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A brief word on length

I’ve already gotten some terrific responses to yesterday’s post on academic freedom, but still, some readers want to know why I post behemoth 5000-word blog entries that threaten to break the Internets. 

Because I have crafted this blog as a vehicle that attracts thought leading, tipping point type audiences, that’s why.

So if you’re leading any thoughts or tipping any point types this weekend, welcome!  This is the blog for you.  Please become engaged with it while connecting to your community on the upper end of demographic and psychographic scales.  And a special shout out to all apostles, loyalists, viral loyalists, potential “converts,” heavy users, and stray asteroids! (You absolutely have to check out this graphic.  It is a veritable solar system of wingnuttery.)

Thanks, everyone!

Posted by on 01/28 at 11:25 AM
  1. I saw a hit from this site and realized I was in the process of attracting a thought leading, tipping point type audience myself.

    Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

    And if you think you have it bad with the Rangers, try watching the Columbus Blue Jackets for five years.

    Posted by Dennis The Peasant  on  01/28  at  01:21 PM
  2. Dennis, only thought leading, potentially-converted apostle-tipping blog readers would get Ren and Stimpy references.  We are clearly well above the mean average.

    And hey, Rick Nash is back—and, last I saw, handed the Rangers a 4-3 defeat by batting a puck out of midair and beating Lundqvist on a breakaway with six minutes left in the game.  Better times are ahead, surely.

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  01:26 PM
  3. I’ve gotten a few of those complaints about my blog posts being too long, myself.

    I usually just offer to refund the money I charged them to read the post they didn’t like, and direct them to one of the myriad blogs whose posts don’t challenge the modern-day attention span.

    Posted by Chris Clarke  on  01/28  at  01:30 PM
  4. Together the Apostles and the Viral Loyalists (Many “Owners") form the image of an eyeball. Its unitary gaze follows you as you get up to answer the door. Follow the white rabbit.

    (captcha word couldnt)

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  02:42 PM
  5. Woah.  That graphic and the whole powerpoint presentation made me dizzy.  Was it in English?  Or was that Middle High German?  Because it looked familiar but I couldn’t quite follow it.

    Apostle-tipping:  what they do for fun in the off-season at Notre Dame?

    As for Ren and Stimpy references, this virally converted apostolic loyalist even makes them herself sometimes.  And she also appreciates a blogger named Dennis the Peasant! Exxxxxxcellent.

    Posted by Dr. Virago  on  01/28  at  03:21 PM
  6. You aren’t really going to give up hyphenated adjectival phrases, are you? Because “tipping point type” has already given me a slight case of the vapors, and I don’t know if I can give up hyphenated adjectival phrases without retiring to the divan with my vinaigrette.

    The other kind.

    Posted by julia  on  01/28  at  03:22 PM
  7. omg,

    you should not ever post such graphic again. My stomach still hurt from laughing so much.

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  03:37 PM
  8. You know, if I had better manners I would’ve thanked Dennis for a couple of hilarious posts on Pajamas Media and their state-of-the-art Pajamas Marketing.  Thanks, Dennis!  Long may your anarcho-syndicalist commune thrive.

    You aren’t really going to give up hyphenated adjectival phrases, are you?

    Not at-all, julia.  On-the-contrary, I propose to expand my already-promiscuous use of the hyphen to include auto-mobiles and disability-studies seminars.

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  03:42 PM
  9. I am suspecting that the bloggers over at Cosmic Variance may find that the ‘graphic’ has been purloined from one of their physics lectures on: super-strings, quantum-theory, expanding-universe, multi-dimensionality, etc..  I am also thinking that if PajamasMedia really had wanted to generate a huge hit quotient they would have called their site: “BabyDoll-Nightie Media” instead.

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  04:06 PM
  10. I figured out what the solar system thingee is, it’s an engagement ring!
    Oh, PJM, how sweet, but my heart belongs to another.

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  04:08 PM
  11. I, for one, am grateful when you make with the long posts. Because I just print them out and read them on the bus, which makes riding the bus practically painless.

    And then I get to come back and comment--with raving adulation, of course, since I’m an “apostle.” (Though I kinda wish I were a “viral loyalist,” just because that’s such a wacky phrase and makes for excellent sentence-constructions. To wit: “Ancrene Wiseass, viral loyalist, reporting for duty, sir!")

    Posted by Ancrene Wiseass  on  01/28  at  04:24 PM
  12. I am still witholding my advertising dollars until I get some worthless self-reported data about the “mean average” Berube reader!

    It should also be noted that the Blkue Jackets *and* the Blue have recently beaten the Canucks, so as far as I’m concerned, they’re both opinion leaders at the tipping point of outstanding acheivemnt in the field of excellence!

    Posted by Scot Lemieux  on  01/28  at  04:54 PM
  13. And you might think that a true “opinion leader” would get at least *one* team name spelled right, but that kind of thing is so Old Media…

    Posted by Scott Lemieux  on  01/28  at  04:56 PM
  14. You spelled “Canucks” correctly, but misspelled “achievement.” Berube readers are apparently not on the upper level of the orthographic scale.

