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Hello American Airspace readers!  This is Stanley Kurtz of the National Review.* I suppose you’re all wondering why I haven’t written anything on the Internet since early November of last year, when I posted “What We Know About Obama” and “Senator Stealth,” a pair of groundbreaking essays that culminated my months of painstaking research into Obama’s decades of training for ACORNist jihad, his time in the “New Party,” a radical-left splinter group dedicated to the violent overthrow of American democracy, his indoctrination into the Gamaliel Foundation’s separatist, anti-American theology of liberation, and his missing senior thesis at Columbia—all of which explains the so-called “financial crisis” he and his cronies have engineered in order to catapult him to power.  As my original research showed, “the Gamaliel Foundation was founded in Chicago in 1968 to assist the Contract Buyers League, which worked to assist African-American home buyers in the city’s West Side.” It’s all there in plain sight: the plot to destroy the American financial industry by channeling funds to losers and deadbeats—hatched, appropriately, in 1968, the year Obama met Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Malcolm X in a sleeper cell in Hyde Park, the very place to which Obama mysteriously returned years later as a so-called “law professor.”

So why the silence?  Some people say I was too depressed by the election of this fringe-radical figure to the Presidency; others fear, with good reason, that Obama had me targeted for elimination, just as he’s now targeting the beleaguered (but unfathomably brave) Rick Santelli.  The truth, however, is that I have been engaged in further intensive study of Dreams from My Father, and that some of my efforts have been necessitated by the regrettable fact that a few of my conservative colleagues have been saying some very questionable things about this most revealing book.  Why, even my friends here at the National Review have entertained Jack Cashill’s preposterous claim that Obama’s first book was actually ghost-written by Bill Ayers.  That’s just crazy talk.  We absolutely have to be more rigorous and discriminating in dealing with this elusive, shape-shifting trickster figure who now occupies—however unjustly—the Oval Office.

Take, for example, the oft-cited passage from the introduction:

When people who don’t know me well, black or white, discover my background (and it usually is a discovery, as I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites), I see the split-second adjustments they have to make, the searching of my eyes for some telltale sign. They no longer know who I am. Privately, they guess at my troubled heart, I suppose—the mixed blood, the divided soul, the ghostly image of the tragic mulatto trapped between two worlds. And if I were to explain that no, the tragedy is not mine, or at least not mine alone, it is yours, sons and daughters of Plymouth Rock and Ellis Island, it is yours, children of Africa, it is the tragedy of both my wife’s six-year-old cousin and his white first grade classmates, so that you need not guess at what troubles me, it’s on the nightly news for all to see, and that if we could acknowledge at least that much then the tragic cycle begins to break down . . . well, I suspect that I sound incurably naive, wedded to lost hopes, like those Communists who peddle their newspapers on the fringes of various college towns. Or worse, I sound like I’m trying to hide from myself.

Here’s how some of my colleagues have dealt with this passage: they take the line “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites,” and they follow it with “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.” That’s not right.  The second line is taken largely from Steve Sailer’s judicious and perceptive review of the book, not from the book itself.  Last year, that fabricated quote made its way around the world as part of our ambitious under-the-radar e-mail smear campaigns.  Clearly, it was intended to inflame racial animosities by attributing those animosities to Obama himself; and with millions of voters—though not quite enough voters—it seems to have done the trick.  Now, don’t get me wrong:  I have nothing against fanning racial animosities by way of e-mail smear campaigns, which is why I didn’t criticize this fabrication at the time.  But now that the worst has happened despite our best efforts, and “President” Obama has begun to implement his stealth program, I think it is time for conservatives to review their tactics, and return to the forms of textual manipulation that have served us so well in the past.

Besides, as conservatives, we should be working to maintain high intellectual standards.  Apparently, the Internet allows anyone to “check” fabrications like this, and apparently some people actually go to the trouble of doing it.  That just makes us look bad in the end.  We don’t need to make up new sentences!  We don’t need to add anything at all.  The way to deal with upstarts and frauds like Obama is not to put more words in, but rather to take words out.  Thus, “I suspect that I sound incurably naive, wedded to lost hopes, like those Communists who peddle their newspapers on the fringes of various college towns” becomes

I suspect that I sound . . . like those Communists who peddle their newspapers on the fringes of various college towns.

There’s no “plausible deniability” there, because Barack Hussein Obama, General Secretary of the ACORN Income and Property Redistribution Program, wrote every word.

