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Monday, March 15, 2010

Jamie exclusive!

Once again, this blog is ready to take it to the Next Level.  For some reason it took all day for YouTube to upload and process this thing, but here it is: my first-ever exclusive interview with Jamie!

Over the past few years I’ve been trying to get him to narrate his experiences more readily and more fluently.  So a few weeks ago I had the Bright Idea® of hauling out ye videocam and asking him to talk about some of the many zoos and aquariums he has visited.  I thought that would warm him up, so to speak, and that he’d be more willing in future installments to talk about his new job, his LifeLink apartment, his experiences at school, his hopes and dreams, and so forth.  Eventually, I want him to be able to collaborate with me, in one way or another, in the project of writing a twenty-years-later followup to Life As We Know It.  He says he’s up for it, so I’m basically trying to lay the groundwork now—starting off with the easy stuff.

In playing back this snippet (while waiting 12 hours for YouTube to process it) I realized a couple of things.  One, I step on some of his remarks.  D’oh!  Gotta watch out for that next time.  Two, he hauls out a few memories I’d forgotten, even as he substitutes “Madison Square Garden zoo” for “Central Park zoo.” (That was odd—he’s never been to the Garden.) And three, he closes by suggesting that we send this clip to CBS, ABC News, and ... The Daily Show!  I totally missed that last bit the first time around.  Great idea, Jamie!

I taped this at his maternal grandmother’s retirement village last week, at some point during the torrential rains that made much of the Northeast feel like a ship in a stormy sea.  And then I (foolishly) took him to the Mystic Aquarium, thereby adding one more item to the long list of zoos and aquariums we have visited in horrific weather.  (That visit to the Omaha Zoo really was insane. 35 degrees, as I say in the clip, but something more like 20 with the wind chill.  Fortunately they had some truly wonderful indoor exhibits, including the desert landscape Jamie mentions.)

I’m still officially on hiatus, but until I’m fully rested and ready for big-time blogging again, heeeeere’s Jamie!

Just for the record, here are those “craziest and kookiest” baboons Jamie mentions at 4:15.  Waterloo, Ontario, mid-May 2005.  40 degrees outside.  Did I mention it was mid-May?

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