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This sports-lovin’ blog would like to take a few minutes away from its day-long academic-committee meetings to congratulate the White Stockings of Chicago on their epochal and possibly apocalypse-inducing victory in the World Series.  (I am typing these words in midtown Manhattan, where the value of the area of real estate Juan Uribe covered in making those final two putouts is over ten trillion dollars.) Hearty cheers to the White Sox and their dozens—nay, hundreds—of loyal fans.  You truly deserved this one.

And now we can finally get around to inducting Shoeless Joe into the Hall of Fame.

Posted by on 10/27 at 07:47 AM
  1. I think I’m going to put some money down on the Cubs for 2006.  It seems to be the way things are working.

    Posted by PSoTD  on  10/27  at  09:21 AM
  2. I wouldn’t do that, PSoTD.  The Cubs’ curse is precisely to watch every other cursed team win the Series, one after the other.

    Posted by Michael  on  10/27  at  11:24 AM
  3. Michael - don’t worry, it won’t be a LOT of money…

    Posted by PSoTD  on  10/27  at  12:08 PM
  4. For those of you who listened on radio or didn’t get the right TV coverage, H.W. & Barbara Bush were in the audience.  After coming back from commerical after the game win the cameras showed their faces so-so disappointed.

    To say that watching my hometown group of Polish guys with awesome names, a sampler of Hispanic ethnicities and a Japanese guy, all lead by a fiesty Venezuelan, march over their blue-blooded faces was the icing on my chicago south-side cake.

    god bless us all.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  01:04 PM
  5. I really didn’t have a dog in this hunt, but when I saw THOSE TWO there, I became an instant Chisox fan. Way to go, Pale Hose! And yes, it’s time Shoeless Joe got some justice.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  01:33 PM
  6. "For those of you who listened on radio or didn’t get the right TV coverage, H.W. & Barbara Bush were in the audience.  After coming back from commerical after the game win the cameras showed their faces so-so disappointed.”

    I went out to watch the game at the United Center in chicago with about 2,000 other sox fans and the Bushes got more BOOOOS and HISSSES when their faces popped up than the St. Louis Blues when they come into town.

    What was funny is that it was clear that no one was booing because they disliked George I’s policys as President (or probably even cared to think about them) but simply because him and Barbara were responsible for the inception of George II. 

    But in the end a Booo is a Booo, and the sox won a world series. At least some things work out.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  02:14 PM
  7. If we’re already looking ahead to cursed/underachieving teams that finally get over the hump next year, how ‘bout them Phils? On the one hand they have some good players, they got rid of the general manager who’s made some really bad moves over the last few years, and the town practically feeds on its own misery at failing at the last minute (kind of like Boston...yeah!).

    On the other hand, they are the Phightin’ Phils, and if they make the World Series there’s always the chance that Senator Man-on-Beast-Sex Santorum (sure to be in a vicious campaign and desperate for any media attention) will be in the stands to earn some boos and jinx the team…

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  02:40 PM
  8. The Philadelphia sports curse was lifted when Frank Rizzo stopped being mayor.  The Phillies and 76ers won titles shortly thereafter.  Any lack of success after that has not been of supernatural origin.  The Flyers thrived under the Rizzo regime, but of course, they were evil.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  02:56 PM
  9. I guess the next curse that will be broken is that of 1948 and the Indians.  For the cubs to win or even get there.  there are still a couple of teams ahead. The Rangers born Nats.  The Nats born Expos. the Brewers born Pilots, The mariners, the Rockies and lets not forget Tampa Bay.  It will happen and do not cubs fans love to complain almost as much as Red sox fans.

    Posted by  on  10/27  at  02:58 PM
  10. To hell with the Sox. I’m here to collect my head fake award.

    Posted by Roxanne  on  10/27  at  04:09 PM
  11. Baseball is the sport of kings. It is the true emblem of America in the world. It is like a poem on a sunny day, a song in our heart, and a dream for a better tomorrow.

    Now onto football, dammit.

    Posted by Bob Davis  on  10/27  at  04:43 PM
  12. There’s no head fake, Roxanne!  I’ll post that Jamie followup if I have a spare hour (as opposed to the spare ten minutes I had this morning, for this little thing).

    Posted by Michael  on  10/27  at  05:07 PM
  13. While I’m very much looking forward to Part II of the Jamie story, “head fake” is in reference to your Miers post of a couple of weeks ago.

    Posted by Roxanne  on  10/27  at  05:44 PM
  14. possibly apocalypse-inducing victory

    No, no.  That will be when (when, dammit!) the Cubs win.

    Posted by Shakespeare's Sister  on  10/27  at  07:18 PM
  15. “head fake” is in reference to your Miers post of a couple of weeks ago.

    Oh, that head fake.  Yep, you were right, Rox—and hey, guess what?  I can already see Janice Rogers Brown waiting in the wings.  On the other hand, Miers’s reference to the “proportional representation requirement of the equal protection clause” bears out my suggestion that as a Justice she would have been offered a series of radical-left reinterpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    So really, we’re both right.

    Posted by Michael  on  10/27  at  10:50 PM
  16. yay shoeless joe! yay white sox! yay black sox! yay throwing the series! wait a sec . . .

    Posted by  on  10/28  at  12:58 PM
  17. I don’t think the Astros threw the series!  Well, maybe Brad Lidge.  But not Biggio, man.

    Posted by Michael  on  10/28  at  01:28 PM
  18. Also inducted the same year as Shoeless Joe will be Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Posted by  on  10/28  at  01:35 PM
  19. Not to change the subject, or anything, but I hope everyone’s seen the news. They got Scooter! And the “Brain” is still not out of the woods.

    Posted by  on  10/28  at  04:29 PM
  20. Yay, Sox!  I have the bad luck of being a Braves fan, but when I lived in the midwest, I learned to appreciate the Sox second place in second city status.

    I think Steve’s probably right--the Indians will be the next hexbusters to win a Series.

    Posted by Chuck  on  10/28  at  06:04 PM
  21. Making a trip to Boston to see a game at Fenway. The game is Saturday, but we’re looking for a good, Red Sox bar to catch the game Friday night at.

    Posted by Square one condos  on  07/25  at  01:54 PM





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