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Friday, August 13, 2010

In the in box

You know, the Journolist “scandal” was pretty weird. Tom Tomorrow has a sane perspective on it all, but even for seasoned culture-war observers like me, it was surprising.  I mean, I can understand wingnuts getting all spittle-flecked about Michelle Obama going to Spain or feeding homeless people who happen to own cellphones.  But shrieking and pearl-clutching about the fact that liberalish writers had a liberalish listserv on which they debated liberalish things liberally?  Really?  That’s more of an outrage than gay marriage or having to press “one” for English?

One thing wasn’t surprising, though: the guy who “broke” the “story,” Tucker Carlson, was the very guy Ezra Klein was thinking about adding to the listserv.  Evidently, Ezra thought Carlson was one of those “reasonable conservatives” with whom it is possible to have a “dialogue.” Don’t get me wrong—I’m sure they exist somewhere in the American mass media, because people keep telling me they do.  But I doubt whether Ezra or anyone else is going to make that mistake with Tucker again. 

There’s a little story I like to tell about encounters like this.  You may have heard it before—it’s the story of what happened to the “liberal” journalist in the PC wars:  one day in 1991 he came across a right-wing attack dog who was nosing around the dumpsters in the back of the American Enterprise Institute, barking about all this crazy deconstruction and radical feminism that leftist professors were foisting on unsuspecting American undergraduates.  “Gee, I hate deconstruction and radical feminism too,” thought the liberal journalist.  “This right-wing attack dog doesn’t seem so bad.” So he brought the dog home, gave him a big, ten-thousand-word spread in the Atlantic, a regular spot on a half-hour cable opinion show, and a plate of leftover steak scraps.  “I’ll call him ‘Fluffy,’” said the liberal journalist.  But imagine the journalist’s surprise a few days later, when his dog Fluffy began barking that liberal journalists were “traitorous scum”!  “But I fed you and gave you a home,” said the liberal journalist, mortally wounded.  “Yeah,” replied Fluffy, “but what did you expect?  Come on—I’m a right-wing attack dog.”

Anyway, the Journolist “scandal” has now metastasized, thanks to Free Republic, and apparently my name, along with 150 or so other names, is all over the interwebs.  Yes, I’ve been found out.  And how?  Because of the super sleuthing of one BuckeyeTexan in Freeperville: yes, this intrepid fellow has found the seekrit “open letter” a bunch of people published on the Internets and in the Nation back in 2008.  From there, it was only a matter of time before someone else connected the dots from that open letter to George Soros, ACORN, Saul Alinsky, the New Black Panther Party, the Democratic Socialists of America, and “the D.S.A.’s ‘brain,’ the Washington DC-based, far left ‘think tank,’ the Institute for Policy Studies.” (Real quote!  I couldn’t make that up—I’m not that creative.)

And from there, it was only a matter of time before I received this email.  I know, I don’t often publish the emails I receive, and by “not often” I mean “never.” But this one was just about perfect, and gave me Wingnut Bingo three different ways:

There is and old saying, “you can judge someone by the friends they hang out with”.  In the case, of your secret online chat with your comrades in arms gives me an indication of the idiot, arrogant, “intellectually-challenged” class who call themselves journalist.

The bigger point I want to make is that those journalist with progressive ideas are the most stupidest assholes in the world.  The know nothing about economics, international relations, taxation, and how everyday human beings live.  Their progressive thinking is based on utopian ideas that have no basis in reality.  They failed with Marxism and they failed with Socialism.  Included in this class are tenured professors who think their shit doesn’t stink.  They can be compared to the aristocracy during the French Revolution and should come to the same fate.

I read some of the articles these people have written in the Huffington Post, New York Times, etc.  I saying to myself, these people are idiots, they are stupid.  It is apparent, amoebas have more critical thinking skills than these morons.

They are so full of class envy, they are race baiters, they are whiners, etc.  This is why this nation is going downhill because they have an asshole in Washington that is so pathetically stupid because he makes bad policy decisions based on ideology, which is reflective of your comrades in arms.

Discovering the Journolist was the ultimate stab in the back by those idiots who the have inability to establish dialogue with those of opposing points of view.  The alternative is to stab people in the back with lies, just like what Joseph Goebbel did.  They have done a great disservice to freedom of the press and to this country.

If the idiots had their way, they piss on our Constitution, steal the wealth of the productive class and turn our country into a dictatorship.

Thank goodness for the 2nd Amendment because there are many citizens who would have no hesitancy in taking the fuckers down along with their families and blowing their fucking brains out.  They want anarchy they will have it.

The people of this country are not going to put up with the shit these morons dish out.  This is why the majority of people do not listen to the mainstream media.  You can listen to idiots for so long before you shut them out.

Shorter angry email guy: we need to kill liberals because they don’t engage in dialogue.  The “stab in the back” is a nice touch, though.  It’s almost as if he’s been reading Kevin Baker!

I actually do have a response to this kind of thing ... you know, being committed to dialogue as I am.  I’ll tell you what it is on Monday.  In the meantime, kudos, Mr. Tucker Carlson!  I think you’ve won the right to say mission accomplished.

Posted by Michael on 08/13 at 09:38 AM
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