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Off their game?

Here it is May 3 already, and still no glibertarian pundit has stepped up to argue that the disaster in the Gulf was caused by excessive regulation.  And I understand that Stanley Kurtz is hard at work uncovering the connections among ACORN, Frances Fox Piven, Obama’s senior thesis, and the sabotaging of the oil rig by ecoterrorists, but so far, nothing on that score either.

How much longer do we have to wait?

Posted by on 05/03 at 08:34 AM
  1. BP only drilled in the Gulf in desperation because the eco-extremist commies haven’t allowed them to drill of the coast of California.

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  11:24 AM
  2. ((…crickets…))

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  11:33 AM
  3. Actually…

    Rush (via Digby): “Don’t forget, the original Earth Day, 40 years ago, was inspired by the river in Cleveland catching fire. Forty years later, the day before Earth Day this year, the Gulf is on fire. Coincidence? Jury’s still out.”

    Posted by clark  on  05/03  at  02:16 PM
  4. You’re not paying attention.  Of course someone has already argued this.  Yesterday William Kristol said that the disaster wouldn’t have happened if drilling had been allowed closer in to shore. 

    “Incidentally, if we hadn’t stopped closer in drilling, after the Santa Barbara 40 years ago…we’d have a lot more drilling closer in, which is probably less dangerous, less treacherous than trying to drill 15 miles out from the coast… So I’m a drill baby drill person. “


    Posted by  on  05/03  at  02:25 PM
  5. Oh, thank goodness Kristol is on the case.  Great comments over there, too!  Thanks, Bloix.  My faith in my enemies, and the enemies of the planet, is restored.

    Posted by Michael  on  05/03  at  03:07 PM
  6. Ponder: conspiracy buffs have long considered British Petroleum and other massive petroleum companies as conglomerates controlled by high-ranking members of the Trilateral commission--aka zionist freemasons. Is the unforeseen explosion of a BP oil rig just an unfortunate accident (helped, interestingly enough, by another Tri.Com racket, Halliburton), OR is it actually something...more sinister, perhaps a masonic singularity of sorts--

    which is to say, the BP detonation could be another deceptive event orchestrated by draconian Shapeshifters entering earth’s spacetime (rumors there are that young Obama shows some Draconian characteristics, like his mentor Hillary...and the elder “David Roosevelt").

    Posted by Ezra Hound  on  05/03  at  03:19 PM
  7. Has Louisiana banned homosexuality in the wake of Katrina? If not.... nuff said.....

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  05:12 PM
  8. Oh Rush went much further, declaring the leak was caused by environmentalist extremist saboteurs.  The right is way too busy bunching their panties over the alleging to allege this or that, forgetting all about regulation.

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  05:40 PM
  9. Read your Julian Simon.  It’s our destiny to colonize the universe on nuclear rocket ships—this is just our starter planet.  The sooner we burn it to a crisp, the sooner incentives will align and the galaxy will fill with freedom.

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  05:44 PM
  10. If blowout preventers that actually worked were of any real value, the market would have provided them. We are merely witnessing our collective revealed preference for ecological disaster.

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  06:00 PM
  11. It was North Korean mini-subs and a mother ship on a suicide mission.  The mini-subs fired two torpedoes to destroy the wellhead and the mother ship rammed and exploded the drilling platform.  The object is to kibosh the nuclear disarmament talks by forcing the US to use a mini-nuke to seal the well and to embarrass South Korea and Hyundai which built the platform and has a 10% interest in the oil.

    I read it online last night and heard it from a friend in person this morning so it must be true.

    Posted by gmoke  on  05/03  at  06:25 PM
  12. They’re waiting for Cinco de Mayo then they’ll blame it on illegal immigrants and (of course) ‘teh gays’.

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  07:47 PM
  13. 12: There were no gays in the US before the Civil War. Also no man-made oil spills. QED.

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  09:09 PM
  14. Ex-FEMA head and horse association official Michael Brown today:

    Brown noted the potential damage the oil slick will cause, and added: “This is exactly what they want, because now [Obama] can pander to the environmentalists and say, ‘I’m gonna shut it down because it’s too dangerous.’

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  09:21 PM
  15. The devastation of the Gulf of Mexico by millions of gallons of oil is, indeed, exactly what I have always wanted.  Thank you, God ACORN!

    Posted by Michael  on  05/03  at  10:44 PM
  16. There were no gays in the US before the Civil War.

    Pure shemantics, and then there was James Buchanan. 

    It wasn’t the North Koreans, it was Iran.  I read all about it somewhere, perhaps the National Enquirer.

    Posted by  on  05/04  at  12:29 AM
  17. Heck-of-a-job Brownie, (whose professional expertise stops with Arabian horse breeding) claims that the BP oil spill in the Gulf was a deliberate political ploy by the enviro-nazis in the Obama administration.

    Posted by  on  05/04  at  04:11 AM
  18. Oh, I can’t even joke about this. It’s sickening.

