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Labor day

If you’re not working today, thank The Left!  If you are, blame everyone who’s fought The Left for the past couple of hundred years!

Today brings us Nathan Newman on the brilliance of labor.

And on a different note, Muscular Dystrophy Telethon founder Jerry Lewis on the Islamofascists™ also known as disability activists:

The 21½-hour telethon—scheduled to air on WGN-Ch. 9 and some 190 stations nationwide starting Sunday night—moves to Las Vegas after a 12-year run in Hollywood. As they have for most Labor Days in the past 15 years, protesters plan to appear at several satellite telethon locations around the country including Chicago to denounce “the charity mentality.”

“Jerry Lewis has got to go,” said Mike Ervin, 50, a freelance writer and disability rights proponent. He has mockingly formed a group in Chicago called “Jerry’s Orphans” that plays off Lewis calling show participants “Jerry’s Kids.”

Ervin is distributing a documentary entitled “The Kids Are All Right,” which chronicles his years of dissent. Despite the protesters’ urgings, the telethon has not changed its ways and has not promoted accessibility for the disabled, better housing and employment possibilities, activists say.

“The concerns don’t seem to sink in,” said Andy Imparato, president of the American Association of People with Disabilities.

In an interview last week with the Tribune at the South Coast hotel-casino, Lewis said he has no intention of making peace with his detractors. He likened the idea of meeting with them to entertaining Hezbollah or insurgents in Iraq.

“Oh God, why should I?” he asked.

As Julia asks (in an email to the proprietor of this humble blog), “what in the holy hell could he possibly be thinking? that acknowledging the reality of people who have to live with their disabilities would somehow be appeasing the disease?”

Well, that sounds about right to me, Julia.  You have to realize that it’s 1938, and any craven attempt to appease the Islamofascists™ With Disabilities will only invite another attack.

Oh, and on a darkly comic note:  the Chicago Tribune adds that Lewis is “known as the ‘King of Comedy.’” Sounds to me like someone at the paper might want to have a look at that film, especially now that Lewis has decided to play the character of Jerry Langford full-time.  And the Trib could do with some better headline writers, too.

Posted by on 09/04 at 09:28 AM
  1. In the alley by my office, the waste management customer reps wrestling the dumpster into the compactor were in good spirits this morning as I walked by. I asked if they ever got a day off, they grinned. Why not. It’s a beautiful day in the Great Plains, their work day is nearly done.

    Captcha: friend. Like I say, it’s a beautiful day.

    Posted by black dog barking  on  09/04  at  11:50 AM
  2. Off topic, Michael, I’m sorry, but I hope you’ll forgive me. I only write out of concern for your safety. Even as a professor of dangeral studies, with long experience tangling with the Left’s most brilliant and articulate nemesis, I don’t think you’ve ever had to tangle with a mind the caliber of The Notorious Riley.

    Just have a look at the sprezzatura in his analysis of the General:

    a crude and vicious parody of a Christian conservative

    Only a rare mind has that kind of insight! Can you imagine what he would say about this Jon Swift fellow who’s been making a name for himself lately?

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/04  at  11:59 AM
  3. The Notorious Riley?  Never heard of him.  Is he one of General J. C. Christian’s many sockpuppets?

    Posted by Michael  on  09/04  at  12:05 PM
  4. The Notorious Riley?  Never heard of him.  Is he one of General J. C. Christian’s many sockpuppets?

    Maybe the intrepid Patterico can launch one of his IP address investigations and get to the bottom of this.

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/04  at  12:16 PM
  5. I’m working, but I’m self-employed, so I generally just ignore official holidays and take days off when I feel like it anyway.  I could choose not to work because it’s an official Left holiday even though it’s convenient, but that seems to be missing the point.

    Posted by  on  09/04  at  12:19 PM
  6. Maybe the intrepid Patterico can launch one of his IP address investigations

    Don’t say the name!!

    Actually, you know what’s really funny about L’Affaire Riley?  His original j’accuse charged with me being General J. C. Christian.  He’s since taken down and revised that post (blogger ethics panel, white courtesy phone!), but still, I mean, come on.  Everyone knows I’m really Fafblog.

    Posted by Michael  on  09/04  at  12:22 PM
  7. I’m working, but I’m self-employed, so I generally just ignore official holidays and take days off when I feel like it anyway.

    And you, sir, sound like a libertarian.  Or something.

    Posted by Michael  on  09/04  at  12:24 PM
  8. Nope.  I’m convinced that most libertarians, no matter what their tough-guy self-reliant rhetoric, have never actually been involved with small business.  Otherwise they’d know that that the number one problem for small businesses in the U.S. is the lack of universal health insurance.  Not being able to communally bargain for health care costs me, I’d say, about 5% of my income.

    Posted by  on  09/04  at  01:22 PM
  9. I’m working, but I’m self-employed

    And I love to work at nothing all day!

