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Friday, December 18, 2009

Finals week Friday

I turned in my grades yesterday.  For all kinds of reasons, this has been an exceptionally fun semester—the “Stranger than Fiction” senior seminar went well, and the Intro to Disability Studies in the Humanities did too.  (First time I’ve taught a gen-ed course.  Most edifying.) And the Penn State women’s volleyball team is now one win away from a threepeat.

So.  Has anyone been talking about health care reform lately?

And while I was driving around doing lost-postponed errands, I heard a strange thing.  The college radio station was playing Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl,” to which I listened for .04 seconds, and the local classic-rock-for-bikers-and-guys-who-look-like-Aqualung station, ordinarily a Grand Funk Railroad’s “I’m Your Captain / Closer to Home” kind of place, was playing Beck’s “Loser.” I just think that’s wrong on so many levels.  Thankfully, I now have that satellite radio device as well, and spent a few minutes marveling at how well this song has held up after 31 years:

As for Senator Palpatine (I.- CT), he is what we thought he was.  He is what we thought he was!  And we let him off the hook.

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