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You good people might be just a few hours away from your first World Series since . . . well, since you know when.  It’s time to look into your hearts and ask, do we really want this?  And in a sweep, of all things?  Don’t you think it would be better-- better for baseball, better for your souls-- if the Cards won the next three, throwing the entire sporting world into paroxysms?  Can it happen again-- twice in one post-season?  Is it the Curse of the Bambino? And then you all can win game seven in dramatic, nail-biting fashion.  Wouldn’t that be a lot more fun?  I mean, come on-- you’ve lived with agonizing anxiety for decades.  Wouldn’t three straight losses (with games four and five going into extra innings) be more satisfying right now, in both a narrative and a spiritual sense?

And surely some of you must regard victory itself as a prize of dubious worth.  Until tonight, your team was legendary, and their legend shaped and defined your self-identification as fans.  If you win the World Series, you win the World Series-- and you become kin to the 2002 Angels and the 1980 Phillies.  You will be elated (and drunk!) for a couple of days, sure.  But then the championship will begin to sink in, and while some of you will say, as did a New York Rangers fan in 1994, “now I can die in peace,” others among you will be plunged into existential crisis.

Just letting you know.

Posted by on 10/27 at 12:14 PM
  1. Cruel.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  01:30 PM
  2. I always knew you were a Cards fan. Did I hear one of your children is living the life proper at Wash U?

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  01:40 PM
  3. Michael,

    For my own 8 year old’s sake I hope the Cards can pull it off.  But…

    My friend and your sometime fellow conference goer Steve Kuusisto is a life-long Sox fan.  Last week he called me during the final game of the Red Sox glorious rout of the Yanks.  The Sox were up by 6 and he was convinced Boston would find a way to blow it.

    I tried to console him.  I told him he wasn’t thinking big enough.  What could be worse than losing another play off series to the Yankees? I asked him.

    Steve couldn’t think of anything.  Losing to the Yanks was as profound a hell as he dared imagine.

    I said, How about this?  They win the pennant.  They go to the Series.  They go up by 3 and then lose 4 straight themselves!

    I am not claiming to be clairvoyant.  I just know the Red Sox.

    On the other hand...if Boston wins the Championship in St. Louis doesn’t that portend that Kerry will take Missouri, putting him over in the Electoral College and giving him the Presidency?

    Posted by Dave Reilly  on  10/27  at  02:30 PM
  4. Good idea.  Also if the election goes to the courts to keep up the suspense, that would be good, too. 

    Do you have the Tums concession at Fenway?

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  02:32 PM
  5. Johnny Damon is such a showoff.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  03:30 PM
  6. Speaking as a 51-year-old Cub fan with ties to Boston, I’ll take the instant gratification!

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  03:34 PM
  7. Michael, your bitter tone is very unbecoming

    First Red Sox batter, first Home Run ....

    from Out West ... GO SOX

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  03:35 PM
  8. Even I think that’s mean (in a twisted, funny way), and I think baseball is boring.

    Posted by bitchphd  on  10/27  at  03:48 PM
  9. Baseball is boring.  Hockey is exciting.  But fandom is another thing altogether.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  04:24 PM
  10. Pound Salt!

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  04:37 PM
  11. I was concieved during the 1980 world series.

    Don’t knock the 1980 Phillies.

    Posted by zach  on  10/27  at  05:59 PM
  12. Well argued, Michael.  To which I would add: what will the high priests say if you win the World Series under a blood-red moon?

    How did we get Game 4 scheduled against a lunar eclipse anyway?  Don’t the Lords of the Revels talk to the Archmages anymore?

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  06:32 PM
  13. Ah well, good for the Red Sox.

    Go, Giants in 2005!

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  06:42 PM
  14. I, for one, am just glad that it didn’t go 7 games. Because if it did, I believe the victory parade might have taken place next Tuesday, election day.  Even though MA is a safe state, Kerry’s popular vote would shrink due to all of the thankful, excited, and drunk BoSox fans who would be partying all day rather than voting.

    I hereby apologize for tying in politics with sports. It sucks that the curse is over.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  07:14 PM
  15. Now that it’s over, Boston fans have lost their last excuse to whine.  Well, until the Bruins go another couple decades without a Cup.

    Posted by thehim  on  10/27  at  09:25 PM
  16. Posted by michaela  on  10/27  at  11:14 PM
  17. Red Sox Nation has yearned to be a normal country.  But exceptional, too!  And now it is both.

    Ok, so it was anticlimactic.  After the last couple of games, a 3-0 lead felt like 10-0.  The Cardinals were that ineffectual.  And while the whining may stop (maybe), not much else will, for better and worse.  Baseball madness runs too deep in New England for one trouncing of the Yankees to suffice (one championship will likely do for a little while, though - priorities, after all.)

    I would like to have a championship celebration that didn’t involve tear gas, though.  Anyway, Pats-Steelers this Sunday, should be a big game…

    Posted by Miguel Sanchez  on  10/28  at  01:17 AM
  18. Obviously you have not considered all the facts.  Consider the identity of the folks who own the Cards.  Consider their relationship to Mr. Bush.  Consider whether the gods could have provided a better omen than a 4-0 sweep of the Cards.

    Posted by Pudentilla  on  10/28  at  04:16 AM
  19. Michael- The parade’s on Saturday and I feel DAMN good.

    Now I can be a productive, normal person during the month of October, instead of a drooling, paranoid freak waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    And after the Yankees series, I couldn’t TAKE anymore high-stakes drama.  Literally, it woulda been the death of many a Sox fan were the Cardinals to make a comeback.

    Anyway, thanks to St. Louis for being such gracious hosts.  And don’t be too depressed!  You’re one starting pitcher away from winning it next year grin

    Posted by Brad Reed  on  10/28  at  09:52 AM
  20. The Red Sox may now actually see a decline in fandon as those who proclaim them Red Sox’s fans to take on some false Calvinist persona.  Doris Kearns Goodwin, I’m looking at you.

    Posted by  on  10/28  at  10:25 AM
  21. In 1918, the last time the Red Sox won the World Series, we were overseas fighting a war entirely for financial gain, influenza was front-page news and our President was a Bible-quoting, bigot-appeasing product of the Ivy League.

    Ah, progress!

    Posted by  on  10/28  at  03:50 PM
  22. seriously, Josh Marshall deserves a Pulitzer.  Hands Down.  (what’s a pulitzer again?)

    Posted by  on  10/28  at  09:13 PM
  23. As I life-long Yankee hating NYer, of the sort that never forgave the Yankees for being one of the very last teams to integrate when the Brooklyn Dodgers were one of the very first, and who remembers that the convicted felon Steinbrenner is a die hard Republican and that the # 1 Yankee fan is Rudy Guiliani, I relished the Yankee defeat. Hell, I even liked the Red Sox for a moment or two until the schmuck Shilling endorsed Bush. Now I am back to my Mets.

    Posted by  on  10/29  at  10:03 AM
  24. Posted by  on  10/29  at  08:08 PM
  25. You know, a month and few days later and I can honestly say that I feel just as happy today as I did at 11:40 on 10/27.  Saying “2000” to bemused Yankee hat wearers is still fun—actually, that one’s going to be fun on opening day, too.  All is well in RSN.  We’re still here, we’re still passionate, we’re still crazed and obsessed, and every once in a while I still tear up.

    Posted by  on  11/30  at  07:28 PM





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