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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Every day is a snow day

But this one’s on a Saturday, when Jamie would be home anyway.  Yes, well.  The other day I had a Bright Idea:  we would go to a noon showing of Akeelah and the Bee at our local State Theatre, which is a great venue for movies and concerts and things.  Last month, I actually went to the showing of “The Dark Side of Oz,” the mashup in which there are allegedly a hundred or more “concordances” between The Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon.  I found three!  And all I had to do was to watch the movie for the four hundredth time and listen to that dang album two and a half times.  (Well, that wasn’t all bad—it does have three songs on it, after all, and I did wind up spending a few amusing moments checking out a couple of the Pink Floyd / 2001 masterpieces on the YouTubes, as well as a live performance of “Careful with that Axe, Eugene,” which you don’t hear much on the radio anymore.) A neighbor and I talked briefly after the show.  “I still don’t get it,” she admitted. “Did you see all these connections?” “To misquote Sigourney Weaver in Galaxy Quest,” I replied, “I didn’t know people could get that stoned.”

Anyway, Janet insisted we walk the nine blocks to the movie in the snow, which made sense, because (a) it was fun and (b) the roads are terrible for driving.  The only problem was dealing with Jamie, who tends to fuss about things like this by saying “I think it might be better to take the car” and asking “are we driving or walking?” a couple of dozen times.  But he was great!  The only problem was that when we got to State Theatre, they were kinda mystified as to why we were there, because the movie is scheduled for Saturday . . . February 14.  I suppose I forgot to check into that part.

So we had lunch, got Jamie a haircut, hung out in a bookstore, walked home in the snow (more fun!), and then shoveled our sidewalk (more more fun!).  Again.  And while I was shoveling, a got an idea for a Fun Game.

When you’re urging someone to stop bothering you, which “off” is your favorite?  There’s “back off” and “lay off” and “bugger off” and “piss off” and “f*ck off” and “shove off” and “step off” as well as the more polite “knock it off,” of course.  This should make for a most piquant comment section!

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