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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Jamie takes part one of his French II final today.  Wish him luck!

And as for those other finals:

Three things about this clip are awesomely awesome.  One, “because of the excitement, the CBS television network pre-empted its prime-time regular programming to carry this game.” Two, there is no music in the world like early-70s sports highlights background music.  And three, the unreadable clock at the old Chicago Stadium, which makes its first appearance at 2:38, just after Lemaire’s world-transforming goal from 80 feet out.

Oh, yes, the action is pretty good, too.  Note Pappin’s reaction to Dryden’s insane kick save at the 4:00 mark—one suspects that Pappin relived that painful moment in his dreams many, many times.  I have one question, though—who’s “Henry Richard”?  I wonder if he bears any resemblance to this guy.

(Oddly, this account of Richard’s stormy relationship with short-lived coach Al MacNeil underplays the drama going on behind that series:  “Richard was a veteran player on that 1971 Montreal team, and his ice time was not what he was used to. After game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals with Chicago Richard boiled over, calling Montreal coach Al MacNeil ‘incompetent’ and ‘the worst coach I’ve ever played for.’” Um, MacNeil had benched Richard in game five.  Which made his exploits in game seven all the more delicious.)

Two things from jazzbumpa’s comment 66 in the previous thread:

Quenville throws tantrums like a petulant 2 Yr old.  When I pointed that out during last year’s play-offs, you agreed with me.  (I just spent the week end with a fun 2 Yr old - quite a refreshing experience.)

Yes, I agreed with you about that incident, but that’s partly because Quenneville’s disastrous outburst in last year’s conference finals was so anomalous.  I’ve followed him since he got his first head-coaching gig in St. Louis, and he was always calm, cool, and collected.  His Blues teams were disciplined and always stayed classy (except for that Pronger kid).  So when he lost it in game 4 against Detroit, it was as if his whole team went down the tubes with him.  But no, he doesn’t make a habit of that kind of thing.

Anyway, did you see Hartnall take a running elbow smack into the back of one of the Hawk’s heads last night?  What can that be other than an intent to injure.  At least it got called, which was also refreshing.

Yes, it appears that for the very first time in his career, Scott Hartnell got called for throwing an elbow to the head.  His previous 388 unpenalized elbows to the head notwithstanding, he went to the box and felt shame.  But the Hawks won’t get that call tonight, just as they didn’t get it in games 1-4.

And here’s an idle question.  Pittsburgh likes to think of itself as a tough town, a steel town, a hard-workin’ burg where real men eat real food.  Philadelphia likes to think of itself as a tough town, too, full of nasty Phillies and Eagles fans and Broad Street Bullies and cheesesteaks wiz wit.  And yet the Penguins have always been exclusively a “finesse” team, which, as King Kaufmann once explained, is code for “a team that listens to show tunes in the locker room.” And everyone involved with the Pittsburgh franchise, including the fans, is cool with that.  Three Stanley Cups can’t be wrong!  Whereas the Flyers simply can’t help themselves.  Even when they have some real finesse-type talent to their credit, like Briere and Gagne, it’s as if they just don’t feel adequate out there unless they’re also stocked with an array of cheap-shot artists (from Bobby Clarke to Hartnell and Pronger) and murderous psychopaths (from Dave Schultz to Dan Carcillo).  On that note, here’s a hello to namesake Craig Berube, the former enforcer (seventh all-time on the Feel Shame list!) who’s now a Flyers assistant coach.

Go Hawks!  Win tonight and spare us 48 hours of chatter about what happened to you all in 1971.  Because if I hear one more time about Hull’s shot hitting the crossbar instead of giving Chicago a 3-0 lead, I’m going to give someone an elbow to the head.

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