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Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday I’m in disguise

When I shop for vintage clothes in New Haven, I shop at Fashionista.  And when I shop at Fashionista, I shop incognito:

Photo credit:  the elusive J.L.

This one is for you, mds.  And no, I’m not in town now—this was taken sometime back in April.

Two or three things for a lovely Friday in May.  One, this is a good debate on Afghanistan. I agree with much of it.  Two or three, the Slacktivist’s two-part discussion of the Proctor & Gamble Supports Satanism hoax is one of the most intriguing things I have read on the Internets in a very long time.  Here’s part one on the nonsense itself, and here’s part two on why people engage in it. It is not often that a couple of blog posts change my sense of how the world works, but these two seem like they’re doing it this week.  (Hat tip to Doctor Science, and I see that John Q. picked it up in his followup on agnotology.  Good to see the term “agnotology” getting so much play!  It’s much better than that “epidemic cloture” people were talking about.  I met Robert Proctor, who coined the word, a few times back when he taught at Penn State.  He worships Satan, of course, and because I am a follower of Moloch we had a great deal to talk about.  I’m only mentioning this openly, on a blog, because there aren’t enough Christians in the United States to make a difference.)

Oh, and one tiny extra added thing.  I don’t think Digby needed to to go to this length to reply to one of her totally-off-the-rails critics.  It was a great and decisive response, yes, but I don’t think the issue is whether people can have opinions about places they don’t live in.  It’s simply that there are some people out there who, when you say things like “this senator from Louisiana is bad,” or “the governor of South Carolina is a creep,” or “you need to go three blocks south and then make a left,” or “Africa is to the south of Europe,” will get all up in your grill about how you’re an elitist coastal snob who shouldn’t be so arrogant about the South and also you shouldn’t stereotype and dismiss an entire area of the country just because you live in one of those decadent out-of-touch chardonnay-sipping places like the West Coast or the Northeast or some kind of urban area.  It’s Mudcat Saunders Syndrome, and no, there is no cure—only reasonable accommodation.

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