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Monday, January 12, 2009

Deep thoughts in deep snow

Conservatives in Hollywood can take some solace in the fact that The Dark Knight offers a ringing endorsement of fascism.  Also, there were some films in 2008 that promoted the heterosexual agenda, and there are still plenty of good roles for older man.  We will not be afraid of the liberal thugs!

In more important news, there’s a crazy good race going on in the Wizbang category of “very large but not really really huge blog,” which just happens to be the category this desultory blog still inhabits, according to Technorati (but what do they know?  They put my authority at 776, and I don’t feel like a 776.  Still, you must respect my etc.) As I write, the top three are:

Jesus’ General 3,583
Pandagon 3,437
Bitch PhD 3,326

The ever-fluctuating margins in this one have been positively Coleman-Frankenesque at times.  The point is that your vote will matter, which is why I’m urging you to head over to Wizbang and vote for . . . uh . . . wait a second, this is kinda hard.  I’ve been the honored guest of the General, I’m an official alumnus of the Pandagon Institute of Very Large Blogging, and two years ago I challenged the indispensable Dr. B to a procrastination contest, the results of which are still not clear.

Well, looks like there’s only one thing to do.  You know the Wizbang rules:  you can vote once a day.  The voting closes at 5 pm Eastern time tomorrow, so we need to act now.  Let’s make sure this category ends in a perfect three-way tie!  It’s only right and just.

Posted by Michael on 01/12 at 09:04 AM
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