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Monday, May 18, 2009

Job announcement

You’ll probably have to wade through comments 49-69 in this weekend’s thread in order to get this joke, and the game might not be worth the candle.* But here goes, anyway.

T/T position for Marxist-feminist mathematician. Analytic number theorist with training in the works of Angela Davis preferred, but search will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.  Applicants should be able to design introductory courses in integral and differential calculus in such a way as to lead students to an understanding of conjunctural systems of oppression and exploitation, and will be expected to teach the undergraduate general education requirement in Gender, Class, and Trigonometry.  C/V, dossier, and letter of approval from Michael Bérubé required by July 1.  AA/EEO.

* While I’ve been traveling from State College to Dulles to Toronto to Halifax for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society conference (which was great!) and then back from Halifax through Toronto to Boston thence to Marlboro College (by car, courtesy of Thomas Transportation—and hey, my driver in Halifax, one Mr. MacLeod, actually Googled me between the time he picked me up Friday night and the time he picked me up again on Saturday.  Thanks for showing me the Halifax citadel, Mr. MacLeod!), and then from Marlboro (which was great!) to Bradley, where I’ll be leaving for Dulles and State College, I’ve also been looking over the copyedited version of The Left at War.  The copyeditor did a fine fine job with a difficult manuscript full of “citations” and circumlocutions, but did question my use of the phrase “the game is not worth the candle” and asked me to rewrite it.** I’m gonna say no, that game isn’t worth the candle.  I mean, it’s a perfectly cromulent phrase, isn’t it?

** I have to return the copyedited ms by Wednesday.  But I promise not to try to enthrall you all with dangeral copyediting stories, the way I did with Rhetorical Occasions and What’s Liberal.***

*** Multiple-asterisking Internet tradition founded and perfected by the mysterious mds.

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