Similarly, when Obama writes “even the trauma of bank failures and farm foreclosures seemed romantic when spun through the loom of my grandparents’ memories” (13), the proper, conservative thing to do is to trim this down to “bank failures and farm foreclosures seemed romantic.” That passage, in turn, can be used to explain why Obama joined the Galadriel Foundation and, together with Bill Ayers, Fr. Michael Pfleger, and Marcus Garvey, began to implement a three-decade “slow dipping device” plan to destroy the U.S. banking and housing industries: as he himself admits, he was, and remains, an incurably naive Communist who finds bank failures and farm foreclosures romantic.

The most damning passage in Dreams from My Father, however, deals with Obama’s shadowy arrival in New York City.  From the opening of chapter six:

I spent my first night in Manhattan curled up in an alleyway. It wasn’t intentional; while still in L.A., I had heard that a friend of a friend would be vacating her apartment in Spanish Harlem, near Columbia, and that given New York’s real estate market I’d better grab it while I could. An agreement was reached; I wired ahead with the date of my August arrival; and after dragging my luggage through the airport, the subways, Times Square, and across 109th from Broadway to Amsterdam, I finally stood at the door, a few minutes past ten P.M.

I pressed the buzzer repeatedly, but no one answered. The street was empty, the buildings on either side boarded up, a bulk of rectangular shadows. Eventually, a young Puerto Rican woman emerged from the building, throwing a nervous look my way before heading down the street. I rushed to catch the door before it slammed shut, and, pulling my luggage behind me, proceeded upstairs to knock, and then bang, on the apartment door. Again, no answer, just a sound down the hall of a deadbolt thrown into place.

New York. Just like I pictured it. (113)

What jumps out about this passage?  One thing, certainly, is the baldfaced lie in the first sentence; for as one astute conservative blog has pointed out, “there aren’t any alleys in Manhattan.” Advantage, blogosphere!  (That blog, “Sweetness and Light,” has recently been named CPAC’s Blogger of the Year for 2009—and I should add that the citizen journalists of S&L are singularly discerning political commentators in their own right.) But the final sentence is arguably even more important. “New York.  Just like I pictured it.” It’s not merely a sneering, dismissive line about a great city that was viciously attacked by murderous fanatics, uttered by a callow youth who had spent his first twenty years jetting from Hawaii to Indonesia to Los Angeles; it’s also, crucially, evidence of plagiarism.

Yes, plagiarism.  Incredible as it may sound, the American people were basically hornswoggled by the liberal media into electing Ward Churchill as their President.

For as I have discovered after spending almost four months researching this seemingly insignificant passage, the phrase “New York.  Just like I pictured it” actually derives from a 1973 song written by Stevie Wonder, called “Living for the City.” The line in question has been mysteriously expunged from official Internet transcripts of the song’s lyrics, but my research has revealed quite clearly that this line is spoken by the protagonist of the song, an unnamed black man from Mississippi who is subsequently sentenced to ten years in prison for drug dealing.

No doubt Obama counted on the “stealth” aspect of this obscure song and felt secure in the belief that no one would ever pursue the matter so far as to reveal its source.  But after spending almost four months researching this seemingly insignificant passage, and after spending almost four months researching this seemingly insignificant passage, four months researching this seemingly insignificant passage, I have uncovered ironclad evidence that should bring down the illegitimate Obama presidency, and end for once and for all its bloody reign of romantic-Communist terror.

I have alerted Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times to my findings, and since he has lately been a beacon of light and sanity as the Obama hordes seek to shroud all in murk, I have every reason to believe that this important issue will soon receive the full-court-press treatment it deserves.

I thank Michael Bérubé for the use of his blog and for the opportunity to address you today.  And I ask you to spread the word far and wide, so that we can initiate impeachment proceedings with all deliberate speed.

* This is not true.  This post was not really written by Stanley Kurtz of the National Review.  And Lee Siegel never really guest-blogged here, either.  Alas.

Posted by on 02/24 at 10:02 AM
  1. Malcolm X lives!

    Posted by Bulworth  on  02/24  at  11:21 AM
  2. Heh.  Indeed.  And Marcus say—Sir Marcus say, red for the blood that flowed like the river; Marcus say—Sir Marcus say, green for the land, Africa.  Marcus say, yellow for the gold that they stole; Sir Marcus say, Black for the people it was looted from.

