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Saturday, January 08, 2005

It was twenty years ago today

Can it really be true?  Twenty years since my first posting to this humble blog?  My goodness, it seems like only twelve months ago that I started infesting the Internets with this me.com stuff.  Way back in January 2004, I was still working with a 56K dialup (true!) and a tiny homemade computer made of balsa wood, soup cans, and string (not exactly true!).  But I rechecked the records, and sure enough, the very first entry on this blog is twenty years old today.  Well, well, the tempuses they are a-fugittin’.

But someone should still vote for me in the Koufax “best new blog” category, all the same, whenever it appears.  I’m getting wiped out in the “humor” (I voted for Fafblog) and “best writing” (I voted for James Wolcott) voting, thanks to the sheer profusion of witty, well-crafted lefty blogs out there.  Many of which, shame to say, I had not heard of before now-- which reminds me why these little in-house (as opposed, say, to WaPo) competitions are a Good Thing.  So stop by Wampum and leave ‘em a few bucks in the tip jar, if you can.  Thanks--

Posted by Michael on 01/08 at 02:33 PM
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