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  05:28 PM
  15. I’m probably a stray asteroid, though maybe a potential convert, as well. Yours is the first blog I’ve ever followed in any serious way, so I’m probably just enamored with the novelty of it all. It’s amazing that all these people routinely converge in one place, and discuss things we would otherwise not have a chance to discuss in any extended way.

    Just wanted to say that I very much enjoy reading your work, Professor Berube, even as I sometimes think you are *totally* hopelessly wrong. Most of the time, though, I think you are mostly right. Sometimes I even think you’ve bang-on. At least you’re interesting…

    Having tweaked your antennea more in the last few weeks than any living creature should be allowed, I will try to lay low and be a kinder gentler creature. But you’re a lot of fun to read, and irritatingly provocative at times, so I just figured I would tell you that despite my multiple personality disorder…

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  05:37 PM
  16. I sometimes refer to really good posts elsewhere and find that measuring the size by kilobytes works well.  If a piece is above 20 kilobytes, I feel obliged to warn readers that it’s a long piece (Your “Academic freedom” post clocks in at 21 kilobytes.)
    I tried measuring with the program Notepad, but recently used Star Office and the numbers come out pretty much the same.

    Posted by Rich  on  01/28  at  05:52 PM
  17. Actually, I shouldn’t be riding the Blue Jackets too hard. They treated my wife and I to a splendid 4-3 victory over the Wild last night. And while we did beat the Canucks earlier in the week, said victory was marred by the lack of either Jody Shelley or Adam Foote pounding the crap out of hockey scummeister Todd Bertuzzi. Guess when you live in flyover territory, you gotta take what you can get.

    And please stay tuned for a new feature we’ve developed to keep those thought-leading, tipping-point folks coming back for more…

    Dennis’ Culture Corner!

    Why, you ask? I’m a thought-leading, tipping-point type person with a high mean average income, early product adoption proclivities, and I reside at the high end of the psychographic scale of things.

    That, and the fact that I’ve got taste out the blowhole.

    Posted by Dennis The Peasant  on  01/28  at  06:01 PM
  18. I’ve got taste out the blowhole.

    I can vouch for Dennis’s taste, having read his Pajamas accounts with great delight for the past couple of months.  And, of course, anyone who considers Bertuzzi a scummeister is more than welcome here.

    And NY Stdnt et al., I do appreciate the kind word.  My antennae are not damaged for all the tweaking; indeed, the unofficial tagline of this blog is “Michael Bérubé Online:  even more tolerant than Deborah Howell.”

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  06:14 PM
  19. I’m really relieved and happy to hear that. You rock, seriously.
    No more stupid convos from me about why there are no gay people in New Jersey smile

    I will try to be more “myself” from now on.

    PS: I have no idea who Deborah Howell is, but she must be rather nice.

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  06:17 PM
  20. Maybe we can help create a tipping point for non-science professors salary increases (thus freeing them from the necessity of supplementing their meager incomes w/ blogads) by compiling a similar data base as this one:


    I also have been worrying about the North Dakota State Fighting Sioux.  Last time they devoured a major Big 10 opponent (Sioux beat Illini in hockey--as if that war hasn’t been going on for a few hundred years), NDSU ended up getting rid of hockey as a NCAA team sport.  Now they beat undefeated Wisconsin (Sioux eats Badgers?? not very tasty!!) in basketball; this can only doom the BB team in the future.

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  08:17 PM
  21. Bertuzzi sure is a psychographic thug...oh, wait, is a high score on “psychographic” ratings supposed to be good?  I’m so confused.

    The Canucks game is the only one I’ve watched carefully, but haven’t the Blue Jackets been pretty good since Nash came back?  (Of course, I think they’ve been cursed by firing Dave King--not that he had a “winning record” or any of those boring MSM things, but since my father knew him in college and I played street hockey with his sons, I always wanted to see him do well.)

    Posted by Scott Lemieux  on  01/28  at  08:29 PM
  22. Nash coming back certainly has helped… he’s easily one of the top ten players in the league. To my mind though, it was the trade for Sergei Ferderov that turned the season around. He hasn’t scored much, but he’s been terrific defensively and on special teams. He’s also become a father figure for Nicky Zherdev, who could be the next Alexi Kovolev (or Pavel Datsyuk) once he sheds the bad habits he acquired in the Russian Elite League. Poor Nicky was our only Russian, spoke no English, and was rapidly becoming a headcase. Sergei has taken care of that. The newly formed line of Nash-Federov-Zherdev has really started to hum, and if the three can stay healthy it could prove to be one of the best number one lines in the league by season’s end.

    The downside of the Jackets doing well these days is that it could mean ownership retaining Doug McLean as G.M.. The guy’s supposed to be a hockey man, but he’s more of a corporate weasel than anything else. His firing of Dave King was simply one of his many missteps (the players lost confidence in King when McLean refused to dispell rumors of his firing… his replacement was McLean himself, and Dougie managed to put together a record that made King look like Scotty Bowman). McLean’s free agent signings over the years have been jaw-droppingly bad: Darryl Sydor, Andrew Cassels, Todd Marchant and Scott LaChance lead that list. McLean has also chased a number of productive players out of town for no particularly good reason: Ray Whitney, Espen Knutsen and Geoff Sanderson are on that list.

