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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Does Obama pose a threat to the United States?

In recent days I’ve heard about Freepers and Foxsters trying to make much of the fact that Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein.  At first I didn’t see the point of caring about this, because I figured that Fox and the Free Republic had already cornered the market on the mouthbreathing vote, and I thought it would just be a matter of time before some professional contrarian took to the pages of the New Republic to chasten progressives for being unduly dismissive of the deeply held, if deeply mistaken, beliefs of Mouthbreather-Americans.  But after hearing this entertaining and deeply dispiriting series of interviews (h/t:  Julia), I wonder whether the right has, for once in its collective life, thought too much about how to demonize the junior senator from Illinois.  For it appears that you don’t have to mention Obama’s middle name to get Americans to associate him with Our Terrorist Enemies!  Just that last name will do. 

Note that the final interviewee has a doctorate and is skeptical of Bush. 

There is no hope, people, and that is why I urge you to join the We Are All Giant Nuclear Fireball Now Party.  Only the WAAGNFNP has an adequate understanding of our historical moment—and of the threat Obama poses.

Posted by Michael on 11/30 at 08:42 AM
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