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/04  at  01:27 PM
  10. Those envelopes won’t lick themselves

    Posted by norbizness  on  09/04  at  01:48 PM
  11. Michael, if you are really Fafblog, could you update the page?  I’m in Fafblog withdrawal!

    Posted by  on  09/04  at  02:36 PM
  12. Or you could get really ambitious and claim that you were this blog.

    Posted by  on  09/04  at  02:55 PM
  13. You have to realize that it’s 1938

    Well, maybe in the Obergeist sense of that period.  I think Jerry (Kof C whatever) feels about as much need to acknowledge reality as this dandy of a quote i received in an email while i was gone:

    WILLIAMS: But he lied. Did he lie or didn’t he lie?

    KRISTOL: He didn’t lie in any serious meaning of lying before a grand jury.

    The captcha being “account” i must presume that these folks pretty much take nothing into account when they use their vocal chords.

    Posted by  on  09/04  at  04:34 PM
  14. And all this time I thought you were Gavin M.

    Posted by Roxanne  on  09/04  at  07:54 PM
  15. Sorry, this is quite OT, but I can’t find the mysterious e-mail address anywhere.  Michael, you left a comment on my blog, and I just wanted to let you know that the writer of the post was olvlzl, my butler and weekend blogger extraordinaire.  Well, not my butler…

    Posted by Echidne of the snakes  on  09/04  at  08:08 PM
  16. Apologies for being offtopic:  Does Jamie have his word-thingie yet?

    Posted by  on  09/04  at  08:19 PM
  17. One wonders, will Professor Bérubé note his relationship with the good General to his Bucknell audience next week, as he is presenting his credentials as a scholarly observer of the political and cultural climate in the university?

    Good Lord, don’t do it Michael; it’s a trap! On the other hand, having the General write your speech might not be a bad idea. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a sockpuppet, either.

    Posted by  on  09/04  at  08:54 PM
  18. How does one determine the MLA-belle-lettrist racket is, like, completely full of merde? Read Berube & Co. The sort of sentimental, NPRish, irrational PC-leftism that Berube and pals (like the daily crap of stalinist-clown-comma correcter SIK) spew even an insult to the memory of Upton Sinclair.

    Posted by Dirk Deeply  on  09/04  at  09:15 PM
  19. Good Lord, don’t do it Michael; it’s a trap!

    Great.  Now you tell me, V.E.  After I plastered “Michael Bérubé, a/k/a Jesus’ General” over all the publicity flyers, hoping that my 11 on the manly scale of absolute gender would be a draw.  Thanks a million, pal.

    Michael, you left a comment on my blog, and I just wanted to let you know that the writer of the post was olvlzl, my butler and weekend blogger extraordinaire.

    Sorry about that, O goddess!  I gather that it is not customary to refer to olvlzl as “goddess,” then?  Just as long as those apostrophes get straightened out.  Apostrophes are almost as hard to understand as “literary personae” and sockpuppet jokes.

    And all this time I thought you were Gavin M.

    Why, Rox?  Just because I said so?  I wouldn’t trust me if I were you.

    Does Jamie have his word-thingie yet?

    Thanks for asking, Jonquil!  Not yet.  But he is learning to ride a bike (which was Janet’s project this summer), and I’ll post about that one of these days too. . . .

    Posted by Michael  on  09/04  at  09:19 PM
  20. the daily crap of stalinist-clown-comma correcter SIK

    You mean SEK, don’t you, O Troll of Sorrow?  (I gather it is customary to address you in the vocative case.)

    Posted by Michael  on  09/04  at  09:21 PM
  21. You mean SEK, don’t you, O Troll of Sorrow?  (I gather it is customary to address you in the vocative case.)>

    I’d go with ablative.

    Posted by Chris Clarke  on  09/05  at  02:30 AM
  22. To skeptics who didn’t believe my mocking of the Euro left, I present Jean Bricmont <a href="http://www.counterpunch.org/bricmont08122006.html" in Counterpunch</a>. As this Belgian expert explains, third world hatred of America is caused by the Jews and their influence on American Media and Government.

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  09:36 AM
  23. The level of Jerry Lewis’s self-awareness should be a topic of considerable interest to the field of dangeral studies.  He’s a much more interesting and conflicted character than, say, William Shatner or Margaret Dumont.  Lewis’s comedy is about self-hatred and masochistic humiliation - all heavily repressed in the classic 1950’s fashion.  But he’s a very intelligent fellow and in the less repressive atmosphere of more recent decades he made a couple of movies that acknowledged the nature of his humor:  King of Comedy and Funny Bones.  Presumably he knew what he was doing in those movies. But on the evidence of the Telethon, maybe not.

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  11:51 AM
  24. Good lord!  A comment on Jerry Lewis!