    Posted by Hattie  on  05/04  at  04:33 AM
  19. Let’s not forget that cheap, plentiful fossil hydrocarbons and the benevolent corporations that provide them are also part of “the environment.”

    Posted by  on  05/04  at  09:47 AM
  20. @MB:  How much longer do we have to wait?

    Speaking of which, how much longer does New England have to wait before someone walks back the line, “Please, get these weak-sauce excuses for Bruins off my radar ... your early-May tee times await”?

    (Captcha:  “waiting”, no kidding)

    Posted by  on  05/04  at  10:41 AM
  21. Sven, don’t even try to be sarcastic.  These guys will out-do you every time:

    “[T]he ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and was left out there,” Limbaugh said. “It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.

    “Well, the turtles may take a hit for a while, but so what? So do we!”


    Posted by  on  05/04  at  02:09 PM
  22. Alkali—I know, I know.  Tomorrow, I promise.  And not in comments—in a stand-alone, self-flagellating post.

    Posted by Michael  on  05/04  at  03:09 PM
  23. Most of the corp-liberal sites--HuffPo, d-Kos, DU, etc--have avoided mentioning BP’s role in the spill, instead focusing on other companies that BP contracted for some work . Poor-quah?  BP’s a big contributor to Demos, Inc--including ObamaCo, Gore-tech, and LA Sen.-gal Landrieu--and sort of the host of the...Shapeshifter par-tay.

    Posted by Ezra Hound  on  05/04  at  04:19 PM
  24. Forty years ago today, i walked out of the NROTC building on the UCLA campus with my honorable discharge in my hand.  I crossed through the barricades manned by the LA Police and joined the thousands of students outraged at the treatment of fellow students at Kent State.  Later that day, the police rioted, losing their cool and unabashedly bashing students and professors into submission.  A young, recently-hired, assistant professor of history Geoffrey Symcox was run over by a police car in front of several of us; he was physically restrained by LAPD for a long time before being allowed to go to the MedCenter for treatment of a broken leg.  Other professors, across the whole of campus, were likewise beaten.  And this was just UCLA.  The nation reeled, and most universities and colleges were shuttered by the end of the week.  Forty years is a long time, but that day cannot be forgotten. 

    We really haven’t had that sort of national spontaneous commitment (other than Seattle WTO and the pre-2003 war protest) since.

    Posted by  on  05/04  at  05:36 PM
  25. Four dead in O-hi-O, bruttherr. What do you care to wager the Nat.guard shooters at Kent were...Demos., or mostly.

    Posted by Ezra Hound  on  05/04  at  06:13 PM
  26. "connections among ACORN...” Between is also good.

    Posted by  on  05/04  at  07:04 PM
  27. Holy shit, spyder, Geoff Symcox was one of my professors a couple of years before that, and I never knew that happened to him.  How awful.  I mean, I know that wasn’t the absolute worst thing you’re writing about, but it just hits me because I knew the guy.

    Posted by  on  05/04  at  08:33 PM
  28. Posted by  on  05/04  at  10:36 PM
  29. What do you care to wager the Nat.guard shooters at Kent were...Demos., or mostly.

    As was Attorney General John Mitchell.  Little-known true fact!

    Posted by Michael  on  05/04  at  10:56 PM
  30. As was Attorney General John Mitchell.

    And the Hard Hat union members who rampaged on protesting students and professors in NYC; they too were Demos.  We should have learned....

    Posted by  on  05/05  at  01:47 AM
  31. they too were Demos.

    I contend powerful Demos, from like LBJ to Mitchell, Nixon-Reagan democrats to Clintons, to the present Com.in.Chief succeed because they are...Rineharts (a character from Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man, not the gypsy g-tarist Django).

    Masters of chaos, they cut deals with any and all left or right who will advance their cause (or, in older parlance, machiavellian...yet wit’ the connotations of the Ellisonian harlem-hustler). Obama is in that tradition.  Hillary also could be read as a professional Rinehart--she pitched the swing-voters (her “my friend John McCain” schtick), and a few weeks later, she gave her union-ho and anti-war line. Or consider the Demos’ compromises with insurance companies and pharma--pure Rinehart (More to follow on Rinehartism!)

    captcha--"money" as in shot

    Posted by Ezra Hound  on  05/05  at  01:49 PM
  32. Rineharts are men of parts that get around.  But can they really be both rind and heart?

    Posted by  on  05/05  at  02:10 PM
  33. As was Attorney General John Mitchell.  Little-known true fact!

    Watch it, or your going to get your wit caught in a big rat finger.

    Posted by  on  05/05  at  03:28 PM
  34. Yes, that makes perfect sense.  When large international companies break basic safety regulations that have been around over 100 years, the most logical solution is to take those regulations away. Geez

    Posted by Mark  on  05/07  at  04:36 PM
  35. Latest Gulf updates do not look good.  Methane crystals formed all over the inside of that concrete and metal thingy that was supposed to only allow them to form in the big tube.  So that whole system is out.  And crude has finally touched down in all three states.

    Posted by  on  05/08  at  09:39 PM
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