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Thursday, April 08, 2010

It appears, once again, that I am not sarcastic enough

Last week, I heard that the Catholic Church’s child-abuse-and-coverup scandals must be blamed in part on the liberal culture of sexual permissiveness.  I also heard that the Holy Father himself was suffering some of the same unjust accusations once faced by Jesus (you remember, surely, the time He was accused of assigning Matthew, Andrew, Simon, Bartholomew and Thomas to new dioceses despite the fact that they had been molesting children for decades).  Then I heard that criticism of the scandal was a bit like anti-Semitism.  At that point, I turned to Janet and said, “I wonder how long it will be before some bishop or cardinal somewhere insists that the little scamps were just asking for it.”

And today, reading through the comments following Henry’s brilliant shaming of Douthat’s vile essay, I learned that I need wait no longer.

Posted by Michael on 04/08 at 11:20 AM
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