, there won’t be any honeymoon for Kerry. His first few months in office will look like the last years of the Clinton presidency: congressional inquiries, constant talk radio trash-talking, and book deals for anyone with a charge to make. Simply, Kerry can’t afford to let the SBVT charges go unanswered if he wants to govern effectively.

Quite true-- but then, I’m one of those people who believes that the right smelled blood in the water the day Clinton caved in on Lani Guinier in 1993 (more on that here if you’re interested), and that’s why I’m in favor of smacking down far-right wingnuts like Corsi, Hoffmann and O’Neill well before they’re given their own shows on MSNBC and Fox.

And apparently the Errol Morris/MoveOn.org Republicans-for-Kerry ads are all set to go.  Tell you what-- if you stop by their site, watch a couple of the ads, and give ‘em a couple of bucks, I’ll consider this a real post after all.

Posted by on 08/12 at 08:53 AM
  1. I think a lot of us are having unwelcome doubts about Kerry who suddenly seems as confused and trapped as Bush did in that Florida classroom.  I just came away from the Dreyfuss comments at http://www.tompaine.com/blogs/

    Posted by  on  08/13  at  08:37 AM
  2. Yeah. Bob Dreyfuss’s remarks are great.  Thanks, Bean.  The only thing I disagree with is the claim that this will cost Kerry the election.  It makes him look muddled and lost, as Dreyfuss says, but who really believes Bush has any policy at all on Iraq?  I think the gaffe merely reminds progressives why we were leery of this guy, in form and substance.

    Posted by  on  08/13  at  08:53 AM
  3. At Kos this morning, some stats on Bush as the guy with “character”!

    “Character” in quotes plays a big role for people who can’t separate policies from actions, propaganda from fact.  Bush has misled everyone quite deliberately including Congress but most notably his strongest supporters.  Those supporters need to come out the other side of this election with some hard truths knocked into their heads.

    But do I think that will happen?

    Posted by  on  08/14  at  07:10 AM





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