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ABF Friday:  Prediction time!

Тханкс то Кенян-Индонесиан оперативе Барацк Хуссеин ал-Обама, ве вилл алл бе блоггинг ин Руссиан оне еар фром нов.

Posted by on 09/18 at 09:50 AM
  1. K sozhaleniyu, ya poka ne govoryu po russki.

    Posted by Sherman Dorn  on  09/18  at  11:04 AM
  2. Shouldn’t this* be in Arabic?

    *Antecedent being both the post and my comment.

    Posted by SEK  on  09/18  at  11:10 AM
  3. أنتم الحق العربي لن تجدي نفعا, افضل من ذلك كله لا أحد يمكنه أن يقرأ لنا الحكومة ذلك, لأن جميع المترجمين باللغة العربية Gay تمت تنقية

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  11:18 AM
  4. Oooooo! Are these dwarf runes?

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  11:28 AM
  5. Yes, Chasman—they say “speak, friend, and enter.” Or something like that.

    Actually they’re what the Internets Arabic Translator gave me when I typed in “you’re right, Arabic would make sense—and best of all, no one in the US government can read this, because all the gay Arabic translators have been purged.” Much fun!

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  11:33 AM
  6. Actually they’re what the Internets Arabic Translator gave me

    So then, what do you think they actually say?

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  11:49 AM
  7. I think they say, “comrades!  brothers!  when the missile shield is gone, then is our time to strike.” Though I don’t know what the word “gay” is doing there.  Probably a code name for Ahmadinejad.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  11:59 AM
  8. Geez, can’t we just offer up our favorite punchlines to jokes?

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  12:14 PM
  9. So I bit him.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  12:42 PM
  10. In communist/socialist/fascist/anarcho-syndicalist ObAmerica, Babelfish is endangered species.

    Posted by Gary Oxford  on  09/18  at  12:47 PM
  11. But this one’s eating my popcorn!

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  01:00 PM
  12. The knocking speeds up.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  01:05 PM
  13. Ouch, that wrong transliteration of “Barack” hurts my eyes. What’s written in the post is pronounced “baratsk”. Those evil commies can’t/won’t even spell the US president’s name correctly! This means WAR!

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  01:06 PM
  14. That’s the way it’s spelled on the real birth certificate, Christian.  Just ask Camille Paglia.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  01:13 PM
  15. But first, roo-roo.

    Posted by Orange  on  09/18  at  02:04 PM
  16. I’ll bet ACORN advised Baratsk to do this.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  02:15 PM
  17. If there’s any more talk of ACORN and Baratsk I’ll post James Taranto’s picture in these comments.  And you don’t want that.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  02:47 PM
  18. Well, I ran the original post back through the translator from Commie to ‘Mercan and got this:

    Kenyan-Indonesian operatives Baratsk Hossein al-Obama, ve villas APL Be Blogging Russian Institute ONET eap Frome new.

    Which is not making whole lots of senses, comrad.

    Anyway, “No sir, because it belongs to the man behind me, sir.”

    Captcha: least, as in: I could do.

    Posted by jazzbumpa  on  09/18  at  03:18 PM
  19. And exactly what part of “ve villas APL Be Blogging Russian Institute ONET eap Frome new” don’t you understand, jazzbumpa?

    Look, the message is simple:  without a credible missile shield, the United States is defenseless against Putin rearing his head.  Especially now that Governor Palin is off the Aleutian watch.  So:  brush up your Cyrillic now, folks.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  03:35 PM
  20. OK.  If you’re going to pin me down, “ve villas APL” and “ONET eap Frome new” are a bit obskursk.

    Maybe I’m just out of touch with abbreviations, and things that look sort of Faux-Frenchified,

    But, I will take your recommendation to heart, and become fast friends with Cyril.


    Captca: nuclear, as in the erstwhile defense system

    Posted by jazzbumpa  on  09/18  at  03:47 PM
  21. I smell another blog name change coming...or a return to the ginormous Putin head at a minimum.

    captcha “both” as in why not both Chavez and Putin arm in arm?

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  06:58 PM
  22. Just in time for Talk Like A Russian Pirate Day
    яяяяяяяяя, matey.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  07:13 PM
  23. I smell another blog name change coming...or a return to the ginormous Putin head at a minimum.

