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Friday, April 02, 2010

Counter culture

Five years ago, this humble blog received its one millionth visitor.  That was a big thing at the time, apparently, because I devoted a whole blog post to it and even gave away a book.  Well, last night the magic visitor-counter hit nine million, and I got nothing.  Celebrating hit-counter milestones is so aught-five.  And remember aught-four?  Back then, the blog looked like this.  It was a different time, I tell you.  Look at that blogroll!  “Chun the Unavoidable”—whatever happened to that guy, I wonder?

Well, I suppose this means I should stick around long enough to see whether another giant nuclear fireball will consume this blog when the hit counter rolls over at 9999999. I see that ye ancient “one million visitors” post mentions the four technical disasters that befell this blog in its first fifteen months, and I reflect happily on the fact that we haven’t had a single meltdown since, not even after the first GNF hit in January 2007.  Yay Expression Engine!  And you know what else?  This blog is, and always has been, 100 percent JS-Kit free.  Yay functioning comments section!

Hey, I know: I’ll leave you all with a song for the weekend.  We could make it Arbitrary But Fun:  best one-note solo in a pop song, ever.  Janet and Jamie and I are heading to the state this obscure but fetching band came from (indeed, I would never have heard of this song but for the Lyon clan), and while we’re gone, this might be a good time for some of you lurkers to de-lurk and say hello.

Posted by Michael on 04/02 at 08:57 AM
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