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  11:45 AM
  3. Mr. Kurtz I just wanted to personally apologize for all the Obamabots here in Chicago who viciously attacked you during your appearance on Milt Rosenberg’s radio show here. It was perhaps the most blatant recent example of the fact that the left, while pretending to believe in free speech, wants nothing of the kind. I am fairly certain that this was the TIPPING POINT in the election and had you been able to present your evidence, we would be all breathing a sigh of relief under President McCain. Thank God people like you are working to keep the airwaves free for Limbaugh, Hannity, and Drudge. I can’t wait to hear your testimony at the impeachment trial.

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  11:45 AM
  4. Thank you, Elliot.  I believe my colleague Michael Barone called this phenomenon by its proper name back in October.

    We are all thugocrats now.

    Posted by Mr. Kurtz  on  02/24  at  11:53 AM
  5. You know Stan. I am deeply deeply comforted by the fact that you and Michael Barone seem so clinically indistinguishable from one another. It further convinces me of the correctness of your/his thought process.

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  02:48 PM
  6. And Lee Siegel never really guest-blogged here, either. Alas.

    Lee Siegel on the grass, alas.
    Lee Siegel on the grass, alas;
    Short longer grass short longer short longer shorter yellow grass. Lee Siegel.
    Large Lee Siegel on the shorter longer yellow grass alas Lee Siegel on the grass.
    If it was not Lee Siegel who was it?”

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  02:58 PM
  7. That Andrew Malcolm link is wild.  The original post has a video of Alan Keyes frothing at the mouth about the First Commie and the mysterious circumstances of his birth, and while most of the comments on the post use words like “nutjob”, some of them are spectacular instances of tinfoil-hat obsession with detail, e.g. about sub-sub-clauses in the Hawaii state constitution (or something - TL; DR, as the saying goes).  Fans of the genre will want to check it out.

    captcha: “told,” as in “Alan Keyes told you, but you didn’t listen, and now here we are in the gulag.”

    Posted by Dave Maier  on  02/24  at  03:42 PM
  8. Holy crap!

    I sure wish I had known the truth about all this stuff before I voted!

    Oh, ignorance is a cruel mistress.  Fortunately, she’s perky and attractive.  So there’s that.  But cruel.

    Anyway, I also heard that Dreams from My Father actually contains less than 10% real dreams!

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  03:56 PM
  9. While there may not be alleys in Manhattan, there are skyscrapers. And everything.

    Captcha: “showed” as in “what was in the bag I was to run across the street right quick, he never”

    Posted by John Protevi  on  02/24  at  06:09 PM
  10. actually contains less than 10% real dreams!

    And even then most of the things in those dreams never really happened! Deception of deceptions, all is deception.

    More seriously, this shit is going to go Vince Foster throughout his entire adminstration. Next thing you know, Senator Richard Shelby will be running tests on a printing press in his garage. A co-worker went to a dinner with some Repubs (not the craziest, but tapped into the noise machine) and she was greeted with “What do you think of King Hussein?” (I had not heard that one). She says they were already at about Clinton Code Red 1995.

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  06:11 PM
  11. Stan is right on target----- except for one, very big mistake. “New York. Just like I pictured it.” was plagarized from an Eddie Murphy movie about an AFRICAN KING coming to NY.  Clearly, it reveals Obama’s intention to establish an AFRICAN COMMUNIST MONARCHY in the land of the free.

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  06:11 PM
  12. from February Harper’s… Mark Slouka’s lead editorial commentary:

    Seen from a sufficient distance (a decade abroad, for example), or viewed through a protective filter, like film, or alcohol, there can be something almost endearing about it. It can appear quaint, part of our foolish-but- authentic, naive-yet-sincere, rough-hewn spirit. Up close and personal, unromanticized and unfiltered, it’s another thing entirely. In the flesh, barking from the electronic pulpit or braying back from the audience, our ignorance can be sobering. We don’t know. Or much care. Or care to know.

    What do we care about? We care about auto racing and Jessica. We care about food, oh yes, please, very much. And money. (Did you catch the last episode of I Love Money?) We care about Jesus, though we’re a bit vague on his teachings. And America. We care about America. And the flag. And the troops, though we’re untroubled by the fact that the Bush Administration lied us into the conflict, then spent years figuring out that armor in war might be a good idea. Did I mention money?

    Here’s the mirror—look and wince. One out of every four of us believes we’ve been reincarnated; 44 percent of us believe in ghosts; 71 percent, in angels. Forty percent of us believe God created all things in their present form sometime during the last 10,000 years. Nearly the same number—not coincidentally, perhaps—are functionally illiterate. Twenty percent think the sun might revolve around the earth. When one of us writes a book explaining that our offspring are bored and disruptive in class because they have an indigo “vibrational aura” that means they are a gifted race sent to this planet to change our consciousness with the help of guides from a higher world, half a million of us rush to the bookstores to lay our money down.

