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Friday, February 18, 2005

Final day for Koufax voting

So I might as well make public my own votes.  Here goes:

Best Blog by a Non-Professional:  Atrios, still my first stop for most of my blog-reading needs.  Honorable mention, Digby, almost always my second stop.
Best Blog by a Sponsored, Professional, Paid Person Who Gets Money of Some Kind, as Opposed to Shleps Like Me Who Do It Only for Love and Maybe Also for Truth, Justice, and Universal Harmony:  Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo.  Second, James Wolcott.
Best Group Blog:  Corrente.  Also very fond of Pandagon.
Most Humorously Funny Blog:  The Poor Man, with Fafblog so close you couldn’t even wedge a piece of ham jello between ‘em.
Best Single-Minded, er, I Mean Single Issue Blog:  Brad DeLong, runner-up David Neiwert.
Best Expert:  Pharyngula, followed by Juan Cole.
Best Writing:  David Neiwert at Orcinus.
Best New Blog:  Amanda Marcotte, Mouse Words.  Followed by Wolcott.
Most Deserving of Universal Admiration, or, Failing That, Wider Recognition:  Tough, tough call.  Suburban Guerrilla by a micron over Majikthise and Sisyphus Shrugged.
Most Humorously Hilarious Post:  Much as I’d like to vote for myself here, since I’m still remotely in the running, intellectual/comic honesty compels me to give it up for The Poor Man’s “Poker with Dick Cheney.” The stuff of genius.
Best Series:  Orcinus, “Pseudo-Fascism.” Read it and weep.
Best Post:  Jeanne D’Arc, Body and Soul, “And in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.” Read it and weep some more.
Best Commenter:  You’re kidding me, right?  I have the best commenters and everybody knows it.

As for my own categories:  right now I appear to be in fourth for Best New Blog (among eight finalists).  Mouse Words 83, Wolcott 63, and then a steep dropoff to a virtual tie for third-- Bradblog 43, me 41, AmericaBlog 37.  In Best Writing (ten finalists), it’s Digby 99, Meteor Blades 81, Wolcott 72, me 67.  And in Most Humorous Post (nine finalists), I stayed in the race all week but just couldn’t keep up with the front of the pack.  The Poor Man 49, Rude Pundit 43, me 41.

Of course, these vote counts represent only the votes that were sent to Wampum’s comments section, so they’re not accurate vote totals.  Still, when you consider that when I started this blog last January, I said to Kurt Nelson, “let’s try to make this the sixteenth best new blog of 2004, with the ninth best writing and maybe the sixth funniest post of the year,” you can see that we’re pretty damn happy with the way things turned out.  We think it was a good idea to do this, in the end, even though I started it up chiefly because I was getting tired of standing by and watching little bits and pieces of my essays being batted around the right-wing blogosphere, like unto beach balls in football stadiums.  More important, I learned about-- and was sustained by-- dozens of sharp wits and smart writers out there.  Many thanks to you all.

Posted by Michael on 02/18 at 01:44 PM
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