    Actually, Year One was by far our best year… and the most fun, probably because King didn’t feel any pressure to do anything. Present coach Gerard Gallant showed some imagination in putting together lines and using personnel in the short stint he had in ‘03-4, but he hasn’t shown much this season. He’s fallen into the trap of feeling he’s got to win to keep his job, so he’s rolling only three lines and double shifting lines one and two all game… which is what Brain Boy Dougie did without success. Gallant will be gone by next season, if for no other reason than McLean will try to pin the blame on him to keep his own job.

    Look for the Jackets to trade defenseman Luke Richardson soon (Rangers looking for a defenseman?), as well as number one goaltender Marc Denis (Edmonton?). We still need a good second line center (Jan Hridna has been awful most of the season… he’s improved to mediocre lately but really should be on the third line-or on another team (my choice)) and a winger who can score.

    Posted by Dennis The Peasant  on  01/28  at  09:03 PM
  23. Complete conversion to sports-only discussion in a svelte 22 posts. Nice!

    Posted by  on  01/28  at  10:06 PM
  24. Yeah, but it’s because we’re thought leading, tipping point types.

    Posted by Dennis The Peasant  on  01/29  at  12:24 AM
  25. I love the long posts.  I hate reading them on my 12” LED screen.  Make my eyes go all funny.

    So, what I’d like to see on this site is a button that says “format for printing”, so that the article takes up the whole page and therefore does not take 50 pages to print.  Or maybe have a pdf to download. That would be more trouble for you, though.

    Just a thought for your tech guy there. wink

    Posted by  on  01/29  at  10:17 AM
  26. Viral loyalist. That explains the hacking cough I’ve had for the last week. And here I thought I was just a lurker.

    Posted by  on  01/29  at  01:27 PM
  27. Hey, Joanna, that reminds me—where are the “lurkers” in the Bathrobe Solar System?  And the stalkers and the freepers?

    Posted by  on  01/29  at  01:54 PM
  28. Lunatics orbit the apostles, lurkers must loiter in the asteroid belt (with occasional breaks to put the laundry in the dryer).

    Posted by  on  01/29  at  02:52 PM
  29. "lurkers must loiter in the asteroid belt (with occasional breaks to put the laundry in the dryer).”

    So THAT’S where those mofo-ing socks were hidin’!!

    Posted by David McIrvine  on  01/29  at  08:11 PM
  30. Whoa, it’s Space Madness!  They must hold up that stupid bathrobe with a Kuiper Belt, leading to Oort-clouded minds.

    I’ve been more of a fungal loyalist around here lately, quietly absorbing bloggy sustenance in the shadows.  And speaking as an early “convert,” that last 5,000-worder was nuthin’!

    Posted by  on  01/29  at  08:13 PM
  31. Agreed, Romy. I got halfway into the next post and thought “wait, that’s an odd subject change” before realizing my mistake.

    Posted by  on  01/29  at  10:51 PM
  32. We lurkers are the comets, only appearing every once in a while. And I don’t have anybody’s damn socks. Sometimes I can’t find my own, but that’s a whole differnt issue.

    Posted by  on  01/30  at  12:03 PM
  33. I used to quit reading the long posts halfway through because I have a limited attention span.  It was frustrating because I never got to the exciting climax.  I hit upon the solution of only reading every other word.  I must say, other than that one call for the overthrow of the government, you don’t make much sense.

    Posted by  on  01/30  at  05:57 PM
  34. That apostolic asteroids link comes up blurry for me, so it looks like Apostles and Viral Loyalists marry “Owners.” The PeeJays don’t really mean that, right? Or is that how they craftily deliver the high emotional gratification from being heard? And High OGM.

    Correct me if I’m wrong (as if you’d wait to be asked) but I’m pretty sure that standard cartoon iconography calls for the woo-woo rays to get bigger as they radiate away from the bathrobe/Third Wise Man costume. Or maybe the PeeJays are making a subtle, self-loathing point. A cry for help, as it were.

    Did this smorgasbord of half-assery really cost $3.5 million?

    Posted by  on  01/30  at  10:35 PM
  35. "standard cartoon iconography calls for the woo-woo rays to get bigger as they radiate away from the bathrobe....”

    *cough cough*

    “Did this smorgasbord of half-assery really cost $3.5 million?”

    “Was it for this?” Ess of haitch-ay is the best substantive (with double extra bonus points for the hyphen) I’ve heard in a while.

    Posted by david ross mcirvine  on  01/31  at  01:32 AM
  36. it looks like Apostles and Viral Loyalists marry “Owners.” The PeeJays don’t really mean that, right?

    but Judas always writes the book. It’s traditional.

    Posted by julia  on  01/31  at  08:34 AM
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