    Santelli is, by far, the best choice for the next FarSide cartoon in the long running series, UNCLEAR ON THE CONCEPT!  Of course all of us really do want to live next door to AIG, across the street from Citigroup, and down the block from Ford and GM.  Because, you know, they are our downtrodden neighbors who are getting a few trillion from us.  Screw that poor family, they don’t know anything anyway.

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  08:35 PM
  13. “New York. Just like I pictured it.” was plagarized from an Eddie Murphy movie about an AFRICAN KING coming to NY. 

    Quite true!  I will relay this information to Mr. Kurtz.  It’s especially relevant to his research insofar as the Eddie Murphy African Communist character actually comes to Queens, where, as I can tell you from my childhood, there are no alleys whatsoever.  Which makes Obama at once a double liar and a double-secret plagiarist.

    More seriously, this shit is going to go Vince Foster throughout his entire adminstration.

    Yep, that pretty much is the whole entire Point of this Post.  While the glibertarians go John Galt, the lunatics will go Vince Foster, and they’re already at Code Red, as you say.  And we’re only seven weeks in!  We’ll be dealing with Code WTF Gamma Ray or Some Shit by October at the latest.

    Posted by Michael  on  02/24  at  10:43 PM
  14. I’m cautiously hopeful considering recent polls that suggest John Q. Public is not buying into the Code Red lunacy act. I’m hopeful that John won’t be fooled again. I’m cautious because John’s attention span is notoriously short.

    Posted by  on  02/24  at  11:08 PM
  15. Could we start spelling it ‘Jackass Hill’? Thanks.

    Posted by Michael Drake  on  02/24  at  11:11 PM
  16. They’ve been spending most their lives
    Living in a pastime paradise
    They’ve been wasting most their time
    Glorifying days long gone behind
    They’ve been wasting most their days
    In remembrance of ignorance oldest praise

    Posted by  on  02/25  at  12:09 AM
  17. "vacating her apartment in Spanish Harlem, near Columbia,”

    Ha!  Spanish Harlem is on the east side of Manhattan, nowhere near Columbia! 

    But seriously, Obama does tell us precisely where he was going - Amsterdam and 109th (a part of Harlem that is Spanish-speaking, though not “Spanish Harlem") - and through the magic of Google maps (including that little yellow fellow) we can see that there are walkways between some of the buildings on that block.  Doesn’t surprise me, because I’ve been on blocks not too far from there that have similar walkways. 

    PS- there are in fact a number of alleys in Manhattan.  Mostly in lower Manhattan, a few in Harlem around 145th.  None near Amsterdam and 109th, which is why Obama must have slept in a walkway, not a true alley.

    Posted by  on  02/25  at  01:16 AM
  18. which is why Obama must have slept in a walkway, not a true alley And therefor must be impeached. QED.

    Posted by  on  02/25  at  02:33 AM
  19. Thanks for carrying on my campaign against the Usurper, American Airspace commenters!  But let’s not lose sight of the big picture.  It’s not about the alleyway—it’s about the lying.

    Posted by Mr. Kurtz  on  02/25  at  09:09 AM
  20. The scandal gets worse and worse: it turns out Obama stole one of his favorite phrases from the last verse of “1979” by the Smashing Pumpkins (who like Obama are from Chicago.) He did not invent the phrase “the urgency of now”; Billy Corgan did:

    “Justine never knew the rules,

    Hung down with the freaks and the ghouls

    No apologies ever need be made, I know you better than you fake it

    To see that we don’t even care to shake these zipper blues

    And we don’t know just where our bones will rest

    To dust I guess

    Forgotten and absorbed into the earth below

    The street heats the urgency of now

    As you see there’s no one around”

    That is one thing you could say about George W. Bush: his phrases were unique to him.  He combined words in ways which no one else had ever done before.

    Posted by Timothy Horrigan  on  02/25  at  11:51 AM
  21. And we’re only seven weeks in!

    Now I’m beginning to worry that the strain is telling on you, Michael.  On my calendar it’s only 5 1/2 weeks in, and that’s if we start counting from when the family arrived in D.C.

    Posted by Nell  on  02/25  at  09:07 PM
  22. A week is five days, Nell.  We’re seven weeks in.

    Posted by Michael  on  02/25  at  11:26 PM
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