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Sunday, February 29, 2004

I wish my brother George was here

Last week-- on February 26, to be exact-- the Penn State Young Americans for Freedom sponsored a talk by one Reginald Jones, entitled “Betrayal:  Sold Out by the Civil Rights Movement.” The YAF flyers posted on the Penn State campus promised that Jones would deliver the home truths that “your liberazi professors won’t tell you.”

Now, you can check out the Penn State YAF speakers series for yourself-- a pretty high-priced lineup, all told, which is something you might want to keep in mind next time the local wingnuts complain that the campus right doesn’t have enough money to counterbalance all those far-left lectures by Katie Couric.  I took particular delight in the YAF’s description of Suzanne Fields’s talk in 2000-- “As she explained, the title of her speech poked fun at the stuttering of actor and effeminate male, Hugh Grant.” That seems like something the liberal campus community really needs to hear more about.

But I have a more specific question about Reginald Jones’s talk.  What, precisely, is a “liberazi” professor?  Are the Young Americans for Freedom suggesting that campus liberals are close kin to Nazis, or-- as I have reason to suspect-- are they saying that we dress in sparkles and sequins, capes and furs?  That we drive outrageous cars and have a thing about huge rings and candelabras?

Write to the Liberace Foundation today and let them know that people like Reginald Jones are slandering a great American culture hero by associating him with the anti-American campus left.

Posted by Michael on 02/29 at 04:05 AM
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