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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jamie does his French homework

Today’s lesson:  telling time!

Me:  OK, what does this clock say?

Jamie:  8:15!

Me:  And what’s eight o’clock in French?

Jamie:  (thinks).  Huit heures!

Me:  Great!  And now what’s . . .

Jamie:  Huit heures meter maid!

Me:  . . . a quarter aft . . . hey!  Did you say “meter maid”?

Jamie:  (smiles mischievously). 

Me:  What did you say?

Jamie:  Huit heures meter maid!  That’s another Paul we forgot!

Winter solstice, 2005.  The day of Jamie’s very first bilingual joke.

You know, thirty years ago doctors were still telling parents that kids with Down syndrome were incapable of learning to read.  Well within living memory, folks.

UPDATE:  It has been brought to my attention that some readers are not sure why Jamie would say, “that’s another Paul we forgot.” Sorry about that!  The explanation is right here.

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