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Thursday, March 17, 2005

If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Dave

Damn that twisted genius Billmon and his infernal Whiskey Bar!  (And a demonic hat tip to Rox for calling it to my attention.) His brilliant analysis of the Contemporary Cultural Revolution is not only scholarly and erudite, but illustrated.  This humble blog gasps in awe.

And it also begs for your patience.  I was going to do the Beinart Effect thing today, and return to Horowitz’s Monday-morning Bérubé extravaganza tomorrow, but I wasted the entire day yesterday doing real work (that is, rewriting the intro to the book-- yes, that book) and I’ve got all kinds of scutwork and assorted catchup today.  So for now, the Renard News Channel simply directs you to the incomparable Billmon.  And (for those of you who might be amused by such a thing) to my very first cover-art caricature, which surely gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “101st Fighting Keyboarders.” (Should I lose the hat?  I think it clashes with the rest of the ensemble.  And yeah, there’s a profile there too.  Something about blogging.)

In the meantime, here’s our latest reader contest:  Finish The Couplet!  But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Dave. . . .

Posted by Michael on 03/17 at 02:08 PM
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