    It is about that time, isn’t it.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  08:36 PM
  24. Did you hear about how Medvedev has to stand on stools so that his head floats with Putin’s in pictures???? Though he is not quite as petite as Sarkozy.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  08:49 PM
  25. ABF prediction:

    Obama atatumia pesa uso missile kulipa fidia ya Black Americans

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  08:51 PM
  26. Yes, Chasman—they say “speak, friend, and enter.”

    Er, the inscription on the western doors into Khazad-dûm was written in Fëanorian script, not Dwarf runes.  You were obviously thinking of the old joke, “Who is buried in Balin’s tomb?"*

    ve villas APL

    Which clearly means “we use APL in your houses.” And APL is the most elitist, evil programming language ever devised.  An excellent match for Baratsk in executing his plan to reprogram conservative Americans.

    Geez, can’t we just offer up our favorite punchlines to jokes?

    And Chomsky says “Of course this is a joke, but you’re telling it wrong!”

    *Yes, yes, those runes were originally devised by Daeron, and modified by the Dwarves.  Don’t be so pedantic, people.

    Posted by  on  09/18  at  09:50 PM
  27. TXAHKC? With all these letters, why couldn’t Cyrillic have carried over theta, even if the Slavs don’t use it?

    Posted by  on  09/19  at  04:03 AM
  28. I’m off traveling in the future Upper Great Lakes Oblast and Autonomous Region so I need an extension on my paper have no idea what you’re all on about.

    Posted by  on  09/19  at  06:41 AM
  29. My captcha is “stop”.

    I think there may be a message there.

    Posted by  on  09/19  at  11:48 AM
  30. As I read the article linked to in the post, I was struck by the Ronald Reagan quote to the effect that of the four wars in his lifetime (up to that point, I presume), none had been caused by the US being too strong. 

    I wonder if he would still say that today.  For the current Iraq war, I think it is hard to argue that having unused military capacity--or “strength,” as the conservatives call it--was a necessary precondition for the war, as the phrase “war of choice” implies.

    Posted by  on  09/19  at  12:42 PM
  31. why not both Chavez and Putin arm in arm?

    El Señor Presidente Chávez prefiere no compartir su espacio aéreo.

    Posted by d  on  09/19  at  04:13 PM
  32. "So the first muffin says, ‘Holy smoke!  A talking muffin!”

    “Because if it had four doors, it would be a chicken sedan.”

    “What kind of soup is it?”

    “Ah, but who do you think invented the chaos?”

    “Just one.  But the lightbulb has to really WANT to change.”

    “Nowhere.  You don’t bury survivors.”

    “Where were you when the fit hit the Shan?”

    Posted by  on  09/19  at  08:33 PM
  33. "That was a barbituate.”

    Posted by  on  09/19  at  08:36 PM
  34. No, that’s just frost on my mustache.

    Posted by  on  09/19  at  10:05 PM
  35. `It’s the policy known as “Shad rack in me shack, or a bed no go!”’

    Posted by  on  09/19  at  10:31 PM
  36. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s just gibberish. Gibberish of an insane person.

    Posted by  on  09/20  at  08:37 AM
  37. Ah, keyboard translit! But why did the ы (or possibly й) disappear from “year”?

    (The х in thanks bothers me more than the extra in Barack.)

    Posted by The Ridger  on  09/20  at  05:30 PM
  38. I have no idea.  But maybe the transliterator was telling me that we will all be blogging in Russian one ear from now—in which case see JPRS’s comment above.

    Posted by  on  09/20  at  08:38 PM
  39. Michael, I, like the rest of the world, am definitely going to need some disability-studies related analysis of the extremely dark yet undeniably hilarious turning point in the latest Mad Men episode.

    Posted by  on  09/20  at  11:00 PM
  40. "Pay him for the pizza!”

    Posted by  on  09/21  at  01:45 AM
  41. "No.  The brick.”

    in which case see JPRS’s comment above.

    Oh, I see JPRS’s comment every time I peek at my analyst’s notes.

    Posted by  on  09/21  at  10:29 AM
  42. Are these Russian words?

    Posted by Chastity  on  04/20  at  11:40 PM





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