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Weekend update

Thing one:  the mysterious Talking Dog has another one of his wonderful interviews—this one with Dr. David Nicholl, the neurologist who was the lead signatory of a recent letter in The Lancet protesting the force-feeding of hunger-striking detainees in Guantánamo.

Thing two:  for those of you interested in the future of academic publishing, Kathleen Fitzpatrick has more information on ElectraPress and the upcoming (April 24) meeting in which a bunch of people who know their way around digital texts will begin talking about the architecture of electronic publication and peer review and such matters.

Thing three:  while visiting KF’s place, I noticed that she thanked me for picking Iona over LSU in round one, thus indirectly propelling LSU over Duke on Thursday night and into the Elite Eight.  You’re quite welcome, Kathleen and Tiger fans everywhere, and I hope you will protect me from my new neighbors in Durham.  And I’m very glad I stayed up last night to watch U Conn come back to beat U Dub in overtime, because that gives me two—yes, two—teams in the Elite Eight.  My brackets are so destroyed that I’ve decided to root for George Mason the rest of the way.

Thing four:  Koufax voting closes tomorrow night.  There’s this category and that category and another category, and that’s all I care about.  We shall leave the “most humorous” awards to those who are truly humorous, and the less said about those unsavory Cobbs, the better.

Posted by on 03/25 at 08:03 AM
  1. I notice that two of my heros, Ed Ayers from Univ of Virginia and David Levy of U W (local huskies rock regardless of UConn), are not listed among the participants in the Future of the Book.  Both have worked hard on the digital future of text, as well as Lawrence Lessig.  Still many of those who are on the list are really excellent in their own right, and we all could use more of these efforts to be happening across the planet.

    Posted by  on  03/25  at  04:23 PM
  2. I’m claiming alumni rooting privileges for GMU, since I (somehow) was allowed to attend a couple of poli-sci classes there between my junior and senior years of high school (1967).  At the time it had four under-construction buildings and a couple of parking lots.  My, how it’s grown.  30,000 students?

    Posted by Linkmeister  on  03/25  at  06:59 PM
  3. Go Gators.

    Posted by  on  03/26  at  02:44 AM
  4. Propelling LSU past Duke is indeed a worthy accomplishment. You could’ve stopped there, but no, you had to go and propel them all the way past Texas. Was that necessary? Why’d you have to go and wake up those two young inside monsters?

    Posted by  on  03/26  at  03:58 PM
  5. Merci pour la shout-out…

    GMU 86 UConn 84.  The end might very well be nigh with that kind of an upset.

    Posted by the talking dog  on  03/26  at  06:17 PM
  6. Linkmeister---when it was a UVA satellite campus?  I’m a GMU alum, and I can’t tell you how happy I was to see them beat UCONN after Calhoun whined about their homecourt advantage on national TV. A one seed complaining about an 11?  The nerve.

    Posted by myrna the minx  on  03/26  at  07:55 PM
  7. Myrna, I honestly don’t remember whether it was called a UVa satellite campus or not.  I think I got a C in one class and a D in the other, so I never tried to transfer the credit (if I was awarded any as a HS student).  Thus I have no contemporaneous documents from the school which might tell us one way or the other.

    I remember riding my Italian-made Harley-nameplated 50cc motorbike down Braddock Road from Annandale to Fairfax every day (or maybe every other day) for those classes, feeling very grown up.  A junior in HS, taking college classes! wink

    My mother and I were each on the edges of our seats this afternoon watching that game.  Letting that kid drive the baseline at the end of regulation almost gave me a heart attack, but it all turned out OK at the end.

    Posted by Linkmeister  on  03/27  at  02:39 AM
  8. I keep telling you to get behind the Florida Gators. Sheesh! No one can stop the great Jo Kim Noah. George Mason (now known as Neo-Con Univ.) is going down Saturday.

    Gators will win it all.

    Posted by  on  03/27  at  03:49 AM
  9. Anything that helps the Dukies lose is all right in my book.  At the begining of March Madness all the smart people were predicting that the Final Four had a great chance of being all 1 seeds. Guess what? Not a #1 to be seen! Even if GMU is a hot bed of the neo-cons, as a person of the left I feel compelled to support the little guy, and GMU are about as little as they come (at least as far as the Final Four).

    Posted by  on  03/27  at  09:23 AM
  10. I think it’s only the law school that’s Neo-Con U, but I could be wrong.

    Posted by Linkmeister  on  03/27  at  01:57 PM
  11. Seth Farber / Talking Dog is hardly mysterious. He works in Manhattan and lives in Brooklyn and is quite a friendly fellow.

    Posted by John Emerson  on  03/31  at  02:49 PM
  12. And you’re perfectly OK with revealing his secret identity, just like that, Mr. Emerson?  Fine.  Why don’t you tell us the real identities of Spiderman and The Flash while you’re at it, huh?

    I’ve met Seth twice.  Peter Parker and Barry Allen, never.

    Posted by Michael  on  03/31  at  03:26 PM
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  15. Hi was reading over your post and I am going to assume Iona means Iowa. In either case how could you pick Iowa or even LSU for that matter.

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    Posted by Brands  on  03/23  at  02:08 PM
  16. LSU has been a power team recently and I’m surprised you went with the choice you did.

    Posted by Acai  on  05/22  at  09:48 AM
  17. Definitely need to support LSU, if they were good enough for shaq, they are good enough for me.

    Posted by Indie  on  07/21  at  08:34 AM
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