    Thank you so much, JR.  I thought Lewis’s performance in King of Comedy was amazing and wryly self-critical, but these days I’m going with the “maybe not” school.  I mean, really, disability activists are all Hezbollah now?  How can an honest person say such a thing, especially after this blog straightened out that whole “Hezbollah, c’est moi” mess once and for all?

    Posted by Michael  on  09/05  at  11:56 AM
  25. I think Jerry Lewis is not really Jerry Langford.  I think he is Buddy Love.

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  12:00 PM
  26. I can’t read the Notorious Riley without hearing the voice of William Bendix:

    Riley: Ah, Peg, you know who’s got real spezzatura? That J.C. Christian fella.

    Peg: Now, Chester, don’t you know that Jesus’ General is a joke?

    Riley: A joke, Peg? How can you say that about a great man?

    Peg: It’s a parody, Chester. He’s making fun of conservatives. He’s like that Berube fella you can’t stand. Who do think his “inner Frenchman” is?

    Riley: So J.C. Christian is really Michael Berube, huh? What a revoltin’ development this is!

    [studio laughter]

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  12:17 PM
  27. So if you’re unemployed, you should thank the left?

    And if you have a job, you should thank the right?

    Posted by Kirby Olson  on  09/05  at  12:18 PM
  28. No. If you have a day off; you should thank the left. If you don’t; you should thank the right.

    I still think Labour Day should be changed to Siesta Day (and labour parties should be siesta parties). It focuses in on all the right things.

    Posted by Central Content Publisher  on  09/05  at  12:27 PM
  29. So if you’re unemployed, you should thank the left?

    And if you have a job, you should thank the right?

    And if you can read for comprehension, you should thank a unionized grade schoool teacher!

    captcha: “state,” as in “abolish the nanny state but don’t you dare touch my subsidies.”

    Posted by Chris Clarke  on  09/05  at  12:27 PM
  30. Reading for irony is also reading for comprehension.

    But there is a truth in the ironic inversion: communist societies go bankrupt, and the hoi polloi is poorer every year (check North Korea).

    While the capitalist societies get wealthier every year, and it’s more and more cushy.

    Ironies upon ironies!!

    Posted by Kirby Olson  on  09/05  at  02:38 PM
  31. This “Kirby Olson” fellow has some cutting edge economics at his disposal. Who needs crude measures like income distribution when you can use the much more precise cushiness quotient (CQ) in those well-defined “capitalist societies”?

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/05  at  03:01 PM
  32. Well, I for one hail our new North Korean overlords.

    Posted by Michael  on  09/05  at  03:43 PM
  33. I for one condemn the union activists who brought us the weekend and sent us to the gulag. If only there was some brave leader with the “sprezzatura”
    (I refuse to be able to use this correctly, as Italian isn’t a manly language) to give us healthcare and not have us all shot in a ditch.
    Because of the healthcare. Too much healthcare and you end up shot, inevitably-style, in the ditch. What irony!

    capcha: “john”, as in the average American the commies destroyed.

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  04:45 PM
  34. I’m just happy we’ve avoided the economic explosion suffered by our friends in China… since we’re comfortably reducing all things to simple economic markers. Somehow this ties in with the notion of undermining support for Israel by appealing to “American Greed” (#22), but it’s just too wierd for me to wrap my head around.

    Posted by Central Content Publisher  on  09/05  at  04:52 PM
  35. Michael, you might want to track down our friends at the AP—looks like Horowitz has a new alias.

    Ahmadinejad Seeks Purge of Liberal Profs

    September 05,2006 | TEHRAN, Iran—Iran’s hard-line president urged students Tuesday to push for a purge of liberal and secular university teachers, another sign of his determination to strengthen Islamic fundamentalism in the country.

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  05:49 PM
  36. Jerry Lewis’s self-awareness should be a topic of considerable interest
    Disregarding notions of actual qualitative analysis of Mr. Lewis; as of this morning, it seems his crusade (for which he garners considerable operational income) raised a record $61 million this weekend, bringing his MDA total to over $1.4 billion.  Can that possibly be correct??

    Even if he, and his cohorts, collect less than the non-profit administrative and overhead average of 12%, they still have amassed more than a $168 million for their use.  His self-awareness as someone who can generate millions for himself seems to be reified regularly.  If only we all could be so blessed.

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  06:08 PM
  37. Everyone knows I’m really Fafblog.

    Wow, now there’s a meta-blogular chestnut (by blogospheric temporal standards, anyway).  I believe it’s even ante-PD.  And didn’t I solve that one?  Didn’t I unmask you as JonSwift?

    Head officially spinning now.

    As for Jerry Lewis:  what a tool.

    Posted by Dr. Virago  on  09/05  at  06:11 PM
  38. There used to be a universal misery index based on criteria that would rank all the countries in the world based on literacy, longevity, and a few other easily ascertainable bits of data.  Far in front were the Lutheran democracies of Scandinavia—Iceland and Sweden and Norway and Denmark and Finland, and then the crummier Catholic countries of southern Europe, trailed by the US, and from there it was all downhill.  On the absolute bottom were the communist and the Islamic countries.

    But it was decided that this set of criteria was somehow unfair to those on the bottom that people are dying to get out of (check even Cuba’s rate of emigration).

    While for whatever reason people want into places where democracy and capitalism swings its boot at the hind end of the lowly worker and makes them function at a reasonable pace. 

    Two cheers for the muddled right to multiple factions, to competition in the work place, and the capitalist high road to calorie intake sufficiency.

    Meanwhile, those North Koreans are having to borrow pickles for their sandwiches from the South Korean neighbors.  Well, maybe they are demanding sushi.  Me, I’d take a sandwich with vegetarian bologna, and a tomato slice, and no wasabi, thanks so much.

    Posted by Kirby Olson  on  09/05  at  06:18 PM
  39. Thank you, Kirby, for this ringing endorsement of Scandinavian socialist democracy, which is basically what this humble blog endorses.  I knew your heart was in the right place all along.

    Here’s to paid vacations, family leave, and universal health care!  I’ll even buy your first round, Mr. Olson!

    Posted by Michael  on  09/05  at  06:32 PM
  40. you say “paid vacactions, family leave, and universal health care,” I say “gulags.” Let’s call the whole thing awful.

    As for the Misery Index, exposure to Jerry Lewis generally counts for thirteen hundred Misrons; the French are drowing in them.

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  06:50 PM
  41. this ringing endorsement of Scandinavian socialist democracy

    Is that what it was? I thought my Nokia was going off. I suppose that’s understandable, watching Kirby waltz past the empirical like that.

    captcha: forward, as in “… this to everyone you know!! Kim Jong Il was calling from inside her house!

    Posted by Chris Clarke  on  09/05  at  07:02 PM
  42. Michael,

    I’m for Lutheran Scandinavian democracies, even here, so long as it’s done via the ballot box, and there is no follow-up in which dissenting factions are eliminated.

    That last part is what happens in Islamic fascist countries and in all communist countries up to this point (exempting Kerala, perhaps).

    Get us to vote for it, in a fair election, and leave all other options on the table, and I’m totally cool with that.

    Posted by Kirby Olson  on  09/05  at  08:08 PM
  43. Kirby, let me ask you this in all seriousness: how old are you?

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/05  at  08:21 PM
  44. See, Chris?  Kirby’s a Scandinavian democrat-by-the-ballot-box, just like I am—on my good days, as you suspected (though it’s no secret!).

    On my bad days, of course, I say throw ‘em all in the re-education camps and let Lenin sort ‘em out.

    Posted by  on  09/05  at  08:23 PM
  45. John Protevi,

    Look in my book on your colleague Codrescu and check my birthdate.


    stop having those bad days, and we’ll start to agree.  Of course on my bad days, even Pat Buchanan isn’t dire enough.  I say bring on the brimstone for all non-believers.

    I guess we all have those bad days where humor leaves camp, and what’s left is better left unsaid.

    May Madison’s design for many factions (Federalist 10) hold throughout this deepening extremism.

    And may all factions remember to giggle a bit at their own power craziness.

    Posted by Kirby Olson  on  09/05  at  10:17 PM
  46. My bad, Kirby, I didn’t know you were a humorist, and a surrealist to boot. I was taking your writings here seriously. Won’t happen again.

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/05  at  11:33 PM
  47. God, how I hate irony.

    Posted by Sprezzatura  on  09/05  at  11:42 PM
  48. John, it took me a while too. But then I went to Kirby’s blog. Laff riot!

    F’rinstance, take this little gem:

    “‘You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.’ Exodus 23:19. In this case a kid is the offspring of a goat.”

    Can’t you just see the butter in his mouth freezing solid as he typed that?

    Posted by Chris Clarke  on  09/05  at  11:54 PM
  49. Hi Chris, my favorite was this one:

    The Chicago City Council, like most socialist outfits, has shot itself in the foot. They will pass laws that create an unfriendly business climate, and soon the city will cave in financially.

    Stop it, you’re killing me.

    Posted by John Protevi  on  09/06  at  12:02 AM
  50. the great Chicago Crash of 2011.

    Sufjan Stevens will sing something charming about it, I’m sure.

    Out of great tragedy comes great art.

    Posted by  on  09/06  at  08:16 AM
  51. “‘Idol’ singer Clay Aiken to serve Bush”

    Granted, it’s from Yahoo News, but the headline is priceless.  Clay is “to be named to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities” and may be the most qualified presidential appointee EVER, having “once worked as a YMCA counselor.”

    Posted by  on  09/07  at  12:15 PM





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